image of a map for the blog post see the world while you work

Leaping From Place To Place: See The World While You Work

image of a map for the blog post see the world while you work

Many people telecommute – they work at home, instead of driving to an office every day. Now a growing number realize that “home base” can be anywhere in the world with the right technology! Think of them as “extreme telecommuters”! How can you see the world while you work? Find out in the summary of this podcast episode.

On The Bigg Success Show today, we were honored to talk with Carmen Bolanos. She is an executive coach and the founder of – the place for people who live and work remotely. Carmen travels with her family for several months each year, while working her coaching business. She also contributed to the book, Quit Dreaming and Go.

Here are some of the highlights from the show:

George: Obviously, some occupations work better than others. You’re an executive coach. What characteristics of coaching make it ideally suited for working remotely?

Carmen: A lot of coaches work by telephone already; that’s one of the reasons I got into coaching. The telephone makes us mobile. We meet with our clients by telephone and use the internet between calls. So we can work wherever we want, whenever we want.

Mary-Lynn: Have you ever been somewhere where the call wouldn’t go through or you couldn’t get online? How do you know before you go that your location will support your biz?

Carmen: The funny thing is every call I’ve lost has been in my home in Austin, Texas. You have to do your homework upfront. Find out what internet access you’ll have. What is the phone access? Be prepared before you leave to work with whatever you have available.

Mary-Lynn: So on your site,, is there a place where you can do some research like that?

Carmen: Yes, we’re developing destination pages. I think we have eight right now for the most visited countries. We talk about internet access, phone company service, mobile phone service, and how to get SIM cards specific for the country you’re visiting.

George: What are some of the most popular destinations?

Carmen: It depends on what you’re trying to do. Some of the most popular destinations for travel are the traditional ones – France, Italy, and Spain. But if you want to lower your cost of living for the long haul, Asia and South America are good choices. Thailand is very popular.

George: In the States, we’re facing a recession and higher energy prices, which is putting a damper on travel in general. Has that had any effect on the NuNomad lifestyle?

Carmen: As prices go up, people are thinking twice about everything they do, including travel. They’re more careful about where they go. You can offset a lot of your costs by choosing a destination where the costs of living are low.

Live like a local person, instead of a tourist. If you’re a homeowner, look into home trading. If you’re not, look into house sitting opportunities. You can also stay in one destination longer as opposed to moving frequently.

Mary-Lynn: That’s just like home ownership here! So Carmen, how do I get started as a NuNomad?

Carmen:  The advice is like that for any business owner in any business.

First, you have to develop your business to the point of stability. You want to have a stable income, a stable cache of clients, and a good word-of-mouth referral system.

After that, look into how you break the chain – from your brick-and-mortar office to a mobile office. Move from a desktop to a laptop. Understand the technology available like Skype, and other technology that allows you to back-up and view your computer remotely.

The last thing is to start shedding your life of things that might keep you trapped. This includes things like clients who insist on meeting face-to-face, heavy debt, and pets that need a lot of care.

We hear there are more tips in the book, so check it out!

Our bigg quote today is by William Bolitho, who must have been thinking of his childhood and a little red wagon when he said this,

“Adventure must start with running away from home.”

So run away to your home office and see the world while you work!

On our next blog, we’ll talk about bridging the generation gap. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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6 Easy Steps To Financial Freedom

By Bigg Success Staff

Bigg On Money


It’s easier than you might think to accumulate a nest egg. However, it’s becomes more difficult every day. That’s because time is on your side, when it comes to money.

Let’s say you want at least $1 million when you retire at 65. We know … you want to retire earlier than that. We’re glad to hear it! But keep reading our example so you understand the point. It’s important!

At 25, all you need to do is invest $10 a day to reach that goal. If you wait ten years to start, you’ll have to set aside $22 a day. So our point is …

Start today!

Here’s how to retire earlier – if you’re 25 and you want to retire at 55, just find $22 a day to invest. But no matter how old you are, get started right away!

In the above example, we assumed you could earn 8 percent on your investments. If you can earn more, you could retire earlier. But be careful – increased returns usually carry higher risks.

Before we get started on the steps, there’s one thing we want to talk about. It’s important that you have a well-defined goal. For example, our goal above was to accumulate $1 million.

Want some help writing a well-defined goal?

Our Bigg Goal-Setters Workbook is your answer!
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At Bigg Success, we think about this way –

Your money makes money so you don’t have to.
Then you’re free to do what you want.

How much will that take for you? That’s your goal! Now, let’s talk about the six steps to get there.

