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You’ve heard it over and over again – be passionate about your business. But that’s such a broad sweeping statement.

So we thought it would be helpful to list the things you can love. Because love IS a many-splendored thing!

So here are 5 things to love about your business:

#1 – Love what you do
Love your role in your business. If you don’t love your job, no one else in your company will love theirs. That’s makes it very difficult to attract and retain the kind of people you need to grow your business.

#2 – Love what your business does
Your business serves the wants and needs of people. It makes a difference in their lives. If it doesn’t, it won’t last very long. It’s amazing what an impact even a small business can have on the lives of others:

  • every customer
  • every employee
  • your banker
  • your angel investor
  • your vendor’s sales representative
  • your vendor’s production department
  • your vendor
  • and on and on and on …

#3 – Love what your business stands for
You have a set of core values, whether you have articulated them or not. If you haven’t put them in writing, you should. They state how you treat people in your business. They represent your highest ideals.

#4 – Love what you’ve accomplished

Think about where you started and where you are now. Look at all the things that you’ve learned along the way. Think about all the people you’ve helped. Remind yourself of how you’ve given back to your community.

#5 – Love your vision of the future
You’re just getting started. What’s your vision of the future? Have you shared it with your people? If you haven’t, you should. Keep your vision in front of them constantly or it probably won’t happen.

What do you love about your business?

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