The Most Important Success Habit

an important habit for BIGG SuccessWay back in 1940, Albert E.N. Gray delivered an inspirational speech at the annual convention of the National Association of Life Underwriters (NALU).

It was met with such overwhelming enthusiasm that it was turned into a pamphlet.

We’ve summarized the main points of his 3,000 word essay here for you.

The most important habit

He notes that people came into the industry with “every apparent qualification for success.”

They turned out to be “our most disappointing failures.”

Others “achieved outstanding success in spite of many obvious and discouraging handicaps.”

He concludes, “The common denominator of success – the secret of success of every man who has ever been successful – lies in the fact that he formed the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.”

The primary difference between winners and losers

Why don’t all people do these things?
Because these activities are unnatural.
They make people uncomfortable.

So why do successful people do them? He notes the primary difference between those who succeed and those who fail:

“Successful men are influenced by the desire for pleasing results. Failures are influenced by the desire for pleasing methods and are inclined to be satisfied with such results as can be obtained by doing things they like to do.”

The underlying reason behind all great achievement

But we still haven’t gone far enough. We don’t have a motive.

What motivates high achievers?
A strong purpose.
A purpose that is practical, not visionary.
But one based on emotion, not logic.

A purpose built on adding value in the lives of others while creating value for yourself. That’s BIGG success!

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Be a Success in 5 Steps

The 5 step process to BIGG SuccessBIGG success is life on your own terms.

It’s a destination. But it’s also a journey.

It’s a result. And a system with five component processes.

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BIGG success comes to those who truly know themselves. It’s a discovery process that lasts a lifetime!

What are your passions? As you start to find the answers to that question, follow it up with a more important one:

Why? Ask why five times to get to the root of your passions.

But passion isn’t enough. You also need to understand your proficiencies.

This is where the “You Can Do Anything” mindset strays from reality if you want to be a BIGG success.

You have certain talents. You may not be destined to be the next superstar on stage, screen, field, or court.

But you may be the next superstar at something else if and only if you discover your natural gifts.

Of course, discovery is just one component part of the system.



BIGG success also requires matching. It’s great to know what your passions and proficiencies. But to reach BIGG success, you have to understand your role.

You are an entrepreneur. You may or may not be one with the traditional definition of the word, but you own a very special enterprise – your life.

You’re not just a brand manager. You’re not even just a CEO. You are the entrepreneur in charge. And as the entrepreneur, it’s up to you to find a market opportunity.

So you have to match your passions and proficiencies with people who benefit from them. This may be an employer. Or it may be customers. Or both! You can have freedom and security simultaneously.



Now that you’ve found an opportunity to utilize your passions and profiencies, it’s time to execute. Begin by building a plan.

You have your strengths. But are they developed enough?

Be careful before you answer yes. The difference between success and BIGG success is often a fine line.

Almost no one has sufficient natural talent to be a BIGG success. People who stand out study and practice and study and practice…

So part of your plan must include how you will develop your skills.

You also want to think about how you will let the world know. It won’t do you much good to be the best in the world at something if no one has ever heard of you.

But a plan by itself does you little good. You have to perform, to put your ideas into action. That’s where the learning really starts…



As you execute your plan, you will run full-speed ahead into obstacles. Some of them will seem insurmountable.

But you will find a way to get past them. And even more importantly, you will learn.

You will learn about yourself. You will learn about the market. You will learn about the opportunity. You will learn about your plan. And you will adapt.



As you adapt, you will transform. Ultimately, this is what BIGG success is really all about – transformative growth.

Growth – it’s one of the reasons for the second “g” in BIGG.

It’s the reason it’s so important to start today. As you grow, you will be able to conquer bigger and bigger goals. But it all starts today, right now.

Because this isn’t a serial process. You may loop back at any point in time as you gain new information. And you will grow some more.

BIGG success doesn’t come just because you want it.

You can’t say it and make it so.

All the affirmations in the world won’t get you there.

It will come when you discover what truly makes you unique. Then match that with the marketplace and get to work to get your taste of BIGG Success!

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4 Key Success Factors

key success factors for BIGG SuccessYou see some them in the movies. Others on the small screen.

You may watch them on stage. Or in the front of the room.

You can find them in offices. Or in front of a customer.

They are actors, speakers, leaders, managers, salespeople.
They are pros.

They make it look so easy. So easy that you think you can do it. And that’s where the problems begin.

Because you can’t.

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You can’t do it like they do it. You could, but you can’t. The difference in tense is important.

You can’t because they possess something you don’t. You always knew it, didn’t you?

You knew you were missing something. You knew you would catapult to the top if you just had it.

Only you didn’t really know what it was. That’s why you’re here today. We’re going to tell you.

What do the pros have that you don’t?

Factor 4: Skin in the game

We’re starting with the fourth factor, but not because we’re counting down. It’s just we know that we’ll eliminate a lot of wanna-be’s with this one. If you’re a gonna-be, keep reading.

The fourth key success factor is skin in the game. Investment. Sacrifice.

We’re not talking about just putting in time here. We’re talking hard work.

Not just today. Anybody can work up the resolve to push extra hard for one day.

You have to do it today and tomorrow. And the day after.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. That’s how you build the life of your dreams.

It won’t be easy. You will face adversity. You will be tempted to quit. But you must press on if you want to reach BIGG success.

