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It’s great to get promoted. It’s even better to put yourself on track for upper management. The sooner in your career that you determine this is your goal, the more likely you will achieve it.

That’s because you may make different choices if you want to become a senior-level manager. For example, you may choose a lateral move to another department instead of a promotion within your department.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan your move up the corporate ladder.

Find a model.
Find a senior-level manager or two and determine how they got to their position. What path did they follow? How long did it take them to get from where you are to where they are?

Set your own goals.
With that information in mind, develop a plan for how soon you want to make your next move. The best time to start looking for your next job is today! Always be on the alert for your next opportunity.

Keep in mind that your manager may have different plans for you. If you’re a star, you make him or her look good. Your boss probably wants to keep you around longer than you would like. So does your boss’s boss.

Think broad …
As you move up, seek opportunities to broaden your experience. As your know-how expands, you’ll be able to look at challenges and opportunities from more than one point-of-view. This will give you a leg up on people who’ve spent their entire career in one area of the company.

… and abroad.
Don’t forget to look for international opportunities as you’re sizing up your moves. That’s where the growth is likely to be in the coming years. Experience in those markets and operations will make you more suitable for executive management.

Do something extraordinary.
Your boss may not remember something you did six months ago. So tackle a major project shortly before your review – like a project that no one else wants. Deliver the desired results and you’ll likely get a very good review.

Develop leadership skills.
Show genuine interest in others – both professionally and personally. People help people they like. Do your job well and give credit liberally. People follow people they respect. People follow people they like and respect.

These things won’t guarantee you a trip to the executive suites. However, they’ll make it much more likely that you’ll get there.

Do you have any tips for climbing the corporate ladder?

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