7 Frightful Things That Block Your Success

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What’s keeping you from the success you dream of? You might be surprised to hear who the monster is behind these seven frightful things.

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We discussed ways we put obstacles into our own paths on The BIGG Success Show. Be sure to listen to hear some frightful things! Here’s a summary of that discussion.

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.” – Hannah More

Amongst the monsters and ghouls and ghosts, the vampires and werewolves and zombies, is a monster who stands between you and the life you really want.

We all know this monster. It’s appealing. Likable. Full of potential to do good.

But this monster can also hold us back. It can block our success. Put up obstacles needlessly. Stop us – dead in our tracks.

This monster is the most dangerous of all. This monster – the creature who can so easily smash our BIGG dreams – is ourselves.

Let’s chat about seven frightful things this monster may use to block your success.

1) Mindless scrolling

From headlines to social media, we waste time we can’t get back.

How can you ward off this evil trick?

Ask yourself, what payoff do I get out of this?

Time spent – just like money spent – deserves a return. You should feel more happy and fulfilled when you spend time on any activity.

2) Not believing enough

What gets in the way of believing you can achieve your BIGG dreams?

Do you compare yourself to others? Why do you feel the need to compete with them? Compete with yourself. Look at how far you’ve already come.

Do you talk down to yourself? Why? Would you talk to your best friend this way? Of course not. Be your own best friend. Lift yourself up. If you focus on what’s bad, you’ll get more bad things. Focus on your good things and how you can bring more of them into your life.

Stop dwelling on the past. You’re not the same person now that you were then, right? Forgive yourself (if needed). Make amends (if needed). Extract every single lesson you can from the past. Then forget about it. Why waste time on something you can’t change. Focus on what you can change. Focus on creating the future you deserve.

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3) Not moving toward your goals

Of course, the most certain way to block goal achievement is to not set goals in the first place.

Once you set goals, set micro-goals. Small steps lead to BIGG success.

Since we’re talking about steps, let’s use walking as an example. Say you want to get more fit, but you feel hopelessly unfit now. So you decide to walk. The first week, you walk for fifteen minutes on three separate days. The next week, you walk longer or more days – take your pick. The next week, you ramp it up again. We’ve done exactly this. We still have a ways to go, but we feel stronger every day.

4) Not keeping your vision and values aligned

BIGG success is inner peace which flows from three sources:

– finding and fulfilling your calling
– striving daily to reach your full potential
– staying true to your vision and values

Success of any size leaves a feeling of emptiness if it comes at the expense of your values. It’s easy to define your vision and values upfront. The tough part is living them. The payoff is being able to respect the person you see in the mirror.

5) Not knowing your “why”

Your vision is your “what”. It needs to be paired with your mission. Your mission is your “why”.

Your “why” is the underlying reason why it is so important for you to make your vision a reality. It drives you forward when most people give up. Passion may get your started, but your purpose sustains you.

6) Not being financially prepared

We can use finances as an excuse to do nothing. You can whine about it. It can get you down. OR it can push you to get out of your current state and create the future you dream of. Don’t focus on not having enough money. Focus on getting the money you want.

In many cases, financial woes are caused by a lack of confidence. The fastest way to build confidence is to do something. What can you do to feel more confident? Put more into your 401k? Take on a side hustle? Shore up your financial situation quickly with the Financial Freedom Tool?

7) Not seeking guidance

There’s a four-letter word most people are scared to ever utter. We fear being seen as weak. In reality, the people who aren’t afraid to use this word show their strength by doing so. What’s the word?


Ask for help. Connect with someone who has done what you want to achieve. OR consider getting a coach. A helping hand will help you reach BIGG success!

Here’s to your BIGG success!

George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
signatures: George & Mary-Lynn
Co-Founders, BIGG Success


What frightful things did we leave out? We’d love to hear from you.

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