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How to Be Successful Like a Super Bowl Pro

how to be a success like a sports champ

Hear George & Mary-Lynn share 13 lessons on how to be successful. Click play to listen to this episode of the BIGG Success Show.

Super Bowl champs know how to be successful. We take away some “How to be Successful” Lessons from the two teams in this year’s Super Bowl: the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.

How to be successful like the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots lost their first game of the season, something they hadn’t done for over a decade. Worse yet, all the other teams in their Division won. So they started the season in last place.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 1: Winners start in last place sometimes.

– – – – –

This kick-in-the-seat propelled them to a decisive victory in their second game. But they weren’t able to sustain the momentum.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 2: Do everything you can to maintain momentum once you get it.

– – – – –

They eked out a victory in their third game, but it was a close call. Late in the game, their opponents scored a touchdown to tie the score. Fortunately for the Patriots, it was called back due to a holding penalty.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 3: Sometimes winning isn’t about what you do right; it comes from what your competition does wrong.

– – – – –

Next up, a Monday Night Football game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The crowd in Kansas set a record for noise level. The large TV audience watched the Chiefs thump the Patriots 41 – 14. It was the second largest loss Bill Belichick had experienced in his time as the Patriots’ Head Coach.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 4: Even winners face embarrassing losses from time to time.

– – – – –

In what may have been a precursor to #DeflateGate, Patriots’ Quarterback Tom Brady couldn’t keep his hands on the ball. He fumbled twice, one which the Chiefs recovered. He threw two interceptions.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 5: Even legends have bad days. They reboot and recover, instead of crashing and crying.

– – – – –

Brady was benched in the fourth quarter. His rookie replacement quickly marched the team down the field for a touchdown.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 6: Accept that others will shine at times (usually on your worst days).

– – – – –

The Monday Night massacre created speculation that the Bellichick-Brady era was over. It had been a good run: five straight Division titles, three consecutive Conference Championship appearances, and three Super Bowl victories.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 7: It doesn’t matter what the critics believe. Your belief will make the difference.

– – – – –

During the post-game interview, Belichick was asked if his time had passed. He simply replied, “We’re on to Cincinnati,” referring to their next game. The Patriots won their next seven games.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 8: If you lose, shake it off and focus exclusively on your next game. Your lowest low often precedes the beginning of your run to BIGG success.

How to be successful like the Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks started their season as defending Super Bowl champs. It was their first in the 38-year history of the franchise.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 9: Recognize that there’s a long, winding, bumpy road to BIGG success. But you don’t have to take 38 years!

– – – – –

They opened the season with a decisive victory, but they struggled to a 3-3 record, including a rare loss at home to the Dallas Cowboys. The press wrote the Seahawks off. They didn’t listen. They finished the season with a 9-1 run.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 10: Contrary to the popular saying, success does NOT breed success. It creates fertile ground for failure OR success. You determine which way it goes.

– – – – –

The Seahawks breezed through their first playoff game. It was quite a feat. In the preceding decade, no defending Super Bowl champ had won a post-season game. Four of them hadn’t even made the playoffs.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 11: When you’re the market leader, your competition brings its A-game.

– – – – –

The Seahawks faced the Green Bay Packers for the Conference Championship. Interestingly, like the Patriots, the Packers had a slow start to their season, creating angst in their fans.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 12: Winners lose, but they don’t quit. They adapt quickly and push harder.

– – – – –

The Packers dominated the first half and held their own for most of the second. With just three minutes left, the Seahawks were down 19-7. The Seahawks made one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history. They tied the score to send the game into overtime. Then scored the game-winning touchdown on their first possession.

– – – – –

Keep these thirteen lessons in mind for your BIGG success!

What “how to be successful” lessons have you learned from watching sports?

New Year’s Resolutions: The One Guaranteed Way to Keep Them

New year's resoutions
New Year’s Resolutions WILL get accomplished by understanding the power of one. Click play to hear George & Mary-Lynn share it, on The BIGG Success Show podcast.

It’s easy to make New Year’s Resolutions. It’s much more difficult to keep them. Yet how you make them has a lot to do with whether or not you’ll keep them.

The secret is in understanding the power of one. Once you do – and you put it into practice – you’re virtually guaranteed to keep your New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s what we call the seven powers of one:

One quarter for your New Year’s Resolutions
A year is too long. What would you like to change in the next quarter? 90 days is close enough to keep your motivated.

One New Year’s Resolution
Many people create a list of New Year’s Resolutions. You will have one. One thing to work on right now. Once you’ve got it down, you can move on to another one.

One reason for your New Year’s Resolutions
Most people never really think about this. You know what your New Year’s Resolution is. Why is it so important for you to keep it? You need one compelling reason to keep you motivated.

One change for your New Year’s Resolutions
If you don’t do anything different, you can’t expect anything different. What is one small change you will make? Master it and then make another change until you’ve accomplished what you want.

One day for your New Year’s Resolutions
We started with 90 days, rather than a year. But even that’s too much once you start acting on your desire. Focus on keeping your New Year’s Resolution today. Whether you succeed or not, try again tomorrow.

One New Year’s Resolutions buddy
It’s hard to succeed alone. Find a friend who is trying to keep New Year’s Resolutions. It doesn’t have to be the same as yours. You can still buck each other up when needed.

New Year’s Resolutions are won in one weak moment
You will face moments of weakness. You will be tempted. Remind yourself of your one compelling reason. Reach out to your New Year’s Resolutions buddy. It leads to BIGG success!

