Everyone needs a coach

Great Athletes Have One. So Should You

Everyone needs a coach

We were thinking about mentors and coaches recently. In our discussion, we defined them as follows:

A mentor is an informal advisor. A coach also offers advice, but in a more formal way because you’re paying for their services.

We’ve both had a number of mentors and coaches in our lives. Both have been immensely valuable! That’s what prompted our discussion.

Going where you haven’t gone before

However, since we don’t pay for the services of our mentors, we don’t talk to them as much. After all, we don’t want to abuse the privilege. We’ve talked with our coaches much more frequently, usually every week in fact. It’s part of the agreement we had with them when we signed on for their services.

We love the quote by Bill McCartney, former coach of the University of Colorado. He said,

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Ring in the Olympics

pm411_logo It’s 8-8-08. The Olympics start today at 8:08:08, Beijing time, this evening. A survey showed that 92 percent of the people could correctly identify the Olympic rings. That makes the Olympic rings the most recognized symbol in the world. 86 percent of those questioned associated the Olympic rings with the world's greatest sporting event.



The meaning behind the symbol

This got us thinking about branding and the importance of having a recognizable symbol that conveys the message you’re trying to convey. Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern day Olympics, came up with the five rings.

The five rings represent the five continents that embraced the Olympic movement. We found that kind of funny, since we thought there were seven continents! Antarctica obviously doesn’t participate and Europe and Asia were considered to be one continent.

The rings are linked to represent the union of man. The colors of the rings represented the flags of all the countries at the time the symbol was created. They sit on a white background, to represent all the nations of the world.

The symbol and the message are inter-related

As you can see, a tremendous amount of thought went into creating the most recognizable symbol in the world. We bet that you had a general sense of what the rings meant even before you read the discussion above. It’s easy to get.

The symbol reinforces the message, and the message reinforces symbol.

Now apply this to your brand. What do you do? What problem do you solve? Incorporate that into your brand imaging.

We probably found this study so interesting because we’re in the process of coming up with a new symbol for Bigg Success. We have some additions coming soon to our site. We’re developing a new symbol to convey exactly what bigg success means. Keep checking in for more bigg news!

Jake’s Take

Comedian Jake Novak dropped by the show to share his take on this year’s Olympics. A number of companies line up to became official Olympic sponsors. Jake’s found out who the top 5 REAL sponsors of the Beijing Olympics are:

#5 – HGH: The official steroid of the 2008 Beijing Games

#4 – Smog: the official pollution of the 2008 Beijing Games

#3 – Chinese-Made Toys: The official choking hazard of the 2008 Beijing Games

#2 – Poison: The official dog and cat food of the 2008 Beijing Games

… and the #1 supporter is a dual sponsorship

Nightsticks and Tear Gas: the official anti-protest weapons of the 2008 Beijing Games

Thanks, Jake for sharing your wit with us!



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The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games 

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Your Mutual Admiration Society

By Bigg Success Staff

Personal Branding


As part of building your personal brand, take special notice of the people who are thrilled with you and your performance. Of these people, who really impresses you?

Maybe they always go above and beyond the call of duty. Perhaps they follow through on time, every time.

Form a mutual admiration society!

Not to sit around and tell each other how great you all are, but to help each other by promoting one another.

It’s one thing if you tell someone how good you are. It’s quite another if someone else toots your horn. So toot back!

It has to be genuine. You have to believe in each other. You have to know each other well enough to know that whatever you’re saying will be backed up. But once you reach that level of comfort, go for it!

All of you benefit when you speak on each other’s behalf!

Hear today's lesson and laugh on The Bigg Success Show. 

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Failure to Do This Harms Relationships

Have you ever had a service company just show up at your door even though they told you someone would call first?

Have you ever had a co-worker promise they would get information to you but then drop the ball?

Have you ever asked a sales person to get back to you on a proposal but then they never did?

What was your impression of that company, co-worker, or sales person when they didn’t follow-through?

