the number 5 created by legos for the post 5 elements of BIGG Success

The 5 Elements of Bigg Success

the number 5 created by legos for the post 5 elements of BIGG Success

Last time, we talked about how the words we use, the terms, can provide fuel for our bigg success. It’s all part of the definition of bigg success. Bigg success is life on your own terms.

As we conducted our research, we discovered five core elements that propel people to bigg success or that keep us from living our lives on our own terms.

The 5 elements are money, time, growth, work, and play.

They operate independently and interdependently all the time.


As we surveyed people, some of the issues regarding money were:

  • not making enough
  • spending too much
  • not saving enough
  • not knowing how to invest it


We can get more money, but we can’t get more time. So time is our most precious resource.

Some of the issues we’ve heard in regards to time include:

  • not knowing how to prioritize
  • being too stretched between work and home
  • wishing there was more time for a certain activity
  • a to-do list that just keeps growing


Growth is vital to becoming the entrepreneur of our own lives. As we talked about this with people, we found that fear often holds us back because bigg success often forces us out of our comfort zones.

We also heard about challenges with certain essential skills – not the type of skills we learn in school – but the soft skills that are crucial in the 21st century economy.


This is one of the most important decisions we make. Yet it’s definitely not a once-in-a-lifetime decision any longer. To be a bigg success, we must constantly evaluate our situation to see if a career change makes sense.

One of the most critical choices we make is whether we choose to work for ourselves or for someone else. We are the entrepreneurs of our own lives. But do you want to be an entrepreneur in the traditional sense of the term as well?

We obviously face a lot of challenges here as we learned from our research. Some examples:

  • How do I know if I need to change jobs or think about a career change?
  • Am I ready to start my own business?
  • What do I do if I’m really unhappy where I’m at?
  • How do I make money doing what I love?


Play helps us build vital relationships. It also provides the experiences that make our lives whole.

Many people don’t achieve bigg success quite simply because they don’t play enough! All work and no play, you know! It not only makes us dull, it dulls us.

Another challenge with play is finding time for just ourselves as individuals as well as the people that we care about.

You can’t have one without the other (four)

What we love about these five elements is how they work interdependently.

Money and time – the two resources we all have.

Work and play – the expressions of who we are.

Growth – the element that links it all together to drive us to bigg success.

We spend time at work to make money so we can afford to play. But if we spend too much time at work, we don’t have time to play! We may spend money to get more time, or we may have to spend more time doing something we’d rather not do because we don’t have the money. With a little growth, we could make that money so could spend more time doing what we want.

Back to the future

The idea behind these five elements and how they work together is the well from which we’ll be drawing for upcoming posts. We’ll focus on the challenges we all face and the opportunities we have to live life on our own terms.

So what does life on your own terms mean to you? What challenges are you facing right now in your quest for bigg success?  Tell us by sending a message.

We’ll take the most common challenges and do a show about them. We’ll also highlight how people are living life on their own terms.

So this is your opportunity to get in on the fun!

Thank you so much for checking in on us today.

Join us next time as we wrap up this series. We’ll discuss the bigg idea behind our definition for bigg success.

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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5 Questions for Job Seekers in 2009

By Bigg Success Staff


It would not be wise to base a career decision on a single year. However, if you’re looking for a job now or are considering a career change in 2009, you have to factor in the current conditions.
With that in mind, here are five questions to guide you through a career change now:

Is this career in an industry that is essential?

People will primarily spend money on necessities. Luxuries will be out the door for the most part. Even industries, that in past recessions have performed well, are predicting decreases in revenue. So think about what people have to buy.

For example, while there are reports of cutbacks by some healthcare institutions, most careers in health care should be relatively safe. New jobs in health care are driven by the aging population, and that will continue regardless of economic conditions.

Is it a cheaper substitute?

Consumers will be frugal in 2009 and perhaps beyond. So before you jump into an occupation, ask yourself if the service offers a cheaper substitute.

For instance, consumers will cut back on do-it-for-me and rely more on do-it-yourself. Finding a new job in a firm that helps consumers serve themselves may be more fruitful with most consumers pinching pennies.  

What’s the news?

When we think of 2008, words like “bailout”, “stock market crash”, and “credit crisis” come to mind. Think about the news this year for a hint of what will be hot next year.

