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Become A Dream Weaver For Selling Success

By Bigg Success

Career Builders


People buy for two reasons – to stop the pain or to get the gain.

So paint a clear picture in your prospect’s mind of how wonderful things will be after they buy what you’re offering.

No matter what you’re selling, become a dream weaver!

In order to do that, you have to clearly understand the benefits of what you’re selling.

And that’s not as easy as it sounds!

Most of the time, we spend too much time talking about features and too little time discussing benefits. Or we stop before we get to the real benefit.

Fortunately, there’s a simple question that helps you get to the real benefit of what you offer.

And that means?

We’ll illustrate this with a service that you probably don’t find that exciting to think about – insulation contracting. Let’s see if you’re more excited after this discussion!


Nathan Newbie is a salesperson for a local insulation contractor. He does alright, usually finishing just above the middle of the pack. But he wants to be a top-performer. He just doesn’t know how to get to that level.

So he asks Samantha Sage for help. She started out in sales, just like Nathan. She became the top salesperson in her company. She was so successful that the owner sold her the company when he retired. Now she’s retired and living the good life!


Samantha prods Nathan, “Give me your sales pitch.”

“I would say,” Nathan starts off somewhat reserved, “as much as 70% of your energy costs come from heating and cooling your home.”

She inquires, “And that means?”

“Inadequate insulation is a leading cost of energy waste in many homes.”

“And that means?”

“You may be spending too much on your utility bill.”

“And that means?” Nathan responds excitedly, thinking he’s on to it now, “You could save money by adequately insulating your home.”

“And that means?”

“You would have more money to do what you want.”

“And that means?”

“If you insulate you home, you’ll pay for their next vacation!”

“You got it,” Samantha exclaims!

Are you more excited about insulation now? Most people are! Even a product that seemingly has little sex appeal can be quite appealing!

Most people make most decisions emotionally. So become a dream weaver and see your sales skyrocket!

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Your Wheel Of Fortune

By Bigg Success Staff

Life Changes


The hub-and-spoke model has been used for some time in the distribution business. Its scope has been expanded to management of knowledge workers, network technologies, and beyond. Now it’s becoming the accepted way to look at internet businesses in the Web 2.0 world.

You can apply this model individually as well. What is your primary source of income? That is the hub of your wheel of fortune. Use it to create multiple streams of cash flow.

If you primarily derive your income from your own business, it is easier to do this. If that’s not the case, does your job allow you the flexibility to build something on the side?

If the answer is “yes”, then go for it! If “no”, you still have options.

  • Negotiate with your current employer.
  • Find a job that gives you the flexibility you need.
  • Partner with someone who has the time.

So no matter what your situation is, you have options to begin spinning your wheel of fortune today. We’ll share five ways to do that today:

Become an expert
Do you have unique knowledge that you’d like to share with the world? There are more and more opportunities today for people to disseminate what they know. There is a lot of content out there already, but high-quality information is always in demand.

One way to do this is to start blogging about your subject of interest. Find your voice and build a community of followers. There are many other paths, but this one if probably the least expensive.

Start a business
You can start a business part-time, work from home, and use resources you probably already have. The cost to do this is negligible these days. Do you know someone who needs to turn a project over to someone they trust? That could be your start!

You may have an idea for a full-fledged business. Do you know someone who could run it for you? Make them your partner and get going!

Buy real estate
You probably own your own home. So you’ve already bought real estate. Now you want to make money from it. We won’t kid you – there is a difference. But at least you have some experience. That experience makes this is a great place to start.

Real estate investing is one of the least time-consuming businesses you can start. However, if you just don’t have any time to spare, find a partner who you can work with to build your real estate empire.

Buy a franchise
Pair up with a company that is offering franchises for sale in your desired territory. They are building their brand with a tested concept. They have other successful businesses already practicing it.

You can buy the rights to use their concept in your market. All you have to do is bring the money to the table and learn their system. If it requires full-time involvement, find a partner to run the day-to-day operations.

