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5 Steps to Find Abundance in Your Life

abundance | BIGG SuccessBad news is good news for the news media. It gets them viewers, listeners or readers. Then, advertisers spend more money with them.

But why do we tune in to the bad news? Is it a productive use of our time?

Of course, you have to stay informed. BIGG success is life on your own terms. It’s about entrepreneuring your life.

Whether you ever plan to be an entrepreneur in the traditional sense of the word, you own your life. So yes, you are an entrepreneur.

And contrary to popular lore, entrepreneurs are excellent risk managers. You have to know the bad news so you can assess your risks. But you can’t stop there.

If you want to be a BIGG success, you must take control to design and build the life that fits you perfectly. It’s your life; you and you alone are in charge!

You can’t control everything that happens to you. But you can control how you respond.

And you have to learn to see the world differently than most people. In a world of scarcity, you have to find abundance.

A while back, we did a series of posts on abundance. With news of a possible double dip recession, we thought it was a good time for a double dip of abundance.

So here are the five steps to find abundance in your life:

Step 1: Create a fortune by feeling fortunate

Step 2: Build in reserve capacity

Step 3: Conquer clutter

Step 4: Eliminate zero-sum thinking

Step 5: Share more and you’ll have more

How have you created abundance in your life?

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Step 5-Find Abundance in a World of Scarcity

abundanceToday we’ll wrap up our series on abundant living. We’re tired of hearing about scarcity so we thought it was time to talk about the other side of things.

Before we introduce our fifth and final step, let’s talk about something we haven’t addressed yet in this series. You’ll see how it relates to this last step in a couple of minutes.



Should you live abundantly? Would living abundantly make you feel guilty?

For some, it may because, especially today, we value frugality. Abundance has gotten a bad rap.

Some people equate abundance with excess, excess with greed, and greed with evil. Therefore, they think that seeking abundance is wrong.

In light of the current economic crisis, coming out of a period of conspicuous consumption, there may be a tendency to go too far the other way. But we’re really talking apples and oranges here and that’s an important distinction to make.

Bigg success is life on your own terms. In other words, to each their own.

As long as you’re not hurting anyone by having abundance, then enjoy it. And as we’ve discussed, abundance usually comes to those who find ways of helping others win as well.

So with all that in mind, here’s our fifth and final step to finding abundance in a world of scarcity:

Share more and you’ll have more

Want to feel like you're living abundantly? Then give something away!

Seems counter-intuitive, doesn't it?

If you can't afford to share, you're not seeing abundance. When you give your money or your time away, you're signaling to your brain (and your soul) that you have more than you need.

Research shows that sharing has benefits as great as receiving. Allan Luks, the Executive Director of the New York chapter of Big Brothers, Big Sisters, coined the phrase “helper’s high” in his book: The Healing Power of Good

Giving creates an endorphin rush similar to working out. This is the “helper’s high.

Give is a verb. Verbs mean action. So take action today … give!

You can’t afford it?

Can you give something you don’t use any longer? You may be able to give and de-clutter at the same time!

Do you have any canned goods you could donate?

Can you give your time instead? Give your attention to someone who’s lonely. Sometimes it’s not, “Buddy, can you spare a dime?” It’s “Buddy, can you spare some time?”

It’s funny how those who are most critical of people with abundance are often the last people to share any of theirs.

To twist a line from Seinfeld, can you spare a share? It’s the final step to finding abundance. That’s bigg success!


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Thanks so much for reading our post today. Please join us next time when we’ll talk about the crazy things people do to reach bigg success. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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Step 4-Find Abundance in a World of Scarcity

abundanceBad news is the news. We hear a lot about the scarcity. We don’t hear so much about the abundance.

That’s why we’re talking about steps you can take to live abundantly. We’re ready for Step 4:



Eliminate "zero-sum" thinking

One of the reasons we don't feel more abundance is because we've bought into the mindset that everything is a zero-sum game. Somebody has to lose in order for anybody to win.

Hollywood says so.

Our media tells us that it's the case.

Politicians don’t get it.

Successful entrepreneurs get it.

Bigg success is life on your own terms. Implicit in that definition is that you are the entrepreneur of your life.

You own it. You are in charge. There’s something successful entrepreneurs understand that many people – including the elite in our society – just don’t get.

Entrepreneurs know that they win second.

In order for them to win, at least some portion of society must win first. They create fortunes because they understand that there are very few zero-sum games in the world.

Think about it. In most cases, we do business with people because it's mutually beneficial. If it weren't, we would stop doing business together.

So if we take the "zero-sum" attitude, we won't create value. If one party has to lose so the other party can win, nothing is added to society.

Bill Gates got it. He became the richest person in the world because a large number of people felt that Microsoft’s products made their lives and / or their businesses better.

Some argue about his contribution. That will be true of your contribution as well. You will face critics if you do anything of any significance.

But you won’t care.

You will let the market vote. You will know that you have helped people win because they will vote with their dollars. They choose to work with you because you make their lives better in some way.

Warren Buffett got it. Like Bill Gates, he has ascended to the top of the list of the richest people in the world. He did it by delivering returns to his investors that they couldn’t achieve on their own.

To live abundantly, we must first discard the zero-sum game mentality. 


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Create wealth by creating value

The best way to do that is one relationship at a time. We must adopt a win / win attitude in every relationship we have. When we do that we create value.

The value of any relationship is the emotional goodwill you have created in that relationship. The sum of the value of all of your relationships is the value of your network.