#1 – Automatically pay yourself first.
Many people are confused by this concept. Of course, you pay yourself first, right? After all, your money is yours to do with as you please. However, they miss the point – at the end of the month, they have nothing left! Pay for your future just like you pay for every other bill.

Set up an automatic deduction from your paycheck or your bank account. People report that if they don’t see the money, they don’t miss it! This is the most critical step because it gets everything started. Don’t stop until you reach your goal.

#2 – Purchase with purpose.
We all make many spending choices every day. Do you really need that plasma TV now, or could you wait awhile? If you don’t have the cash, don’t spend it. Also, look at the annual effect of your daily decisions (e.g. coffee or lunch out every day).

Can you find a way to save an extra $10 every day? As we’ve already seen, that can turn into $1 million in 40 years. As you see your accounts grow, you’ll be inspired to keep going.

Keep your financial goals fixed clearly in your mind. 11 Picture yourself free of all financial worries]. That helps you make the best choices today. See our blog on 150] for more tips.

#3 – Own your own home.
We can make a good case for renting. Research shows that you’re better off “renting and investing” than owning your own home. However, most renters never get to the second half of that phrase.

That’s one of the reasons why the net worth of homeowners is so much greater than that of renters. Owning your own home forces you to save money. It’s very much related to the first step.

Don’t be “house-poor” – it’s not that good of an investment! Find a house that meets your needs. You can always trade up when you don’t have to worry about money anymore!

#4 – Pay off debt.
You’ve probably heard people say, “I want to buy a house because renting is just throwing money away.” Why are we so opposed to “throwing money away” to our landlord, but we think nothing of throwing it away to our banker or credit card company?

After all, the interest they charge is a rental fee on the money you’re using. There’s no difference! So pay off your debt so you stop paying interest.

Start with one obligation, like the one with the highest interest rate. Pay it off. Take the payment you’ve been making on that and add it to another one. Pay that one off. Eventually you’re debt-free! Don’t stop! Keep making those payments – to yourself! It will jump start your future! That’s another secret to reaching your goal early!

#5 – Invest wisely.
A lot of people don’t accept enough risk. If you invest too conservatively, it’s hard to reach your goal. There’s a basic financial principle – increased risk deserves increased rewards.

But here’s the secret – time takes away much of the risk. If you’re investing money that you don’t need for five years your risk is generally less than if you need it in one year.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The easiest way to do this is to invest in a no-load mutual fund balanced for people in your age bracket. Don’t touch this money until you’ve reached your goal.

#6 – Prepare for the unexpected.
Here’s what you can expect – you will face some obstacles on the way to your financial freedom. Prepare for them. Make sure you’re insured properly, including disability insurance.

Stash away an emergency cash reserve. Most experts recommend that you have three to six months of living expenses in an account for unexpected events. If you have equity in your own home, you may be able to establish a home equity line-of-credit to cover these emergencies. Then you can invest the money you have kept in reserve.

You won’t get rich quick with these six steps. However, they will put you on the road to financial freedom. Enjoy the trip!

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The Magical Word That Helps Balance Your Life

By Bigg Success Staff

Work-Life Balance

little magicians

If you want something done, recruit a busy person to do it. That’s advice with which we’re all familiar. Busy people are able to juggle a number of things at once. They are well-organized personally so they do what they say they’ll do. They are thorough so you don’t have to worry about something being overlooked.

The problem is this: because they become known as the go-to guy or gal, everyone goes to them. At first, it’s flattering, but at some point, they become overwhelmed.

As a bigg goal-getter, you’re probably all too familiar with that scenario. You’re one of those busy people to whom everyone goes. You’re so busy doing that you have no time for being. You don’t have time for “you”.

Like a magician in a straight-jacket, you’re so tied up you can barely move. So we want to share a secret with you – the one word that insures that you spend your time how you want. That magical word is ….

… “no”.

Learn to say “no” and you’ll get more out of your life. That sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Here’s why it works:

Think bigg passion.
11 First, think about what you want out of your life]. Knowing this makes your choices much easier. If the opportunity before you doesn’t help you get closer to your dream, then just say “no.”

Think bigg purpose.
Next, think about 62 what’s most important to you]. How does this request stack up? What else could you do at that time? Have you recently done something similar to this? If so, maybe you should spend this time on something else. Answer these questions and you may just say “no.”

Think bigg growth.
As a go-getter, you want new challenges. You understand that pushing yourself to your limits helps you grow personally. Look for opportunities that provide that to you. Say “no” when the opportunity before you doesn’t provide that. Put another way, if you’ll be doing something you’ve done before, just say “no!”

