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Give Yourself a Raise

Give yourself a pay raise blog post image

Many people don’t realize they don’t have to wait on their boss to get a pay raise. You can give yourself a raise by following three steps. Brought to you by

We discussed pay raises on The BIGG Success Show today. You can do things which may increase your ability to get a pay raise, but you can’t control whether or not your boss gives you one. But you don’t have to rely on him or her. You can give yourself a raise. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

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Would You Profit More by Making Less?

Image of time and money balancing

A small business owner recently told us about an innovative opportunity he had passed up. (Actually, he said “Maybe.” He wanted to think about it. Hence, our conversation with him.)

Another small business owner had offered him a turn-key operation. The first owner said he and his people had been talking about offering a similar product to their customers.

He didn’t accept the offer because:

1. They could do it themselves
So we asked: Why haven’t they? They haven’t had the budget or the manpower. However, he didn’t expect to have the necessary resources going forward either.

He also acknowledged that his firm doesn’t have the same sort of expertise in this particular product as the other firm. We think this is at least as much of a contributor as resources to it not getting developed.

2. It might cannibalize sales
He was afraid that this new product may compete with one of his existing products. This new product capitalized on new technology. His product didn’t.

He admitted that his customers might want both of them. But let’s assume that’s not the case:

If his customers prefer a new product instead of the one he’s offering them, wouldn’t he be better off at least making some money from it? Otherwise, his customers will find the new product somewhere else.

3. He had to share the profit

When he sold his own products, he got to keep 100% of the money earned. With the program he turned down, he was only going to get 20%.


George KruegerI’ll paraphrase something I often heard my Dad say: “20% of something is better than 100% of nothing.”



 border=That’s one of my favorite quotes from your Dad, George. It makes the point – right now, they’re not making anything on the new product. To make 20% or 10% or even 1% would be money in the bank!


Sometimes, as small business owners, our independent nature works against us. Sometimes, it pays to collaborate with other like-minded business owners. You may make more money by making less and, in the process, reach BIGG success!

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Image of a person holding a smart phone with the blog title: How to be less happy and more anxious

How to Be Less Happy and More Anxious

Image of a person holding a smart phone with the blog title: How to be less happy and more anxious

Is your smartphone making you less happy and more anxious? George & Mary-Lynn discuss a study that says it does on The BIGG Success Show.

Thanks to smartphones, we are constantly connected to our friends, our family, and our work. As a result, we are less happy and more anxious.

Kent State University study of college students shows those who spend hours each day online, texting or talking on cellphones are more anxious, less happy and get lower grades. The students who were “less addicted” to checking their phones were better off.

Speaking of addiction, another study shows that many people suffer from anxiety if they lose or forget their phone, even if only for a few minutes. That rush of anxiety and fear some feel once they realize their disconnected is called nomophobia -as in no-mo(bile) phone-phobia.

How do we break our addiction to technology? It won’t be easy.  People are checking them everywhere: while watching TV, at the movies, at the dinner table, in church, in bed, and while driving.

How to Feel Happier and Less Anxious

Do we really have to talk, text,  or post so much? No we don’t.

Andrew Lepp, one of the researchers in the Kent State study says, “You need time to be alone with your thoughts, and recover from the daily stressors in a way that doesn’t involve electronic media.”

Ways to Disconnect:

  • Meditate
  • Go for a walk without your headphones
  • Read an old-fashioned hardback book
  • Do some household chores
  • Journal with pen and paper

Quiet time lets your mind rest. Stress diminishes, attention and memory improve, endorphins are released. Your creative process is allowed to work. You can explore meaningful thoughts which can provide important direction in your life.

Use this time to refresh, and realize it will take practice to achieve. To get started, try to dedicate at least fifteen minutes a day for quiet time. Keep track of the days you do this. Pay attention to your stress levels on the days you unplug, versus the days you don’t.

It’s your choice! You can be constantly connected and feel less happy and more anxious. Or, you can disconnect for a short time every day to feel happier and more at ease, which leads to BIGG Success!

