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The Power of Momentum

momentum.jpgBigg success is life on your own terms. As we’ve discussed before, the “terms” in our definition of bigg success means several things. One of the ways we can look at “terms” is in time frames.

Sometimes when we think about life on our own terms, it’s hard to see how to achieve something that bigg. Want to know how we respond to that?

We say, “Don’t try!”

Before you click away, give us just a second to explain. What we mean is …



Don’t try for the bigg goal all at once. Break it up into little actions. Give yourself a due date for completing each action. Suddenly that bigg goal isn’t so bigg at all. You advance toward it action by action. Those little actions are milestones. You can think of the period of time between due dates for your milestones as terms.

Vision to Victory

We introduced this subject last time when we talked about how to ramp up your savings, but we left out something really important. You must have a clear vision of bigg success in your mind. What exactly does life on your own terms look like?

Then, as you map out the actions required to get there, it’s crucial that each action build upon the previous action. “Success breeds success,” as the saying goes.

So when you succeed with one action, you’re more likely to succeed with the next. It’s all about momentum.

Momentum is a precious thing

Once you get momentum, you want to do everything you can to keep it because it works both ways. We think of an interview with an excited football player whose team had just won a bigg game. He described their victory by saying:

“We had the momodum, but then we lost the momodum. Fortunately, we were able to get the momodum back!”

He may have been too excited to get the word “momentum” right, but he certainly understood what it was all about. It’s something we see all the time in sports.

It doesn’t just happen on the playing field. We think it’s particularly important to understand this right now. Things haven’t been going the way a lot of people would like lately. We just have to work all the harder to get the momentum (or should we say “momodum”) back.

Life may throw you something unexpected. That’s part of the price of bigg success. That’s okay. You know you can do it. You know you will win. In those moments when things don’t go your way, don’t get discouraged. Overcome your fear. And charge back.

Get momentum working for you again because success does breed success. Build a cumulative advantage to turn success into bigg success.

Build success into bigg success

You do that by staying hungry. We’ve said before that bigg goal-getters are usually happy, but never content. That’s one of the secrets to building on your success.

Another secret is to understand the fine line between confidence and cockiness. Stay humble, but be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Perhaps most important, stay focused to gain a cumulative advantage. Make sure your milestones work together so you get where you want to be as fast as you can get there. Then focus exclusively on reaching your next milestone.

If you’ve done everything you can today to get to that next milestone, then you are living your life on your own terms right now. You may not have reached your destination, but you’re well on your way to bigg success!

How do you stay focused on what you need to accomplish today?

Share that with us by leaving a comment below, calling us at 877.988.BIGG or sending us an e-mail at

Thanks so much for spending your time with us today!


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Next time, we’ll talk about when your definition of success changes. Please join us!

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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Taking Time Off to Get More Done

work See if you can relate to this. You push and push and push, burning the candle at both ends – the early bird meets the midnight oil burner. Day after day – six, seven days a week – week after week. Finally, you reach a point where your mind and your body say, “Enough already!”



We recently experienced this, so we listened … for a change. We crashed! We took some time to decompress. We often don’t realize how tired we are, how much we need the time away from our work.


georgeWhen I was a graduate student, I worked in the Undergraduate Advising Office. As one weekend approached, I asked the Dean how his weekend was looking. He replied, with a little frown on his face and his shoulders drooping slightly, “Ugh. It’s not good. We have plans on Friday night and again on Saturday.” Or he might say, “Oh, I can’t wait. We don’t have anything planned for the whole weekend!” I didn’t understand his thinking at the time, but now I see the wisdom in it!


So that’s how it went for us last weekend. It was great to wake up in the morning and realize there was nothing on the to-do list – nothing we had to do, nowhere we had to be.

We work crazy hours like many, if not most, business owners … especially those of us in the early stages of our businesses. But at a certain point, it becomes counter-productive.

We spend time doing what we do, but we don’t do as much as we could if we got a little rest, some time away to decompress. So we realized that we needed to learn from this.

As bigg goal-getters, we push ourselves to extremes. But we learned it can be counter-productive. On top of our business keeping us busy, we’re pretty social people. But sometimes it’s good to say no to just about everything and just have time to yourself.

We admit that we aren’t so good at work-life balance. We do a relatively good job of integrating our personal and professional lives. We can turn on a dime – talking about work one minute and moving to the personal the next. But we need more than that as we learned this past week.

