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Get rid of that cumbersome pad and pencil. It’s a tool of the past!

You don’t need that voice recorder anymore, either!

Even your computer isn’t necessary to help you remember what you need to do!

All you need is your cell phone and … Jott!

Jott insures that you don’t forget ANYTHING so you get EVERYTHING done.

It’s so very simple to use. Just sign up – it will take you less than five minutes.

Then when you think of something you need to remember, just call 1-866-JOTT-123.

You’ll leave a voice mail message and you’re done!

Jott takes it from there!

They’ll transcribe the message and send you a text message and/or an e-mail.

You can also create groups so you can Jott others. You can easily import your contact list or build it from scratch. They don’t even have to join to get your messages!

But be careful what you Jott them – if they do join, they can Jott you, too!

Jott has so many uses it’s almost mind-boggling. Create a to-do list, send yourself a reminder while you’re away from the office, notify a group of people that you’re running late for a meeting, update your blog, and on and on.

Oh, and one more thing we forgot to mention earlier – it’s FREE!


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