You will be tempted by friends, family, and opportunities to do something more fun. To live in the moment. To be spontaneous.

All of these things have their place. But they can’t interfere with the work you must do. You have to learn to say “No.” You have to display your dedication.

So hard work is a key success factor. Only it isn’t enough by itself. If you’re still reading, you have what it takes.

Factor 1: Talent

What are you naturally good at? Note that we said “good” rather than “great.” Greatness comes with hard work. But you need a foundation to build upon. That’s where your natural talent comes in.

If you want to be a BIGG success, you have to find your talent. This is the nature side of the nature/nurture argument.

Sure, you can do anything you want. But do you want to be part of the crowd? Or do you want to be a BIGG success?

If it’s the latter, you have to start by discovering your unique gifts. Without this, all the hard work in the world won’t matter.

But it will probably take some hard work to find your talent. It’s a process. Be patient.

Factor 2: Opportunity

BIGG success is life on your own terms. It’s about taking control to design and build the life of your dreams.

It’s a matching process. You want to match your talent with a market opportunity.

Opportunities are all around you. The trick is finding the right opportunity for you. To do that, think like an entrepreneur. After all, you’re in charge of a very important enterprise – your life!

Great enterprises are built over time. There are few shortcuts. It will take hard work to find the right opportunity. But it will pay BIGG dividends!

Factor 3: Share your secret

You can work hard and go nowhere.
You can have all the talent in the world and nothing will happen.
You can find the perfect opportunity yet not succeed.

You have to let the world know. You have to get the word out. You have to reach out. You have to share your secret.

Let people know what you do. Tell people how you help people. Be proud enough to talk about what makes you unique.

Stand out. Reach out. It’s hard work, but it leads to BIGG success!

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What Won’t You Trade to Be a Success?

what won't you trade to be a BIGG SuccessBIGG success is life on your own terms. How cool is that? Your life, your terms.

But it isn’t a free lunch.

There’s a basic principle of negotiation – you get to set the price or the terms but not both. Unless you’re lucky enough to be negotiating with someone who doesn’t know better.

When it comes to life, most people choose to set the price. There are limits to what they will do to reach success at any level.

But you’re a BIGG goal-getter. So you set the terms, fully aware that BIGG success will set the price.

That’s why we talk about synergy – the BIGG idea behind BIGG success. You may not be able to have it all, but you can have more.

You can have more of what you want. You don’t have to accept conventional wisdom.

You can find ways to get areas of your life working together instead of at odds.

But there will still be trade-offs. BIGG success is about reaching your full potential.

It’s about feeling fulfilled when each day is done. And on this first Friday of a new year, we felt it was important to visit this subject of trade-offs.

What does life on your own terms mean to you? Think about it. Escape your current reality and dream BIGG.

Then bring yourself back to the real world. What are the trade-offs?

Sometimes we think we want something until we realize what it really means.

For example, how would you feel if you reached the heights of career success while your family felt neglected?

You are the entrepreneur of your life. You design and build the life of your dreams.

Make sure you clearly define what you really want, given the trade-offs, before you start designing and building.

Then you’ll create the life that fits you perfectly. That’s BIGG success!

What aren’t you willing to trade to be a BIGG success?

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How to Get the Recognition You Deserve

Get recognition for your BIGG SuccessShe had just successfully completed a BIGG project. She wasn’t sure how she would do. She did spectacularly. She felt even more spectacular!

About a year ago, she was offered the opportunity to chair a similar project. She was tentative. She wasn’t sure she could handle it.

She expressed her concerns to her boss. He told her not to worry about it. One of her co-workers chaired it.

But now she had successfully tackled a project of the same size and scope.

Wow, did it feel good!

Until she talked with her boss.

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Her boss didn’t say a word. No pat on the back. No good job. No anything.

She called it to his attention. It didn’t even seem like he heard her. He had other things on his mind.

She left his office discouraged. Understandably so. So what should she do? Here’s what we told her.

Resist the urge to personalize it

As cliché as it may sound, it’s not you; it’s him.

You did your job. He didn’t do his.

You capitalized on the opportunity. He missed the opportunity.

So don’t take it personally. Don’t allow yourself to think that he doesn’t like YOU. Or that he doesn’t have time for YOU.

This speculation will only make you more tentative in your future dealings with him. It almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So assume he treated you no differently than he would anyone else.

Call it to his attention

Don’t do this blatantly. But make sure you find a way to bring it up to him again.

Ideally, in writing – whether in the form of an e-mail or a printed document.

Look for spin-off successes from the project. Then let him know about it.

You may say something like, “We just did X thanks to the successful completion of the Y project on time and on budget. As the project chair, I’m delighted to see the continued impact this project is making in our company.”

By putting it in writing, you’ll have documentation at your next review. It also isn’t as easy to glance over. So it may be the prod he needs to give you the recognition you deserve.

Get your kicks elsewhere

It may just be that your boss isn’t the kind of person who ever gives out any recognition anywhere. You may need to get it somewhere else.

Do you have a blog?
Could you do a case study?
Would anyone in your industry be interested in learning how you did it?
Could you do a presentation about it at an industry conference?

It may not be the project itself. It may be how you managed it. It may be some unique challenge you overcame.

Find a reason to call attention to yourself. Sometimes, if you want it done, you just have to do it yourself. And it leads to BIGG success!

What’s your advice for getting the recognition you deserve?

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