Will you commit to disconnecting daily? What will you do with your quiet time?

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We’ll share our personal intersections, along with the intersection for BIGG Success

Find Your Intersection to Stand Out

We’ll share our personal intersections, along with the intersection for BIGG Success

Differentiation is so important in today’s marketing environment. Listen as George & Mary-Lynn help you find your intersection to enhance your brand. Click play to hear The BIGG Success Show Podcast (Duration 7:25)

How to Find Your Intersection

Differentiation is necessary in today’s marketing environment, which is why it’s important to find your intersection to enhance your personal and professional brands.

An intersection is simply how your interests and what you do, gives you something that’s unique in the marketplace.

We’ll share our personal intersections, along with the intersection for BIGG Success. We encourage you to share yours too! Leave a comment below or email us.


For 25 years, I had a brand: Radio DJ. I’ve worked on the air in Illinois in Lincoln, Bloomington, Peoria, Champaign, and Chicago. So when I first left the only profession I’d known back in 2007, I felt a bit lost. I didn’t know how to explain what I was now, and people still thought I was on the radio! I couldn’t escape my identity.

Then one day, when I was lamenting to George, about not being a broadcaster anymore…and it hit me. I was defining myself too narrowly. I was defining myself as a radio broadcaster. But through our blog, podcast, social media posts, business articles, newsletters and interviews…I was still broadcasting!

Once I broadened my definition, I was able embrace my past profession and see my intersection: radio broadcaster and social media entrepreneur. I have a unique understanding of both traditional media and new media. This enables me to help people learn how to broadcast their message in whatever format makes sense for them – and – broadcasting a good message is essential to having a successful business.


I don’t ever remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to own a business. In fact, some people introduce me as the man who’s never had a job! I’ve had my own businesses for years.

My intersection, I believe, has become that I have this combination of real-world experience along with actual academic teaching. I’ve done both of them for a long period of time…practicing in the real world while staying in touch with all the academic theories.

What’s fun about that is it helps me understand – with the businesses we work with and our own – how we connect strategy to everything we do. How the money, the marketing, and everything has to flow to maximize your results.

[BIGG Success]

Our company is the intersection of life and entrepreneurship. We say that even if you don’t want to own your own business, you still have to think like an entrepreneur.

In work: between the great recession and global competition, everyone needs to be nimble and ready to shift towards opportunity. Entrepreneurs understand how to deal with uncertainty, so the ability to think like one is an advantage.

In life: To live life on your own terms, you have to know what those terms are, then do whatever it takes to make it happen. There’s sacrifice in any decision. Maybe you don’t take a promotion because you want more time at home. Maybe you do start a business to be able to work from home.

Think about your intersections. Those places where your interests and what you do meet. It’s important because:

  • It gives your brand meaning
  • It opens new doors
  • It gives you leverage
  • It puts you in touch with more people
  • It helps you stand out

It leads to BIGG Success!

BIGG Announcement

We have a BIGG news – our podcast has been named the top Entrepreneur podcast in Illinois!  BIGG Success #19 on FeedSpot’s 80 Best Serial Entrepreneur Podcasts and  #1 on FeedSpot’s Top 5 Illinois Entrepreneur Podcasts on the web.

Panelists chose us from thousands of podcasts on the web and ranked their top 5 list by relevancy, authority, social media followers & freshness.

Our intersection of entrepreneurship and life resonates with people, and we are so thankful.

Thank YOU for listening and subscribing!

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image of paint roller with bright color and blog post title 4 steps to find transformational opportunities

4 Steps to Find Transformational Opportunities

image of paint roller with bright color and blog post title 4 steps to find transformational opportunities

With change happening faster than ever, you need to be prepared to capitalize on it. We share 4 steps to find transformational opportunities.

Click the player to listen to this episode of The BIGG Success Show Podcast. Below is a summary of our discussion.

We saw an article that asserted that change is occurring a million times faster than the average person’s ability to handle it. Sure seems like it! A lot of times these changes are transformational.

In a post for The Small Business Advocate, author and futurist Dan Burrus said:

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