Buy a business
An existing business already has customers, employees, and vendors in place. They have established systems that have been tested and proven to work. They have built up an infrastructure to support the business.

People sell businesses for many reasons. Ideally, you find a great business with an owner who wants to retire. Or the seller may just be bored and ready for a new challenge. Ideally, management is already in place. You just step into ownership!

So start with your hub. Use it to leverage yourself into other opportunities. Keep building those opportunities and look for more. That’s your wheel of fortune!

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7 Steps To Lead Your Troops To Victory

By Bigg Success Staff

Leadership Skills


Just like great generals lead their soldiers into battle, you guide your troops to success. Great leaders, like great generals, develop a battle plan and then execute around it. With that in mind, here are seven steps to lead your troops to victory.

#1 – Define victory
What’s your vision of success? You need to clearly communicate that to your troops. Your vision should be short, compelling, and memorable. It should paint a picture of what victory looks like and what it means.

#2 – Delineate roles
Your people need to understand their role in your vision. Don’t make the mistake of relegating duties. As a good general, you’ll delegate responsibilities along with the authority needed to carry out their mission.

#3 – Establish the ground rules
You need to set the boundaries. Clearly state how you and your troops will work together on the path to victory. Let them know what resources are available to aid them in the battle. Finally, let your troops know the rewards for achieving victory.

#4 – Set the example
The battlefield is no place for “do as I say”. You have to show your troops that you are committed to the cause. You’re willing to do whatever it takes, subject to the ground rules you’ve established, to get the job done.

#5 – Admonish appropriately
You’ll have troops that fall out of line – in their behavior and in their performance. You must respond quickly. Do it privately – criticizing publicly rarely produces good results in the long run. Don’t think of this as a confrontation. You’ll do much better if you plan for a conversation.

#6 – Share the glory
As you march toward victory, recognize the people who have made the most significant contributions. Do this publicly. Great leaders share too much of the glory – this reinforces their bond with their troops. Everybody loves being part of a winning team!

#7 – Stay focused
Constantly keep your vision in front of your troops. Focus all your energy and resources on achieving what you set out to do. Don’t let anything distract you and your troops from your mission – achieving the victory you defined! 

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Snowboarder Busts Into Business

By Bigg Success Staff

Success Stories


Jason Flynn is high on life. He is living his dream. He followed his love and the money followed. The 29-year old started High Society Freeride Company, with friends Reggie Charles, Jay Morin, and Jeremy Rungi about four years ago.

The journey to his start-up was a long ride.

Finding his love
Jason grew up in Michigan. As a kid, he loved sports – football, baseball, and especially hockey. He played them all!

He was never particularly good at skiing, so a friend suggested he try snowboarding. His first time out was rough, but he absolutely fell in love with it. He soon gave up all his other extracurricular activities so he could snowboard more.

He got a job at a local resort in the equipment rental department. As an employee, he got a pass so he could snowboard even more. You get the idea? He loved it!

After he graduated from high school, he went to college. He continued working at the resort. He also got a part-time job selling jam and fudge, of all things.

That job required some travel. One of his trips took him to Denver. After he finished his work for the day, he decided to drive to Aspen. He immediately knew that he had found his place in the world.

When he got home, he quit both of his jobs. Six weeks later, with all of his worldly possessions, he headed for Aspen to begin his new life.

Discovering the idea
He quickly got a job at a ski shop. After some time, he and his future partners were sitting in the backroom looking at a pile of snowboards that had been returned. They just weren’t built to withstand the rigors that good snowboarders put them through.

That’s when they had their epiphany – they would build a snowboard that would last!

They did some research over the next week. They realized that, between the four of them, they had the right connections to make it work.

They designed a product and cajoled a friend in New Zealand to manufacture them in his garage factory. They tested and tested their snowboards. They asked their friends to test them.

They tweaked their design until they had it just right. Now they just needed the money to launch their venture.

Finding the money
Once again, the four young men pulled together. They all worked multiple jobs over the next two years to scrape together enough money to get started.

The High Society Freeride Company officially launched in 2003. It is unique because it is owned and operated entirely by riders. They embrace skiing and snowboarding!

