2 Tips to Make New Year’s Resolutions You Will Keep

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Will you make a New Year’s resolution this year? If so, you’re not alone – about 4 out of 10 of us will, according to a survey by Statista. Of course the challenge with making resolutions is keeping resolutions. Today, we’ll share two tips for keeping resolutions you make by making resolutions you will keep!

Remember school lunch?

[George] “I remember one clearly. I was in grade school – I think fourth grade. The main item on the menu that day was a ham salad sandwich.

Most of us weren’t fans of ham salad, so we weren’t eating them. But one of my friends said he loved ham salad.

He quickly devoured the one on his plate. So another one of my friends handed his sandwich over. It was gone in no time.

But it didn’t stop there. Everybody started dumping their ham salad sandwiches on my friend’s plate.

And it became a contest. How many sandwiches could he eat?

He ended up eating 17 half-sandwiches – in other words, 8½ sandwiches total!

And the final part of the story: Lunch ended. We went back to class. It wasn’t long before my friend made a mad dash for the bathroom.

Yes, he tossed his ham salad!”

So what does ham salad have to do with making New Year resolutions?

Let’s go to the Professor’s Whiteboard for: 2 tips to make New Year’s Resolutions you’ll keep:

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1) Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Or should we say digest?

[G] Like my friend did.

We humans tend to make sweeping changes. We want immediate results. But BIGG success is about entrepreneuring your life. Entrepreneurs – especially in the early stage – don’t see immediate results. They only see what they’re doing to achieve the results they want. So…

Think like an entrepreneur!

Shift your focus away from results to activities.

If you get the activities right, the results will take care of themselves.

For an easy example, let’s say you want to lose weight. Instead of putting yourself on a starvation diet, change one thing. For instance, if you eat a candy bar in the middle of the day, substitute a piece of fruit.

If you’re not exercising at all, don’t try to exercise for an hour every day. Start with fifteen minutes or so a couple of times a week.

Research shows that it takes between two weeks to a month or more for a habit to form. As you form one habit, you can start working on another one.

Small bites lead to BIGG success day after day, habit after habit.

2) Don’t let other people stuff you full

They have their own agenda. But you have your own. After all, BIGG success is life on your own terms!

So before you make a New Year’s resolution, ask a very important question:

And then expand on it:

  • Why is it important to you?
  • Why is it more important than other resolutions you might make?

These questions help establish your motivation. There will be times when it will be hard to keep your resolution. You will feel like giving up on it at times.

BIGG Takeaway

You must understand the reason underlying your resolution.

Don’t just think about a New Year’s resolution.

Feel the difference it will make.

To make New Year’s resolutions you will keep, set your own agenda and take baby steps. It leads to BIGG success!

signatures: George & Mary-Lynn
George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
Co-Founders, BIGG Success

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