5 Research-Based Ways to Add More Happiness to Your Life

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A new study shows happiness is a key factor in success. So, we found 5 ways – each backed by research – to get more happiness in your life.

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Does success bring more happiness to your life, or does happiness bring more success?

A new study of a million people shows that happiness will make you much more successful!

The research, which recently appeared in the Journal of Happiness Studies, was based on a study of nearly one million soldiers over five years, measuring both their well-being upon entering the army and their performance over time.

The research team said that while they expected that well-being and optimism would matter to performance, they were surprised by just how much they mattered. Four times as many awards were earned by the initially happiest soldiers compared with those who were unhappiest.

This revelation is important for entrepreneurs

We often think that we will feel happiness when we achieve our BIGG goals – but this research shows that we need to be happy now to reach those goals.

Let’s pull out the Professor’s whiteboard for: 5 research-based ways to add more happiness to your life…

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1) Get moving

In a study published in The Lancet, scientists collected data about the physical behavior and mental mood of over 1.2 million Americans.

Those who exercised regularly reported having fewer bad days (stress, depression), compared to inactive participants.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of exercise either! Further studies showed that people who exercised for at least 30 minutes on most days, were about 30 percent more likely to consider themselves happy than people who did not. But, those who only got 10 minutes physical activity a day experienced better moods as well.

Researchers also said the type of exercise did not seem to matter.

So walk, jog, stretch – just get moving for more happiness.

2) Get out in nature

Researchers in Finland found that those who went for at least a 15 minute walk through a park or forest reported stress relief. As a result of the study, public health officials in Finland now recommend that citizens get 5 hours a month, minimum, in the woods, in order to stave off depression.

In her book The Nature Fix, Florence Williams demonstrates that even small amounts of exposure to nature can improve our creativity and enhance our mood.

The bottom line is that mother nature increases a sense of well-being, and has a positive effect on our sense of meaning and purpose. So get outside for more happiness.

Serve others

Research published by a team of psychologists at the University of Missouri-Columbia suggests that that our own happiness is, in large part, influenced by the kindness and generosity we show to others.

Scientific studies also show that helping others contributes to happiness in different ways including: increasing a sense of meaning and satisfaction with life, boosting self-confidence, and reducing stress.

BIGG success is all about thinking like an entrepreneur, whether you plan to own business or not It’s a mindset that we add value in the lives of others, and in doing so, we create value for ourselves. That’s the entrepreneurial approach that everybody can use for more satisfaction in life.

Be of service to others for more happiness.

Make time for friends and hobbies

Ed Diener and Martin Seligman, two leading experts in the field of happiness research, found the happiest people were highly social and had the strongest relationship ties. In fact, good social relations were necessary for people to feel happy.

So don’t put off calling your best friend. Make that connection a priority for more happiness.

As for hobbies, research shows that people who engage in hobbies enjoy better moods, feel more interested, and have less stress. Hobbies can even make you more creative at work.

Dr. Carol Bernstein, a past president of the American Psychiatric Association, says hobbies can help us recover from stress. She adds that it doesn’t matter if you’re bad at your hobby, as long as you enjoy it and do it on a regular basis.

George explains why golf is no longer his hobby of choice. Hear why starting at 10:44 in the podcast.

So go ahead and take up golf, painting, music, etc. Find a meaningful hobby for more happiness.

Practice gratitude

In a study about counting blessings vs burdens, researchers found that those who journaled about things they were grateful for had much higher levels of well-being compared to those who did not.

Another study showed that a grateful attitude is associated with less depression, stress and anxiety, better sleep and a better mood.

So start a gratitude journal for a happier life.

BIGG Takeaway

Which comes first, happiness or success? It turns out that happiness now brings more success later which leads to BIGG success!

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