We realized that the only way that we will take the time off we need is to treat it like everything else we want to get done. We put it on our calendars!

We’re saying “No” to seven days week. We need a day off every week. God did. Why should we think we don’t? Every other week, we’re setting aside two days.

Now it doesn’t mean we won’t work per se. It just means we won’t have a to-do list chockfull of things that we must do.


georgeI love to do research. I find it very relaxing. While I try to fit in a little research time every day – and to some extent I’m always in research mode looking for show topics – it’s great to do research at a leisurely pace.



marylynnAnd I’m a gadget girl. I love to play with my techie tools. That’s one of my roles in our business. I enjoy looking at new technologies and seeing how we might use them in our business. When I’m just searching and having fun, it doesn’t feel like work.


So we’re still integrating work and play. We’re just planning our play better so that it feels more like play and less like work. Because you know what they say about all work and no play!

When we work, we want to be highly productive because our work is still a means to an end, not an end in itself. We love our work, but we love it more when we’re refreshed.

And we get more done. This week, we’ve accomplished a whole lot because we had more energy because we took time to decompress. So that’s your motivation … take some time off so you get more done!


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When it comes to our personal finances, we hear a lot about savers and spenders. But there’s a third category we rarely hear about. And it’s the one we really should strive to be. Join us next time to see what it is.

Thanks so much for reading our post today. Now plan some time off! Until next time, here’s to your bigg success!


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The Most Important People of 2008

new_year Michael Bailey recently wrote a post about an e-mail you may have received before. It was very timely and got us thinking about events of 2008. Let’s test your memory …



Who won the World Series? We know it was NOT the Chicago Cubs. Will that ever happen? The Philadelphia Phillies won it this year. Maybe baseball’s not your thing, so let’s try this one …

Who won the Super Bowl last year? The New York Giants.

What movie won the Oscar for best film?    No Country for Old Men


georgeI have to admit that I haven’t seen this movie. On the other hand, I don’t have a country either!



You aren't an old man either…yet!


Who topped the Forbes 400 this year? Warren Buffett overtook Bill Gates to be named the richest person in the world. Of course, this was long before the recent financial turmoil. We’ll see how he rates this next year.

Who was the American Idol? You may say, “Who cares?” You may not, but millions do. It was David Cook.

So how did you do? We found it interesting that we didn’t really remember many of these events without some prodding.

The surprising list of the most important people of 2008

We had to look many of these up. For example, as soon as we realized the Giants won the Super Bowl, we could picture in our minds the pass from Eli Manning, escaping the nearby defenders, to David Tyree, who caught the ball on top of his helmet. That catch allowed the Giants to keep the drive going that ultimately lead to the winning touchdown.

As we discussed it, we realized there are people who you remember without having to really think about it. So here are a few questions for you to think about to help discover the most important people of 2008:

  • Name a friend who helped you through a difficult time in 2008.
    They deserve a toast!
  • Name a person who taught you something worthwhile in 2008.
    Roll out the red carpet for them!
  • Name someone who made you feel special in 2008.
    Give them a bigg party horn toot!
  • Name a person who you particularly enjoyed spending time with in 2008.
    Reach out and touch them – figuratively, not literally!

This list is not exhaustive. Feel free to add categories. But you get the point – in spite of the fact that there are people who accomplish bigg things, who excel in their chosen field, we often don’t remember it.

It’s the people who affect us individually that we remember. We recall those little acts of kindness, that one-to-one help, individual caring and sharing. These things may seem small and inconsequential, but they’re not because they affect us personally.

So here’s one more question: Who would put you on their list?

We do! You’re on our list of the most important people of 2008 because you take time to check in on us. We thank you so much and wish you a peaceful, prosperous, and happy New Year! Here’s to your bigg success in 2009!


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Think Want, Need, Must About Your Time

pyramids We can place our spending into three categories – wants, needs, and musts. Last time, we applied these categories to money. Today we want to apply them to spending our time.

There’s a trap that’s easy to fall into when it comes to spending our time. We spend time how we want to, instead of how we need to. Then we end up with a must do.