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The starting point of BIGG success is part gratitude

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His research shows that participants who habitually kept a gratitude journal made 20% more progress toward their goals than participants who didn’t. At the end of each week, the first group simply listed five things they were grateful for.

Yet this simple act – which can be done in less than five minutes – led to significant returns on the investment of time. Gratitude is the input. Progress is the outcome.

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Career Advancement - Launch into BIGG Success

Career Advancement: The Simplest Way to Fast-Track Your Career

Career Advancement - Launch into BIGG Success

Career advancement can be simple! You only have to do two things. Click play to hear George & Mary-Lynn share what they are on The BIGG Success Show Podcast.

Career advancement can prove difficult. Some conclude it’s just a matter of luck. Others think it’s about sucking up. Still others believe you have to sell out.

They’re all mistaken. However, there’s a hard way and a simple way to advance in your career. A while back, we shared the simple secret to a successful career:

Do your best doing what you do best.

Doing your best is part of our favorite definition of success. It comes from the late great John Wooden. But it’s hard to push yourself to give your all if you’re not good at it. It’s much easier if you know your strengths. Then it’s just a matter of matching your strengths to a career opportunity.

The power of this simple saying (Do your best doing what you do best) is that it puts career advancement into your own control. You only have to do two things.

#1) Rocket ships launch career advancement
There’s just one problem with our simple secret to career success. It ignores the marketplace.

In a speech at Harvard, Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg recalled meeting with Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt. It was early in her career and she had a job offer from Google.

She had serious reservations; Google wasn’t Google yet. They were still really young. Few people saw much potential. She expressed her concerns to Schmidt.

He said, “Don’t be an idiot. Get on a rocket ship.”

In slow growing companies, careers stagnate. But in a fast-growing company, your career will take care of itself.

He concluded: “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.”

You see, you can do your best and run right into a brick wall. You can play to your strengths and find it doesn’t pay. You get laid off. Opportunities for career advancement dry up.

Unless you’re on a rocket ship.

#2) Career advancement depends on the company you keep
You may be familiar with the old saying, “You’re only as good as the company you keep.” If you’re like us, you’ve probably always thought it was talking about human relationships.

Of course, that was its original intention. However, there’s a lot of wisdom to applying it to career advancement.

We’ve talked before about the three influencers of career success: your occupation, your industry and your company.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. It’s about taking control to design and build the life of your dreams.

Sometimes, the best way to take control is to accept what you can’t control. Stop bucking the trends and hop aboard a rocket ship, whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur.

Where there’s growth, there’s opportunity. It leads to BIGG success!

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What Makes You Unique BIGG Success Image

What Makes You Unique

What Makes You Unique BIGG Success Image

We share why you need to know what makes you unique to stand out today. Plus, Mary-Lynn bleeps out George several times in this BIGG Success Show Podcast. Click play and/or read.

Why do you need to know what makes you unique?

We heard a great quote recently: The problem with following the herd is you end up wading through all the crap they left behind.

Most people want to be outstanding in their field. However, many are just out…standing in the field, walking through all the crap.

The herd mentality comes to us naturally. As we developed – going from puberty to adolescence, the desire to “fit in” kicks into overdrive.

We don’t want to be different. We don’t want to look different. We don’t want to stand out. We want to be part of the herd.

And that worked just fine for quite some time. It helped us find and develop our social network – not in the Facebook or LinkedIn sense – but in terms of human connection.

But then the world changed…

Globalization. The Great Recession. The social web. Any one of these forces on its own would have been disruptive. Combined, they have been like the perfect storm.

Now, we live in a crowded and cluttered world. Today, NOT standing out is the #1 cause of failure.

It’s time to ask some tough questions.
Stated crudely, if you’re just like everyone else:

  • Why should anyone hire you, be it an employer or a customer, instead of someone else? Nobody wants to be treated like a number. Yet so many people position themselves as just a number, one of many.In cases like this, couldn’t a prospective employer or customer just throw darts at a board to make their choice?
  • Why should they keep you on their payroll or keep doing business with you? Many people turn themselves into commodities. And you know what happens with commodities? Decision-makers gravitate to the cheapest source of supply.What’s the net result? Most people are just happy to keep their job, to keep their customers. Even though they aren’t making the money they deserve, they don’t see any alternatives other than to just keep grinding it out.

But there is an answer…

Today, building your brand is no longer an option, be it your personal brand or your business brand. Business owners need both.

It starts by discovering how unique you are:
You were put on this earth to do something BIGG. You remain here because your mission isn’t yet complete.

What Makes You Unique #1: Your Genetic Make-Up

No other person in the world has the exact same code as you. For every inherent disadvantage, you were given a greater and more significant advantage. You, and only you, have a unique talent to share.

What Makes You Unique #2: Your Set of Experiences

No other human being has seen everything you have seen, heard everything you have heard, touched everything you have touched, smelled everything you have smelled, or tasted everything you have tasted. Some of your experiences have made you unhappy. Others have brought joy. You, and only you, can draw upon these personal experiences.

What Makes You Unique #3: Your Point-of-View

No other person in the world thinks about things exactly like you. They can’t! You are called upon to test your perceptions against objective reality. You, and only you, form your opinions and these opinions can change the world if you choose.

You, and only you, can accomplish that one thing that you are here to accomplish. We’re all counting on you to do it!

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