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By Bigg Success Staff
December 06, 2007

Leading-Edge Application

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Clean Up For Productivity

We all know that time is money. There are few time-wasters more frustrating than a slow-running computer. Chances are, though, if your Windows-based computer is more than six months old, you’re experiencing a dip in performance.

Consider downloading the free program nCleaner. According to its developer, NKProds, “nCleaner is a system cleaner that allows you to clean both your system and applications, free more disk space, boost your system’s speed and get more stability and privacy protection.”

nCleaner is a powerful application. It offers features such as memory management, advanced scheduling, real-time system monitoring, system tweak manager, startup manager, logging options, automatic updater, plug-in options, custom clean, advanced statistics and more.

If nCleaner doesn’t improve the performance of your computer, you could have a more severe problem. You may even have to call in the Geek Squad!