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Plenty of money…for life!

Give the Gift of the Financial Freedom Tool

Help someone you care about:

  • feel confident in their financial decisions
  • gain clarity on their next money moves
  • expand their choices moving forward

Retail Price: $99.00

For a limited time: $79.00

What they get:

download iconThe Financial Freedom Tool software

They get the same advanced tools financial professionals use, but designed so even people who think money is a mystery can use them. They will come away with a deeper understanding of their financials than they have ever had before. The Tool will guide them to be smarter with their money, day in and day out.

play icon10 Tutorials

It’s like pulling up a chair in The Professor’s classroom. They’ll learn how to use the Financial Freedom Tool. They’ll also walk away with money lessons they can use for life. And at just over 8 minutes in length on average, the tutorials are a springboard from “showing” to “doing”.

book icon2 Guidebooks

These serve as a quick reference tool as they enter their data into the Financial Freedom Tool and as you look at the reports. The guidebooks help them categorize their expenses and brainstorm for ideas to save and make more money.

document iconCheat Sheets

For the more complex subjects, they get Cheat Sheets to aid their understanding and retention. The cheat sheets also serve as a ready reference anytime they need to recall the subject matter. Even though we’re dealing with numbers, these are specifically designed with non-number lovers in mind.

folder iconCase Study

In the tutorials, we discuss a Case Study so they can see and learn from a real life example of our Financial Freedom Tool at work. It’s “show” and “go” – we show them how to do it with the Case Study and then they go do it with their data. They’ll see every step of the way, from data entry and analyzing the reports to stress testing their finances and creating an Action Plan to take their finances to the next level.

calendar icon90 Days to Financial Freedom emails

Every week, for 13 weeks, they’ll get an email from us. Each email discusses a step in our system. The messages are meaty, but can be read in a minute-and-a-half on average. We show them and they go do it! That’s how they get ahead. In addition, they can repeat the 13 steps every 90 days, so they continually spiral upward to BIGG success.

Retail Price: $99.00

For a limited time: $79.00

What they need:

Presently, the Financial Freedom Tool only works on laptop or desktop computers with Microsoft Windows and Excel.

It does not work on Apple computers (including those with Excel), tablets, or phones.

We plan to add these options in the future.

If you want to be notified when we add additional options, please email us at

Retail Price: $99.00

For a limited time: $79.00

Who it’s for:

We use a database of U.S. households in the Financial Freedom Tool to help users compare their financials to their peers. So, at this point, we only recommend the Tool to people living in the United States.

We will consider creating the Financial Freedom Tool for other countries down the road.

If you would like to be notified when the Financial Freedom Tool is available in your country, please email us at

Retail Price: $99.00

For a limited time: $79.00


We provide you with everything you need to give your recipient access to their gift, which includes the Financial Freedom Tool and a full suite of materials including video tutorials, guides, cheat sheets and a case study.

Once your purchase and registration is complete, we provide you with:

  • a serial number for the tool to give to your recipient for activating the tool
  • an email template you can copy/paste to let your recipient know about their gift and how to access it.
  • gift announcement images that you can print off and put in a card, or attach to an email for an extra touch

And don’t worry, your surprise is safe with us! Your gift recipient will not know about their Freedom Tool gift until you notify them.

No. In fact, only they can see the data they input into the Financial Freedom Tool. We have no access to it. In addition, we never share any data that we do collect (e.g. their email address).

We adapt databases developed for academics and government researchers. In their raw form, they are not useful to individuals. Our adaptations make them relevant.

Technically, no, but we hasten to add we don’t recommend it to anyone outside the United States since, currently, the data comes from U.S. households. We will make the Financial Freedom Tool available in other countries down the road.

No, not at this time. We plan to add this capability in the future.

Yes. Our tool requires 32-bit Excel 2007 or later installed on the computer. (Here’s how to check your version.)

The Freedom Tool requires that you  have  32-bit Excel 2007 or later installed on the computer. (Here’s how to check your version.)

No, not at this time.

No, not at this time.

Yes. The Financial Freedom Tool is driven by Excel (version 2007 and higher on Windows computers only). And we will add one more thing: Excel is THE tool for anyone who is serious about finance.

No. We designed the Financial Freedom Tool for anyone who can type, click a mouse, and understand smiley faces are good, and frowny faces aren’t.

Yes. Whether it turns out that your gift recipient doesn’t have the hardware and/or software required or they just hate the thought of financial freedom, we’ll refund your money if they notify us within 30 days of purchase. (If it turns out that you aren’t going to give the gift for a while, just let us know and we’ll make a note of it in our records so the 30-day period doesn’t start until you give the gift.)

Yes. Your gift recipient needs to register with us within 12 months of the date of your purchase. (If you aren’t giving the gift for a while, let us know and we’ll start the 12-month window on that date.)

Retail Price: $99.00

For a limited time: $79.00