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The Bigg Success Show is co-hosted by success enthusiasts, George Krueger and Mary-Lynn Foster. They’re our Bigg Talkers!

george_krueger_jpg George Krueger is the Co-Chief Content Officer for Bigg Success and Co-Host of The Bigg Success Show. He is a serial entrepreneur and long-time educator.

George developed an early interest in entrepreneurship, starting his first business at the age of 20, after a stint in sales. Over the past 26 years, he has owned, managed and invested in a number of businesses, franchises, and real estate.

He turned his long-time interest in business, finance, entrepreneurship and success into a teaching gig at his favorite school – the University of Illinois! He has taught Entrepreneurial Finance for the last 13 years and has been frequently recognized by his students as an “excellent instructor.” E-mail George


mary-lynn_foster_jpg Mary-Lynn Foster is the Co-Chief Content Officer for Bigg Success and Co-Host of The Bigg Success Show. She is a veteran 2 radio broadcaster].

She found her calling early in life, when she competed as the radio speaker for her speech team. She “won a ton of awards” and got hooked! She landed her first job in radio over 19 years ago, starting as a weekend disc jockey.

She parlayed that into numerous gigs, eventually serving as the “first lady of morning radio” in Champaign–Urbana, Illinois. She has been recognized numerous times for her broadcasting and production talent by the Illinois Broadcasters Association. E-mail Mary-Lynn

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Bigg Success came George and Mary-Lynn’s way in 2007. George comments, “I have a passion for teaching, but I hate grading.” Mary-Lynn says, “I love broadcasting, but I longed to create content that helped people.”

That was the spark for Bigg Success

When they’re not playing in the virtual world, George and Mary-Lynn are together as well. Just like many couples in business, they found that the best way to balance work and life was to combine the two!

George and Mary-Lynn invite you to join the conversation!