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You can't have Bigg Success without a good laugh from time to time.  You'll find fun videos here, jokes, humorous stories and more. Send your fun stuff to bigginfo@biggsuccees.com. We’re looking for funny videos, photos, e-mails, resumes, signs, jokes, or anything else that relate to work and life.

Video of the Week

"Dualing Piano"


It’s not everyday that you see someone play the piano with an organ.
Click here to see the video.

Customer Service Story of the Week

"Meathead" – This comes from a supermarket in the United Kingdom.

A customer walks up to the meat counter and stares at the merchandise.

After a short time, he says, “Don’t you have any vegetarian sausages?”

“This is a meat counter … we only have meat here,” the clerk behind the counter replied. As he pointed, he said, “We should have some pre-packed over there.”

“But I want to buy from here,” the customer responded. “Why don’t you sell them?”

“We only have meat on the meat counter, I’m afraid. Is there anything else you would like?”

“Do you have tofu burgers here?”

Source: Not Always Right

Game of the Week

"Tax Smack "


With tax season upon us, you may need a little stress relief. Here’s a fun game from KewlBoxl.com that lets you smack the virtual accountant!

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