backyard bliss

Backyard Bliss

backyard bliss

>We both enjoy our work so we tend to work a lot. We feel fortunate that we get to work side-by-side. However, just because we’re physically near someone, it doesn’t mean you’re really “together.” So this past weekend, we took our own advice and had some BIGG down time.

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4 Fun Things You Can Do This Weekend for Free (or Nearly Free) without Fueling Up

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance


Backyard picnic

Make it an event! Lay out a blanket. Bring out the picnic basket. Make the food interesting – e.g. all finger foods. You may even have a theme (e.g. red, white & blue if you’re in the U.S.). Dust off the Frisbee, play some ball, or whatever you like to do on a picnic. It’s all in the comfort of your own backyard.

Host a potluck

Invite some friends over for brunch or dinner. Ask everyone to bring one part of the meal, foods they could just buy if they choose. Keep it simple and inexpensive. It’s about spending time with friends, not putting on an elaborate show.

Play some old-fashioned games

Think back to your childhood. What games did you play? Do you remember Hide-and-Seek? How about Red Light – Green Light? Pull one or more of them off-the-shelf and have some good old-fashioned fun!

Water works

On a hot summer’s day, few things feel as good as some cool water. So have some fun with water. Have a balloon toss … or a balloon fight. Or if you want, how about a water water gun fight? These are not your father’s water guns – they’re super-charged these days!

If you want to be productive, wash the family cars. There’s just one rule – no one’s allowed to stay dry!

How do you have fun without fueling up?


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Why Work Life Balance Doesn’t Work

An increasing number of people have given up on the balancing act. They have found that it’s impossible to draw a line in the sand and divide their lives into two parts.

We only have one life to live, so why complicate it by trying to reach our goals in two separate worlds as if one doesn’t have anything to do with the other one?

You might find that it pays to NOT try to balance your life!

Thus the emerging trend of work life integration. This concept is still in its early stages, but more and more people are finding that it works better for them than trying to keep things in balance.

Work life integration is all about flowing seamlessly from one area to the other. Your spouse may say something that helps you at work. Your co-workers may give you insight for things at home.

Pay attention to all the important people and priorities in your life all the time, rather than thinking that you need to segment them.

A paradigm shift

That’s the essence of work life integration. It requires a paradigm shift … thinking about your life a different way. Instead of putting pressure on yourself to be great in two separate areas of your life, focus on doing your best in your single life. Remove the limitations that you’ve placed on yourself.

Limitation #1 – Place
Work only occurs at the office; personal only occurs at home. We shouldn’t mix the two. It’s how we’ve been trained to think. The problem is … it doesn’t work!

Limitation #2 – Time
Many people think they of work as the activities they do during certain times of the day (e.g. 9 to 5). Then they live their personal lives. It may make sense for you to adjust your schedule, depending upon the flexibility your employer allows.

A recent study by Hudson, a leading international recruiting firm, showed that nearly one-third of the people surveyed ranked flexibility as their #1 priority in considering a new job offer.

Limitation #3 – Daily reconciliation

We think that we need to achieve balance every day. In reality, sometimes work demands more of us; at other times, our personal life needs the most attention. Give yourself permission to focus on what’s most important. Don’t worry about whether everything is balanced every day.

If you think about it, work – life balance is sort of an unnatural expectation. Work – life integration is more congruent with how most of us actually live. It’s just more natural.
How we use work – life integration

Here at Bigg Success, we understand this concept very well because we live it. We work together, often at home. We play together. We often get to travel together, combining some pleasure with the primary purpose of the trip. We also find that a lot of personal conversations lead to ideas like the one you’re reading now.

Of course, not all spouses can (or should) work together. Do what works for you. The good news is that, according to the Chartered Management Institute, there will be a blurring of boundaries between work and family because more and more of us will be working virtually.

Our bigg quote today comes from Karl Weick.

“Simply pushing harder within the old boundaries will not do.”

So pull yourself together … integrate your lives.

Next time, we’ll discuss four things to pay attention to that pay off. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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Distance Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Stay Close with Old Friends

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance


Do you have long-time friends that you have trouble keeping in touch with as regularly as you might like?

Here’s an idea – schedule a "telecoffee" or a "teletea" meeting.

Plan a time when each of you can take a little break. Grab your cup of coffee or tea and you’re ready! Then hook up via phone, live chat, or text messaging.

We admit it’s not the same as being together in person. However, it’s the next best thing because you can still carry on a two-way conversation.

You’ll be able to quickly catch up on what’s going on with each other. You can share advice. You can talk about whatever you want to talk about.

The good part is that you don’t even have to drive anywhere to do it.  The best part is that you’ll be able to maintain a close connection with someone about whom you really care.

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