Now and in the foreseeable future, the greatest wealth will be created by people with the best networks. Create value – and therefore abundance – for other people and you'll find abundance in your own life.

Now, please understand that it doesn't happen instantly. In the economy of a previous generation, you had to plant in the spring if you wanted to harvest in the fall. It may take days, weeks, months, or even years for you to see the result.

However, if all you see when you look at people is dollar signs, you won't harvest the opportunities presented in the years ahead. You won't create wealth. You won't feel abundance.

Put other people first. Look for a win for them with all the fervor you look for a win for you. That’s a mindset that leads to bigg success.

We’re thrilled that you checked in with us today. Thanks so much.

Please join us next time as we wrap up this series on abundance. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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Step 3-Find Abundance in a World of Scarcity

abundanceWe’re right in the middle of a five-part series. First we talked about feeling fortunate. Last time, we discussed the importance of building a reserve in your schedule and in your finances.

Defining what bigg success means to you – what it means to live your life on your own terms – is a critical component of building a reserve. It’s also a part of the third step which we’ll discuss today. Step 3 is …



Conquer Clutter

There are two kinds of clutter – physical (the one we most often think about) and mental. As long as you have clutter, you won't feel abundance in your life.

Physical clutter
There are three levels of physical clutter, according to Julie Morgenstern, author of Organizing from the Inside Out

  • Level 1 clutter means simple mistakes that are relatively easy to fix. Have a place for everything that’s easily accessible. If you don’t have a place, get it out of your space!
  • Level 2 clutter is about outside forces. You may simply have too much responsibility. You may be going through a transition. Maybe you don’t have the space you need. It could even be the person with whom you live!
  • Level 3 physical clutter stems from deeper issues. Some people fulfill their need for abundance by having an abundance of “stuff”. Others like the thrill of the hunt. It may symbolize a lack of goals. Maybe there’s some sentimental attachment to the “stuff”. It can even indicate a perfectionist, believe it or not.

Mental clutter
It's also important to clear out the clutter in our minds. We get bogged down in the past.

  • Holding grudges holds us back. Forgiveness frees up our minds and spirits to press forward.

    Not only do we need to forgive others, we need to forgive ourselves. In fact, if you can’t truly forgive yourself, how can you possibly forgive others?

    Cut yourself some slack, for crying out loud! You deserve a break today!

  • We also need to learn the right lessons from the past. As kids, we put our hands on a hot stove and got burned. So we didn’t put our hand on a hot stove again.

    As adults, we’ve put our hand on a symbolic hot stove and gotten burned. How did we respond? We don’t turn on the stove anymore!

    Life is full of risk. Try as you might, you can’t avoid it. More importantly, you shouldn’t avoid it!

    Bigg success comes to those who take calculated risks. Sometimes it works out; sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, learn from it and then turn that stove on again and cook up some bigg success for yourself!

  • Finally, it's important to understand our strengths and weaknesses. But we clutter our mind with our weaknesses.

    Then we reinforce those thoughts by telling ourselves all of the reasons why we can't do something. Stop telling yourself what you can’t do. Focus on what you can, and will, do!

    We need to believe that we can do it so we will find a way to get it done. Then we will find abundance. That’s bigg success!


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Thanks so much for the gift of your time today. Please join us next time when we’ll take the fourth step to abundant living. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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Step 2-Find Abundance in a World of Scarcity

abundanceWe’re doing a series on abundance. Last time, we took the first step – create a fortune by feeling fortunate.

No matter what life may throw our way, we are so lucky to live freely. We may not have everything we want, but we’re so fortunate to have so much.



Now we’re ready for the second step of finding abundance:

Build in Reserve Capacity

Many people today are trying to sprint through the entire marathon. To run that pace for a short time may be fine. But to run the whole course at that speed only leads to wearing out long before the finish line.

In your schedule
Finish strong by building reserve capacity in your schedule. Here are some suggestions:

  • You start to do this by setting your direction. What does bigg success mean to you? Bigg success is life on your own terms. What does that look like? Get a clear picture of it in your mind.
  • With that vision, focus every day on the things that are the most important to getting there. If it doesn’t move you toward it, stop doing it!
  • Then honestly assess how much you, as a human being, can accomplish in a day. Live as a human, not a superman or superwoman. Live like a human, not a machine or a robot. Leave yourself some breathing room when you plan your day.
  • Also plan for the unplanned. Things will happen that will need your attention. Projects will take longer than expected. Opportunities will present themselves along the way.

    If your schedule is jam packed, you won’t be able to take advantage of them. Or your bigg opportunity may pass right before your eyes and you’ll be so busy you won’t even notice it.

In your budget
Once again, it comes back to what life on your own terms means to you. When you look at what you’re spending money on, are all expenditures moving you closer to that dream life?

You know where you want to go. You know how fast you want to get there. Sometimes that means creating abundance for the future by creating a reserve today.

When you have money in the bank or money in your investment account, you feel a sense of abundance, don’t you? It’s only human. So let’s do it:

  • Eliminate every cost that doesn't move you closer to where you want to be. Take the money you save and stash it away.
  • Another great financial reserve is reserve borrowing capacity. It’s not an asset in the strictest sense of the word, but it sure is an asset when your bigg opportunity presents itself. So build reserves to live in abundance. That’s bigg success!


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Thanks so much for reading our post today. Please join us next time as we discuss the third step to living in abundance. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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