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uncheckedHave you ever gone shopping, only to realize that you left your list at home?


checkedTa-da! Check out Ta-da List – it’s your bread and butter!


uncheckedWant to make sure you remember to pack everything for your next bigg trip?


checkedTa-da! Travel to Ta-da List – you’ll bag all the right stuff!


uncheckedHave a bunch of follow-up calls that you’ve pledged to make?


checkedTa-da! Dial in on Ta-da List – you’ll ring true to your promises


Ta-da List is a great way to make lists for just about anything. Or anyone – you can make lists for other people – isn’t that a lovely thought? You can share lists. Subscribe to lists via RSS. And so much more! And here are two more great things about Ta-da List –


It’s FREE and it takes only ten seconds to sign up!

This application is brought to you by the good people at 37signals, who build easy-to-use web-based products for the “Fortune 5,000,000”. That’s their fun way of saying that they develop products for individuals and small businesses. We love it!

In business since 1999, they build their products with only the essential features because they feel that most software is too confusing – more features, buttons, bells and whistles than you need. We give them a BIGG AMEN!

Check out Ta-da List today!

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