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It’s another age-old nature / nurture question – are entrepreneurs born or are they made? Can you learn these skills without actual experience or must it be personally experienced?

Richard Goossen has a new book, Entrepreneurial Excellence: Profit From the Best Ideas of the Experts. Goossen brings a variety of experience to this work – as a businessman, advisor, author, and academic.

He’s lined up some of the greatest minds on entrepreneurship. He concludes that entrepreneurship is mostly learned by doing. Here’s a breakdown of what you can learn from others and what you can learn only by doing it.

What you can learn from others
General management principles can be taught. It’s been done for years. The same basic canons that apply to managing large companies are relevant for entrepreneurs. Strategic planning can also be taught.

There are also lessons in entrepreneurship from people who have succeeded or failed. While the specifics may be elusive, the general principles that determined their outcome are instructive.

Finally, you can learn to differentiate between a good idea and a good opportunity. There are a lot of good ideas; there are few good opportunities. Determining that your idea is NOT a good opportunity is teachable.

What you have to learn yourself
Nobody can teach you how to identify specific market niches and determine whether or not you can pursue them successfully. Experience is the only teacher of this valuable entrepreneurial trait.

You have to learn how to transform your passion into a valuable tool than can be used to woo customers, employees, vendors, strategic partners, and financiers. This passion will also help you persevere when you face an obstacle, which you will again and again.

You also have to develop an innate belief in yourself. Self-confidence grows with education and experience, but you have to be able to draw deep within yourself as well as upon the support of others.

Entrepreneurship is part science and part art. Learn as much as you can about the science of entrepreneurship before you launch your business. The art is something you can only learn by dipping your toe in the water!

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