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Timeless Principles


It was a lovely summer day. The sun was shining bright. I basked in its warmth. There wasn’t a cloud in the glorious, blue sky. There was beauty all around me – the trees, the shrubs, the flowers. I could have painted a picture, if only I could paint!

I caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye. It was a squirrel burying a nut.

Ah, an unpleasant reminder that winter will soon be here, I said to myself.

Then something odd happened – the squirrel asked, “Are YOU storing up nuts for winter?”

I was startled. Squirrels can’t talk! I paused …

“I asked you if you are storing up nuts for winter?” the squirrel’s voice rang out again.

I looked right at the squirrel. He was looking right at me, appearing eager for my response.

And then I did it! I started slowly, but I replied, “I don’t have to … I can just go to the store.”

“But I’m not talking about the kind of nuts I store up,” the squirrel protested, “I’m talking about your winter hoard.”

“What do you mean … ‘my winter hoard’?”

“Well, we squirrels know that in the summer months, there’s plenty of food available. But come winter, there won’t be any. That’s why we bury nuts in the summer. If we don’t do that, we won’t have any food to eat over the winter … we’ll go hungry.”

“I know that … but I still don’t understand what you mean …”

“… well, let me finish,” the squirrel interjected, “humans also face winter. There are times when things are good. Think of those as your summer. But there are also times, for one reason or another, when things aren’t so good … you have winter, too.”

“Okay, now I see where you’re going …”

“Yeah, when things are good, you have store up your own hoard – your cash hoard – for the bad times.”

“Because if I don’t do that, I won’t have any food to eat!”

“Now you understand!” the squirrel exclaimed.

That was the only time I ever talked to the squirrel. However, I always remembered our conversation. From that day on, I always squirreled away a hoard when times were good.

And I never went hungry thanks to that squirrel!

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