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Are you bored with your career?
Do you feel trapped by your obligations?
Is there a life long dream about which you still fantasize?
Are you disappointed that you haven’t done more with your life?

These are signs that you may be going through a mid-life career crisis. Don’t despair – you don’t have to accept your circumstances. Do something about it!

It’s easy to say, but much harder to do. To make a career change more feasible, start watching what you spend. Could you forego that trip to the coffee shop if it meant living your dream? How about packing your lunch instead of eating out every day?

These seemingly insignificant expenditures, repeated every work day, soon add up to quite a bit. Put the money you save in your “dream career fund”.  Then when you make the leap, you’ll have the financial resources to do so.

While you’re saving up money, here are four ways to get started in your dream career, if you don’t want to just dive in:

#1 – Take a class
You’ll expand your knowledge and skills. Make sure that you really are passionate about the subject. Meet cool people with similar interests. They may even be at a similar point in life. Or if it’s an e-class, you can learn at home instead of watching TV!

#2 – Volunteer
Is there a cause about which you’re particularly passionate? Offer your services as a volunteer. Once again, you’ll meet like-minded people. You’ll have that good feeling that comes from helping. And you may even get a job offer doing something you really want!

#3 – Intern
Internships are not just for college students anymore! Offer your services to a professional in your desired field. You may not get paid much (or anything), but you’ll get a free education. It worked when you were in college … why wouldn’t it work now?

#4 –Moonlight
Find a part-time job that allows you to work around your main job. You’ll get on-the-job training and begin expanding your skills. You’ll have experience to put on your resume and a good reference.

Find a way to start that dream business part-time. It may lend itself to that, naturally. Or find a way to make it work – even if you need to find a partner to cover things when you’re at your day job! 

Do something … don’t just think about it. Knowing that you’re making progress toward your dream will make your current job more bearable. After all, it’s financing your future dream!

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