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Work-Life Balance


One thing we talk about here at Bigg Success is peace of mind. If you aren’t happy, it’s impossible to succeed bigg!

We found an interesting test, developed by Dr. Steven Reiss, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Ohio State University and author of Who am I? The 16 Basic Desires that Motivate our Actions and Define our Personalities.

Reiss found that happiness and life-satisfaction come from a sense that our lives have meaning and fulfill a larger purpose. He calls this “value-based happiness” and has identified 16 universal desires that drive all meaningful behavior.

Based on his definitions, which of the following basic desires are most important and least important to you?

  • Power – The desire to influence (including leadership).
  • Curiosity – Desire for knowledge.
  • Independence – Desire to be autonomous.
  • Status – Desire for social status (including desire for attention).
  • Social Contact – Desire for peer companionship (desire to play)
  • Vengeance – Desire to get even (including desire to compete, to win).
  • Honor – Desire to obey a traditional moral code.
  • Idealism – Desire to improve society (including altruism, justice).
  • Physical Exercise – Desire to exercise muscles.
  • Romance – Desire for sex (including courting).
  • Family – Desire to raise own children.
  • Order – Desire to organize (including desire for ritual).
  • Eating – Desire to eat.
  • Acceptance – Desire for approval.
  • Tranquility – Desire to avoid anxiety, fear.
  • Saving – Desire to collect, value of frugality.

Now look at your answers. If social contact is important, are you in a work environment that allows for companionship? If independence is important, are you in a work environment that encourages individuality? If power is important, are you on the right track for management?

Understanding the basics of what makes YOU tick, will help you achieve greater satisfaction and happiness in life.

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