By Bigg Success Staff
November 25, 2007

Life Transitions

Sometimes, change is forced upon us – the sudden loss of a job, the death of a friend or family member, divorce, a debilitating injury, sudden illness, or a child returning home.

At other times, we expect, and perhaps even initiate and desire, life transitions – changing a job or career, getting married, having a new baby, going back to school, starting a business, seeing our last child move out, or retiring.

Whether forced or expected, these events often create physical, mental, and emotional turmoil. Soon-to-be mother, Pamela Slim, in her Escape from Cubicle Nation blog, outlines eight strategies to get the most from painful or awkward life transitions.

She did an excellent job with this post. You’ll definitely benefit from reading it. Here’s her eight points, along with our quick summary:

  1. Embrace it.
    Be grateful for this opportunity to find yourself anew.
  2. Carve out quiet, reflective time
    This insures that you make the best decision about your future.
  3. Do something creative.
    This helps you think less and feel more.
  4. Ask yourself “What am I afraid of?”
    Understand the root cause of your fears so you can overcome them.
  5. Try on different scenarios that don’t fit the “old” you.
    Reconnect with the person you used to be, or find a completely new “you”.
  6. Tune up your health.
    Take care of yourself physically to help you emotionally.
  7. Cut back on obligations.
    Take time for yourself. Don’t make the mistake of over committing.
  8. Clear out clutter.
    Clean out the cobwebs in your mind by cleaning up the clutter around you.

Coping with life change is an individual process. It may take a year or more to fully work through it, depending on you, the event, and the circumstances.

Not letting go, however, keeps you from moving forward. Remember that you, and only you, are responsible for your destiny. You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond. Therefore, your response determines your destiny.

Take the time you need to work through the process. Then, get on getting on!