If you think of a pyramid, with wants at the base, needs in the middle, and musts at the top, we tend to focus too much energy at the bottom of the pyramid at the expense of the top.


marylynnI may have a lot of things on my “must list” but I’ll zip over to Facebook to see what my friends are up to!



georgeWhile we need to do quite a bit of research for Bigg Success, I can just get lost in it. I’ve already learned what I need to know, but I’m still interested so I just keep going.


Why do we work on wants? Without a doubt, there are many reasons. The task at hand is difficult. It’s easier to work on something else. We may prefer to work on something else. It may be more fun to do something else. These are just a few of the reasons.

Start by defining

With our money, our musts are easy to determine – food, clothing, shelter and transportation. They’re a constant. With our time, our musts are much more flexible. They are things that are deadline-driven or crisis-related.

Our needs involve personal growth and interpersonal relations as well as activities that get us ahead of that deadline or prevent the crisis. Our wants then are everything else – generally activities that we like to do.

The time paradox

So why does this happen …

on those days when we have a full schedule, we get a lot done, but …

on days when we don’t have so much to do, we don’t seem to accomplish much?

When we’re required to really focus, we can get it done. When the pressure is off, we’re more likely to drift. We do what we want. If we’re not careful, if we don’t do the things we need to do, the needs move up to musts in the form of a pressing deadline or a crisis that could have been prevented.

Daily starter

So start each day with a blank piece of paper. Write “Musts” at the top, “Needs” in the middle, and “Wants” toward the bottom. Then, map out your day by making your list under each item. When you get done with your “Musts”, you can work on “Needs” and once they’re complete, you get to work on your “Wants”. It’s like a reward!

Musts, Wants, Needs – keeping these three categories in mind helps you best allocate your time!


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We really appreciate you reading our post today. You’ve heard of stepping stones … join us next time when we’ll discuss overstepping stones. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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The Killer Combo – Child-like Imagination and Experiential Wisdom

By Bigg Success Staff




People who succeed bigg dream bigg. They aren’t constrained by the same forces we are.

That’s bull caca!

They absolutely are constrained in exactly the same ways all of us are. But there’s a bigg difference …

They don’t allow themselves to be constrained! They don’t see themselves as constrained. How do they do it?

Why you can and how you will

They don’t spend a lot of time telling themselves all the reasons why they can’t do something. They focus on why they can and how they will.

By changing the focus from “can’t” to “can”, they open their minds to all sorts of possibilities. Because your mind will go where you lead it. Get it thinking about why something can’t be done, it will come up with all kinds of reasons to justify your opinion.

To succeed bigg, you have to get your mind to think of how it can be done. In like form, it will start producing a number of ways to overcome all the obstacles that hold others back.

Sure, some of their ideas may not work. It doesn’t matter. What does matter – they are paths to the possibility of achieving the impossible. One of them will work.

Little minds, bigg dreams

But if we never get out of the gate … if we just assume we can’t win the race … we won’t. We must dream again – we must dream the kind of dreams we dreamed when we were young.

Maybe not the exact same dreams, but dreams that are as bigg as those conceived in our little minds!

  • When the world was our oyster.
  • When there was nothing we couldn’t do.
  • When we could imagine all of the things that we would accomplish.
  • When we couldn’t wait to grow up so we could get to all these wonderful ideas.

We’re better equipped to achieve our bigg dreams now

Because if we combine the dreams of our youth with the wisdom gained from our experience, we can achieve things that other people only fantasize about – if they allow themselves to think about them at all.

You see … that’s the difference now. We have an asset we didn’t have when we were young. We have our experience and all that we’ve learned from it. So the possibility of achieving the impossible is more probable! It’s a killer combination for achieving bigg success!

But we don’t think about that – we just stopped dreaming bigg dreams. We accepted being average and ordinary, when deep in our souls we know we’re excellent and extraordinary.

All it takes is one person finding one way

We have to believe again! Believe that we can achieve what we conceive! Then find a way to do it. It only takes one person discovering one way to do anything that’s never been done before. Then the world marvels at the accomplishment.

You are that one person! 

You were born to dream bigg dreams. You know it because you’ve done it. You were born to be excellent and extraordinary. But first you must remove the limits that keep you from dreaming bigg.

Tap into your imagination. Dream about what can be. Then start thinking of ways to do it. Believe – really believe, deep down … to your inner soul – that you will win. You can achieve this one thing. You will achieve this one thing. Now, take action and achieve bigg success!

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