3 Steps to Rescue your New Year’s Resolutions

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We’re nearing the middle of the month. It’s the time when resolutions start to fall by the wayside. How can you rescue yours? That’s what we’ll talk about today.

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It’s a common phenomenon…we go into the New Year with strong resolve. But after a few weeks, motivation starts to wane. But if we don’t stick to those resolutions we set, then a few weeks, months or even years down the line, we’ll find ourselves exactly where we started. The opposite of what we want!

Let’s go to The Professor’s whiteboard for: 3 steps to rescue your new year’s resolutions…

The Professors White Board #1121 - 3 steps to rescue your new year's resolutions

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1) Forget about your new YEAR resolution

A year is too long. Think one quarter. Three months. Thirteen weeks. 90 days.

*There is magic in planning out for 90 days. Listen to George share how this worked for an organization where he served on the board starting at 2:18.

What is the one thing you would like to change in your life by then?
That’s your resolution.

Next, think about what it will take to make the change a reality.
These are your actions.

2) See it to believe it

Write it down.
Find a picture to represent it.
Next, visualize what it will take to make the change a reality.
These are your actions.
Picture yourself actually doing these things.
Can you see yourself succeeding? If not, you have the wrong resolution.
Keep repeating this process until you can see yourself succeeding at the actions required.
Then take action on your actions.

3) Focus only on the next step

Note: We focused on the next 90 days of planning in our first step. In step 3, we’re getting down to the nitty gritty – the actions we need to take.
Don’t worry about 90 days from now.
Don’t think about next month.
Don’t bother with next week.
Don’t even concern yourself with tomorrow.
Just focus on today.
Begin your day by focusing on your goal.
Read your goal statement. Or look at the photo.
Then picture yourself already succeeding.
Now visualize yourself taking the actions you need to take today.
Then do it. Right now.
Win this moment. Now this one. And this one.
Keep winning moment by moment.
Take a moment now and then to celebrate your victories.
Take pride in your accomplishments.
Give yourself a pat on the back.
Treat yourself in a way that won’t compromise your progress.
Keep going. Moment by moment. Day by day.
That’s it.

BIGG Takeaway

There’s one more thing – if you slip up, don’t sweat it.
You’re only human. You had a momentary weakness.
Now foster your strength.
Don’t repeat the mistake.
Don’t use it as an excuse to give up on your resolution.
You wouldn’t do that, would you?
Because you’re a BIGG goal-getter.
Because you realize that tomorrow will be today soon enough.
And all you need to focus on is today. On this moment.
It leads to BIGG success!

signatures: George & Mary-Lynn
George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
Co-Founders, BIGG Success

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