As a case in point, careers that help individuals and companies wade through the financial and legal hurdles of their debt will likely be strong.

Is it a long-term trend?

Education is expected to remain strong, especially at the college level. In fact, enrollments are expected to rise, fueled by a large number of college-aged young people, increased desire to get a college degree, and more adults returning to school. Educational institutions are expected to hire to fill this demand by their patrons.

Expand your mind to the possibilities

You may be reading this article because you’re looking for a job right now. You may be considering a career change. In either case, before you do your own research, consider what the future holds.

We found a great article that discusses top careers in 2012. That’s not that far away, but some of these jobs sure do seem far out!

Oh, and now for the fifth question –

What career matches an opportunity with your passion and talents?

Some recommended reading on Bigg Success to help you find your passion and talents:

Your Personal SWOT Analysis (Part I)

Your Personal SWOT Analysis (Part 2)

Back to the Future: Visualizing the Life You Want (Part II)

Once you know the answer to this last question, you'll be on the right career track for you!


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What to Do if You’re Not Happy with Your Job

By 440 Wynn Bigg]
Bigg Success Contributor

Wynn Bigg Today

Daniel and Debra are two of my closest friends. My wife, Fanny, and I recently attended the wedding of their “little girl”, Denise. Only she isn’t so little any more … I know I’m biased, but she was a beautiful bride.

It was great to see old friends again and catch up with all their comings and goings. But it’s the conversation I had the day before the wedding that I wanted to talk about today.

Fanny and I got to Dan and Deb’s house early Thursday afternoon. Dan was out-of-town on business; he wasn’t expected in for about five hours. Fanny, Deb, and Denise went shopping to take care of some last-minute details before the bigg day.

That left Derek and me. Derek graduated from college about three years ago. I’ll never forget the look on his Dad’s face when Derek went up to get his diploma.

Derek went to work for a large company. He was so excited because they had selected him for the management fast-track. He would rotate through a number of divisions and assignments over the next few years.

Derek and I hadn’t seen much of each other since he started his job. It was a gorgeous day, so we sat down by the pool to catch up.

I said, “Geez, Derek, I can’t remember the last time we really got to talk.”

“Yeah, it’s been a few years, Uncle Wynn.” The kids called me “uncle”, although we weren’t actually related.

“So how have you been?”

“Doing pretty good.”

“How’s the job?”

“It’s going pretty well.”

“Is it everything you hoped it would be?”

“Well, I guess I’ve learned quite a bit.”

“I’m sensing that you’re not telling me something.”

“Well, I guess the job’s alright … it’s just not everything I had hoped for. I feel like I could be doing so much more.”

“Why do you feel that way?”

“I have friends who have done so much better.”

“But Derek, you can’t judge yourself by your friends.”

“I know, I know … but I’m nearing the end of their management program … I just don’t feel that there are any good opportunities for me.”

“Why is that?”

“Because they keep cutting back … they’re selling off the companies where I really wanted to go.” He squirmed in his chair, and tugged on his tee-shirt. “I guess, Uncle Wynn, I’m just not as happy in my job as I thought I would be,” he hesitated before continuing, “what do you do if you’re not happy doing what you’re doing?”

“Ah, that’s a good question, grasshopper! You know, I get asked a question like this a lot. It’s really a very simple answer … you have to either change the job or change jobs.”

“What do you mean … change the job?”

“Well … you’ve made an investment in your current job. So has your company. So it makes sense to first try to change it so that it makes you happy.”

“How do I do that?”

“First, decide what you want from your job. We make the best decisions we have with the information we have. But we’re constantly getting new information. When you took this job, you made the best decision you could. Now you know more about your company, there have been some changes, and most importantly, you know more about yourself. So what do you want now? That’s the first thing you have to do.”

“Okay, so what’s the second?”

“Talk to your supervisor, or your HR people. Tell them what you want to do … what you want from your job. See what options they may have.”

“And if they can’t come up with anything that fits, I’ll have to start looking for a different job.”

“That’s right, Derek … you either have to change the job you have or you have to change jobs. Because work is too bigg a part of your life to not be happy at work.”

“Wow, Uncle Wynn … that helps. I’ve really been stressing over this. Thanks for the advice!”

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