Just For Fun

You can't have Bigg Success without a good laugh from time to time.  You'll find fun videos here, jokes, humorous stories and more. Send your fun stuff to bigginfo@biggsuccees.com. We’re looking for funny videos, photos, e-mails, resumes, signs, jokes, or anything else that relate to work and life.

Video of the Week

"Copier Incident"


You don’t want to copy this unfortunate young woman’s bigg mishap!
Click here to see the video.

Game of the Week

"The Mansion Impossible"


In The Mansion Impossible Game, you’ll build your concentration skills by buying and selling virtual houses in this fast-moving property market. Houses come up for sale and the price quickly starts to rise. Once you buy, you need to try to time your sale to make the most money. Your goal – to accumulate enough buying and selling to buy the bigg mansion!

Photo of the Week

"Bigg Fish"


Nothing like coming home with a bigg fish story!

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