By Bigg Success Staff

You can't have Bigg Success without a good laugh from time to time.  You'll find fun videos here, jokes, humorous stories and more. Send your fun stuff to We’re looking for funny videos, photos, e-mails, resumes, signs, jokes, or anything else that relate to work and life.

Video of the Week

"March Madness"


Here’s an up-and-comer … this kid is only in fifth grade! Just shows you what practice can do!
Click here to see the video.

Source: Jokeroo

Typo of the Week

"Do you want to super size that?"

It’s amazing what a difference one letter can make! 

Source: Uploadhouse

Game of the Week

"Under construction" 


Here’s a fun game where you’re the builder of a series of projects on a city block in the center of the city. Get the blocks in place so they match the construction plan before the clock expires!

Source: Monster Box

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