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Did You Know?


Did you know, that as a child …

… Ray Kroc, the founder of the McDonald’s we know today, was so prone to daydreaming, that his parents nicknamed him “Danny Dreamer”?

… he started his first business, a lemonade stand, while he was still in grammar school?

… he opened a music store, which closed several months later, while he was a freshman in high school?

… he learned to up sell while still in his teens working at his uncle’s soda fountain?

… he dropped out of high school after his sophomore year?

Did you know, as a young man …

… Ray Kroc lied about his age so he could join the Red Cross during World War I?

… he drove an ambulance for the Red Cross, as did another young man in his unit, Walt Disney?

… that after the war, he became a paper cup salesman, by day …

… and a piano player by night?

Did you know, as his journey continued …

… Ray Kroc was completely wiped out financially after an attempt to sell land in Florida?

… he went back to selling paper cups at the age of 25?

… that thirteen years later he started a company that sold milkshake machines?

… he struggled to make ends meet for seven years, until World War II ended?

Did you know, he was rejected …

… that the concept that became McDonald’s wasn’t Ray Kroc’s idea?

… he approached the originators, the McDonald’s brothers, with one purpose …

… to sell more milkshake mixers?

… he suggested that they open more restaurants, using his milkshake machines?

… the McDonald’s brothers rejected his pitch?

Did you know, success still came slowly …

… Ray Kroc suggested that the McDonald’s license him their idea, so he could open the restaurants himself?

… he was still focused on selling more milkshake machines, not on the potential of the fast food business?

… he nearly went bankrupt trying to get the restaurant business going?

… he realized he needed more money, which prompted him to franchise his business?

… he approached Walt Disney about putting a McDonald’s in his new amusement park, Disneyland?

… Walt Disney never responded to his pitch?

Did you know, he overcame all this …

… Ray Kroc was 52 years old when he started McDonald’s?

… by the time he started McDonald’s, he suffered from diabetes and arthritis?

… that it was sixteen years after he started his milkshake machine business?

… he had never achieved the success he thought he could until McDonald’s?

… he bought out the McDonald’s brother for $2.5 million in 1961, when he was 59?

… at the time of his death in 1984, he was worth over $500 million?

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