It probably wasn’t favorable. You realize that you can’t count on them to do what they say they’ll do.
Follow-through: an essential element to building your personal brand.
A brand carries with it the promise of expected benefits. Every time a promise is not delivered, the brand suffers.

Promises are easy to make, but not as easy to keep. But if you want to build trust, you have to make good on your promises.

“Say what you’ll do, then do what you say.” Author unknown
This separates people who achieve bigg things from people who don’t. Even if it’s just a little thing, you risk leaving the impression that you don’t follow through.

We often have the best of intentions, but it’s impossible to judge someone on their intentions. So we do the only thing we can do – we base our opinions of people on whether they deliver on their promises.

Be careful not to over-promise.

If we surprise someone, we should surprise them in a good way – by doing more than we say we’ll do. It’s not good to disappoint them by doing less than what we say … or not doing it at all.

Today’s bigg action item – Develop a system to record every promise you make.

Do whatever works for you, whether that is an old paper system or something using new technology.

One simple way to do this is Jott. Whenever you make a promise, just call and leave a message about what you need to do. Jott will send you an e-mail or text message reminder. That coupled with your personal calendar can keep you on track. Here’s the best part – Jott is a FREE service.

There are two keys to making any system like this work:

  • Budget a little extra time after each activity.
    This will allow you to write down or record anything you promised.
  • Make it a habit.
    Really focus on using your system every day for the next two weeks.

Or you could do what George does. Mary-Lynn reminds him of his promises. Speaking of which, he has to go pick up the dry cleaning that was ready last week!



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3 Action Items to Increase Your Productivity

In a new study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, a group of researchers surveyed 58 random people in a shopping mall. These researchers asked the participants to recall the decisions they had made that day. Then the researchers asked the participants to solve some simple math problems. They found that the more decisions a participants had made, the less likely they were to solve the problems.


There appears to be a price to making decisions – we become less productive as we make more decisions. And boy, do we have to make a lot of decisions today!

A six item grocery list
Picture yourself in a grocery store holding a list with six items – orange juice, bagels, Philadelphia cream cheese, Crest toothpaste, Coke, and lettuce.

In 1970, with that list you would have had a choice of 50 items. By 1998, you would need to filter through 250 different products just to get all the items on your list.

This comes from the spectacular book, Simplicity Marketing: End Brand Complexity, Clutter, and Confusion by Steven M. Cristol and Peter Sealey.

Think about it – that was 1998. Do you think it’s any better now?

3 bigg action items to simplify decision making

#1 – Make a list that’s specific.

So specific in fact, that you could send someone else and get exactly what you want. Studies show that people who shop with a list don’t buy as many impulse items so they tend to spend less money.

More importantly, it saves you time and mental fatigue as the studies showed.

#2 – Set a time limit when you’re making a major decision.

Before you begin doing research for a bigg decision, set a time limit. Once you’re satisfied with your findings or once you reach your time limit, make a decision.

As an example, we recently set up the web site for Bigg Studio, a sister company to Bigg Success, for audio production services. We needed to decide on the design for the site. There were an endless number of possibilities. We chose one that fit our criteria and moved on.

Here’s another tip that we love – get out your magic 8 ball. Ask it if you made the right decision. Look at its answer and see how you feel about it. This taps into your intuition about the decision which makes getting to the decision you’re most comfortable easier.

If you like this idea, here are a couple of links you might find helpful:

  • 400 Get Out Your Magic 8 Ball to Make Your Next Important Decision]
    This is one of our articles that explains why this works in more detail.

#3 – Become a partner in stress relief for the important people in your life.
Get to know the preferences of the people who depend on you, like your customers, your co-workers, your boss, and your significant other. Weed through all the options and present them with just a few.

The authors of Simplicity Marketing make the point that

“the next generation of positioning successes will belong to those brands that relieve customer stress.”

So there’s a significant opportunity in the future for people and companies who are able to simplify things. This applies not just to your company brand, but also to your personal brand.

This is one of the things we try to do here at Bigg Success. We try hard to sort through all the information out there and deliver to you those few things we’ve found to be the most important.

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