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I can’t tell you have timely this email was for me today. I always get just what I need when I need it from you two. :) – Glain

Many people today feel overwhelmed. We’re bombarded with information. Things change faster and faster. Uncertainty is more certain than ever.

Now more than ever, you need to think like like an entrepreneur in your life and work. That mindset is all about finding solutions to problems, maximizing your existing resources, and  improving your life and the lives of those around you.

Entrepreneurial thinking will help you:

  • Find more time for the things that are most important
  • Experience less stress
  • Reach your goals faster
  • Make better decisions
  • Feel more in control of your destiny
  • Be happier

We (George & Mary-Lynn) live this mindset and feel called to share it with others.

George teaches Entrepreneurship at the University of Illinois.  He breaks down his vast knowledge from the academic world into practical terms, so you can learn how to apply those business and entrepreneurial concepts to your life.

Mary-Lynn left her career almost 10 years ago, because she wanted more than what her job could offer. She has insight on thinking like an entrepreneur that can help anyone who wants more than the status quo.

Are you ready to shift your thinking? Are you ready to reach your full potential? Are you ready to do extraordinary things?

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Thank you do much you guys. You send things that are so helpful and relatable. – Fatima

Just wanted to say I enjoy your positive messages and attitude on life! Keep doing what you’re doing. You are making a difference. – Sharon