They focus on making the highest-quality products for the best skiers and snowboarders. They limit the production of their product to insure that quality remains high.

Their strategy is working. They now sell through over 25 dealers in nine countries. The High Society Freeride Company is riding high!

Owning a business means wearing many ski hoods …
Because they’re still a relatively small company, Jason and his partners do it all. They design the product, oversee the production process, make the sales, insure delivery, and more. They’re even the janitors!

They are committed to giving back to their community. They donate a portion of all their sales to local charities. Many of these donations are made to organizations suggested by their customers.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering – Jason still takes time out of his busy schedule to snowboard four times a week! You have to have your priorities!

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Work – Life Balance Lessons From Stretch Armstrong

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance


The year was 1976. A small group of experts, with the toymaker Kenner, met to discuss new ideas for toys. Time was ticking by. Few good ideas had been suggested.

Then, a soft-spoken gentleman stepped up with an idea for a new super hero.

Stretch Armstrong was born!

Children could stretch, for lack of a better word, his limbs up to four times the width of his body.

Stretch was a huge hit with kids who tested him daily to see just how far he could stretch.

In fact, Stretch is a hit again. Only now it’s collectors who seek this flexible super hero.

Why are collectors so interested in Stretch Armstrong?

Because so few dolls survived!

You see, with all the stretching, Stretch’s limbs started to harden and crack. When that happened, the “secret sauce” that allowed him to stretch so far leaked out. Stretch Armstrong couldn’t stretch anymore.

We can learn a lesson from Stretch Armstrong:

If you stretch yourself too far, too often, you may crack.

We all want to live a full life. We want a rewarding career and a robust personal life. In our quest for those goals, we spread ourselves very thin. We have to be careful, though, not to stretch ourselves too far, too often. Here are 6 tips to do just that:

  • Accept that you can’t have it all.
    It all begins with being honest – you can’t have it all. You’re only human. You only have 24 hours in a day. There is only so much you can do. You should seek to achieve balance for your own sake as well as those who depend on you. But you shouldn’t try to be all things to all people.
  • Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.
    Having accepted that you can’t have it all, now you can decide what’s most important to you. Look at everything you do – your work, your family commitments, your personal activities – and think about your vision of your dream life.

    Take a zero-base approach to each activity – assume that you don’t need to do it. Now ask yourself what impact it would make if you didn’t do it. This will help you start to eliminate clutter in your schedule.

  • Schedule everything.
    Speaking of schedules, make it a habit to schedule everything. Plan what you need to do and how long it will take. Allow yourself some cushion – a lot of us think we’re a super hero. You’re only human. You can’t work at break-neck speed all the time.

    By scheduling everything, you’ll allow enough time for those things that are most important to you. That will include things you do just for fun. Most of us schedule everything but down time. So what happens – no down time!

  • Learn to say “no”.
    This is one of the most important tools in your work – life balance tool kit. You’ve gone to all the trouble to prioritize what’s most important to you. Don’t put yourself back in the same position by taking on new activities that don’t fit your vision of your dream life.

    Kindly consider any opportunities that come your way and then politely decline anything that doesn’t fit. Just say “no”!

  • Communicate what you CAN do, not what you CAN’T.
    Your life touches a lot of other people. They may be affected by your efforts to get things under control. Make sure you help them understand the reasons behind what you’re doing.

    But here’s a mistake people often make. Don’t concentrate on what you can’t do any longer. Focus on what you can and will do. Accentuate the positive!

  • Don’t worry about getting it perfect.
    A lot of people want to get it perfect. They carry this attitude into everything they do. While it is admirable, it is also a recipe for always being stretched too thin.

    Focus on getting it perfectly satisfactory. Get it satisfactory … then work on it just a little more. Now you can be perfectly satisfied with it. It may not be perfect, but it’s close enough. Any more effort would yield minimal improvements.

Stretch Armstrong couldn’t keep stretching – he cracked. Follow these 6 tips and you’ll avoid finding yourself in Stretch’s predicament.

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