The True Measures of Success

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One of the questions we get all the time is, “Why are there 2 g’s in BIGG?” We’ll answer that question and how it applies to the true measures of success in this week’s show.

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We often joke about this – the best one is that G’s finger stuttered when we bought the domain. But BIGG is an acronym with a BIGG meaning – too BIGG for just one G.

BIGG success is for entrepreneurs of all flavors. Even if you never plan to own your own business, you are the entrepreneur in charge of a very important enterprise – your life. This is why having an entrepreneurial mindset applies to everyone.

The acronym has 4 letters that, together, help you create value for yourself while adding value in the lives of others. That’s just what entrepreneurs of all varieties do.

Let’s go to “The Professor’s” whiteboard for: The 4 measures of BIGG Success.

whiteboard 1088- The true measures of success

The 4 letters of BIGG stand for:

Giving back

Now let’s look at each one individually….

B is for Believing

It starts with a seed of hope. But if success is to blossom, you have to go beyond hope.

You have to believe: in yourself, in others, in God, in your vision, in your mission,  in your values, and in your goals.

Believing precedes achieving. Then achieving leads to more believing. Which leads to more achieving. And the upward spiral to BIGG success begins.

Are you driven by a “can do” or a “can’t do” mentality? This is the first true measure of BIGG success.

I is for Implementing

Believing is important, but implementing seals the deal. It’s mind and matter in motion.

As we just suggested, success begins in the mind. But it’s close companion is demonstrable action. This is one of the secrets of successful entrepreneurs. They move quickly, dancing to the rhythm of “Ready Aim FIRE.”

The alternative is dreaming your life away. Accepting the status quo. Not  making a decision to “Go!” They are caught in a loop: “Ready AIM AIM AIM.”

Implementing puts motions in the emotions emanating from believing. It starts with your BIGG plan. Answering questions like:

What does the life you want look like? This defines your vision, your destination.

Why is it so important for you to fulfill this vision? That’s your purpose, your mission.

What do you stand for? That’s your values.

Once you define these critical areas of your life, you will keep moving in the direction of your dream. Hour by hour, day by day, month by month, you will implement your plan.

Successful entrepreneurs – and remember we use that term loosely to include all entrepreneurial-minded professionals even if you never plan to own a business of your own – decide on a course of action and then pursue it relentlessly.

Do you have a bias for focused action or a tendency for inaction or misdirected action? This is the second true measure of BIGG success.

The 1st G is for Goal-GETTING

Goal-getting answers the “How” question: How will you reach your destination?

Now, you may immediately have a very good question: What’s the difference between “implementing” and “goal-getting”?

“Implementing” is directional. Its focus is on your destination. “Goal-getting” is definitional. Its focus is on mapping out your journey to BIGG success. This is accomplished by breaking BIGG goals into small goals.

“Implementation” is about BIGG picture planning. The results are “fuzzier” than goals, which need to be “firm” to be useful.

Note that this 1st G stands for goal-GETTING, NOT goal-SETTING. Now, don’t get us wrong: Goal-setting is an important part of goal-getting. It’s just that too many people spend too much time SETTING goals and too little time GETTING goals. Or they set goals and stop. Or they give up after the first setback.

Every goal set will only be met by investing time figuring out how to get it. This means breaking bigger goals down into smaller goals. Because this makes your goals more manageable and more achievable. Which skyrockets your belief.

In addition, here’s something else you can believe: You will face obstacles. When faced with a wall, BIGG goal-getters go over it, go around it on one side or another,burrow under it, climb over it, or plow through it. But somehow, someway, they will get past it.

Are you a goal-getter or just a goal-setter? This is the third measure of BIGG success.

The 2nd G is for Giving back

It’s easy to push back at giving back. The next best excuse is always nearby.

But have you ever stopped to think about how much you lose by not giving back?

It turns out that, money given to help people in need, produces a happiness dividend. In other words, money CAN buy happiness.

This phenomenon was noted by one of the wisest people ever – King Solomon. He said,

“The world of the generous gets larger and larger; the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.” (The Message, Proverbs 11:24)

But what if you truly don’t have any extra money right now? Give something more precious: your time and talents.

Giving time (i.e. volunteering) sets off an endorphin rush similar to when you work out, eat chocolate, or laugh out loud..It’s the “helper’s high”, a term popularized by Allan Luks in his book, The Healing Power of Doing Good. And then when you think about the gift, you get a second, smaller rush..

Of course, giving shouldn’t be a selfish endeavor. You don’t give to receive. It’s not a “What’s in it for me” calculation. However, it can’t be stopped. With the right attitude, the more you give back, the more you’ll be blessed.

What’s the key to this? Why does it work? Because giving acknowledges the abundance in your life. You have so much, so you can share. And believing that more is on its way!

Do you live with an abundance-mindset or a scarcity-mindset? This is the fourth true measure of BIGG success.

BIGG Takeaway

When it comes to success, we like to say, “Go BIGG or go home.” What level of success do you want to achieve? Use the four measures of BIGG success to guide you to the life you truly desire. That’s BIGG success!

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George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
Co-Founders, BIGG Success

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