Think bigg impact.
You’re in demand professionally and personally. Everyone needs you – family, friends, co-workers, fellow volunteers, and more. Don’t you feel special? Probably not! It’s more likely that you’re frustrated because you can’t clone yourself! Think about the difference you’ll make is you say “yes.” If doing something else will make a bigger impact, just say “no.”

So the next time you’re faced with an opportunity, pull these four points out of your magician’s hat! Sometimes saying “no” is the best thing you can do – for you and all those you touch. You’ll do better when you do say “yes” and you’ll feel more fulfilled as you live your bigg passion with purpose!

Hear today's lesson and laugh on The Bigg Success Show. 

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(Image of litle magicians by Mikto&Teukka, CC 2.0)

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Out With The Old, In With The New Year

By Bigg Success Staff

Life Changes


It’s part of the cycle of life – one year winds down as another one revs up. It’s an exciting time of year. We get a fresh start. Another chance.

To make the most of the New Year, take some time now to reflect. That’s a common phrase with an uncommon challenge.

To reflect is to carefully consider. As the year nears completion, here are some things upon which you might reflect.

Reflect upon the past year
One definition of reflection is a careful reconsideration of past choices, actions, and events. Think about the past year. What decisions made the greatest impact on your life? What lessons can you take away from that?

Think about the people in your life. Your family. Old friends. New friends. Co-workers. What will you do next year to strengthen your relationships? How will you meet new people?

Think about the places in your life. Your work. Your home. Your community. What did you do to improve these places this year?

When were you happiest? How can you incorporate more moments like that this year? What made you sad? Was it something you could control? Is there a lesson to bring to the coming year?

Are you proud of what you accomplished this year? As you think about it, what was your greatest triumph? What lessons can you learn from that? What was your biggest disappointment? What did it teach you?

Are you a better person now than you were at the beginning of the year? If so, congratulations! Take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back. If not, why not? What will you do next year to make sure that you grow?

Reflect upon the coming year
Another definition of reflection is an idea that results from careful consideration. What bigg ideas do you have? What are you doing about them?

What thoughts flow from the lessons you learned last year? What are you doing with your newfound knowledge?

What are your goals for this year? How will you track them to be sure you’re on track? How do these goals fit your long-term vision for yourself?

What will you do to feed your mind and your spirit? Besides checking out Bigg Success regularly, of course!

How do you plan to maintain balance in your life? What will you give to those you care about? How will you advance in your career? What will you do for an escape? When will you do that?

How will you define success on December 31 of next year? What will you do to make that happen? Answer that question, work your answer, and you’re sure to be a bigg success next year!

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Return To Sender

Today’s title is inspired by all of the thousands of people who are returning Christmas presents. Who you choose to associate with is one of the most important choices you make. Each person has his or her own personality.

And with those personalities goes certain traits – things they may say or do. Some things they say or do will be helpful. Others are harmful so you should mentally say to yourself – “No thanks, return to sender.”

  • When someone discourages you from pursuing your dreams, ask yourself, “Are they qualified?” If the answer is no, then just say to yourself, “No thanks!”
  • Dream busters, often family and close friends, tell you why your dream won’t work. Their intentions are usually honorable, but you still want to beware. They may discourage because they would be afraid to do it themselves. Or maybe they’re worried that you’ll be more successful than them.

    You should accept critical advice from people who know – experts in your chosen area. People who’ve achieved what you’re trying to do.

  • When someone tries to make you unhappy because they’re unhappy, just say to yourself, “No thanks!”
  • Negative Neds or Nellies are complainers, not doers. They focus on problems, not solutions. It seems that they’re only happy when they’re unhappy. They are major downers – negative forces that hold you back.

    If you’re the “glass-is-half-full” type, there’s nothing wrong with getting opinions from a “half-empty” person. But make sure everyone you associate with is a problem-solver, not just a problem-finder. Problems are easy to find; what’s difficult is determining the right solutions.

  • When someone tries to waste your time with endless conversation that has no substances, just say to yourself “No thanks!”
  • Energy zappers don’t respect your time. They go on and on and on and on … oops, sorry, just making the point! They take and take and take and take … okay, you’ve got the idea now! They will suck you dry and then move on. Let them!

    You want to associate with people who lift you up. Who inspire you. People like you. They’re going somewhere. They’ve done something with their lives.

Our quote today is by the Spanish author, Miguel de Cervantes.

“Tell me what company you keep and I’ll tell you what you are.”

Or as the old saying goes … you won’t fly with eagles if you hang out with turkeys!

Next time, we’ll talk about how to be a goal-getter, not just a goal-setter. Great advice for making, and keeping, your New Year’s resolutions from Ben Franklin.

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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