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Personal Branding


In one episode of the sitcom Seinfeld, Kramer got a tip on a race horse. He utters one of the show’s more famous quotes:

“He’s a mudder. His father was a mudder. His mother was a mudder.”

A “mudder” is a horse who is known to run well on sloppy tracks.

That’s an ability that separates the horse from the others. When the track is muddy, you want to bet on a mudder.

So it goes with your personal brand. You need to know what separates you from the rest of the contestants in the race so people know when to bet on you.

5 niches

Many people don’t want to do the “dirty” work. Perhaps you thrive upon it. If you do, you’ll have a niche.

A lot of people drop out when things get difficult. If you have the ability to stick to it until you learn how to do it well, you’ll separate yourself from the crowd.

Most people aren’t comfortable doing things that might be considered unsafe. You can make a name for yourself by figuring out how to safely do things that others consider dangerous.

A lot of people are very risk-averse. You can build your brand by finding ways to manage the risk so you can afford to take the chance.

If you can customize solutions to the needs of the people you serve, you’ll have your own niche.

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