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Videos of the Week


We’re changing the pace a little because we fell in love with all of these videos and couldn’t choose just one. So we’ll do an all-video article this week.

Wizards in Winter, by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, has become the top pick for holiday light displays. This week, we’ll highlight two of the best light shows you’ve ever seen, as well as a clip of the band live in concert. By the way, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is on tour now – if you like what you see, check out their tour dates.

Warning: These all use the same song – you might want to view in separate sessions! Although, we love the song!

Video 1
Carson Williams of Mason, Ohio is the king of holiday lights. His house, complete with a stunning light show, was featured in a Miller Lite beer commercial. His show was so popular that the city asked him to quit doing it – he was creating traffic problems.

Fortunately, he has been able to display in talents with public displays. Here’s one of Carson William’s light shows.

Video 2
Jeff and Bridgette Trykoski of Frisco, TX, are also wizards at light shows. Here’s their light show this year.

Video 3
We’d feel remiss if we didn’t include this clip of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra live. We think you’ll agree that this is a pretty impressive light show, too!