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Set Expectations to Be a Success

setting expectations | BIGG SuccessSometimes, some customers expect too much.

So do bosses, spouses, kids, parents, family members, friends and anyone else you have a relationship with.

Why do they expect too much?

We hate to do this. It’s something we rarely do. But we feel it’s necessary in this case. Before we try to fix the problem, let’s fix the blame.

It’s your fault!

You’re the reason they expect so much.

Before you get defensive, take comfort in this. We’re in the same boat as you are; it’s our fault with the people in our world.

What have we all done wrong? In most cases, it’s a communications problem. And a timing issue.

Let’s think about an example. A customer hires you to do a project. You’re excited to have the work. It will be great to get paid.

So you jump in and get started. You get it done. But the customer is far from thrilled. In fact, they’re unhappy.

They said they expected Y. You only delivered X.

You knew upfront that you were only going to deliver X. You didn’t price the job to provide Y.

But you never told the customer.

There’s the communication problem. Of course, you could tell the customer now. But that’s where the timing issue comes in.

Now, anything you say will sound like an excuse. And relationships aren’t built on excuses.

So what can you do?

In this case, we would eat the extra costs and deliver Y. But we would take a lesson away so we get a return on this unfortunate investment.

What’s the lesson?

You must communicate upfront if you want to manage expectations. Before you start a task, a project or a relationship, everything is open for discussion.

But expectations are being set based on those discussions.

When you tell a customer what you can’t do upfront, it’s an explanation. After the fact, it’s an excuse.

Set expectations upfront so you don’t have to make excuses. It leads to BIGG success!

How do you manage expectations?

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Do You Treat Your Customers Like a Lover or a Spouse?

abandoned loveHe stood at the bar, surrounded by people…yet all alone.

Music. Talk. Laughter. A blender. Noise. He was aware of them all but his thoughts were even louder.

Why did she leave me? Why doesn’t she love me anymore?

She used to be his biggest fan. She used to tell him so.

And she never stopped telling others how much she loved him. She said so…on Facebook and Twitter and in real life.

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When they first got together, people said they were a perfect match. He looked out for her needs. He took care of her. His passion was visible to everyone.

But over time, he began to take her for granted. He thought she would always stick with him. She would always be a fan.

She would catch him looking at others. At first it was just a glance. But the glances showed more interest as time went by. He didn’t think she noticed; he was wrong.

She also noticed that he didn’t look out for her like he used to. He just didn’t seem to care as much.

The passion was gone. But she wondered if he still loved her.

He seemed more distant. It seemed like he found others more interesting than her.

It used to be just the opposite. No one was like her. He was devoted to her. But now it had come to this.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She left him.

She started buying from his competitor.

His competitor shows the same kind of passion for her that he used to show. She hopes this relationship lasts.

It’s complicated…but if it works out, she’ll talk about him on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else she can.

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Successful Entrepreneurs Win with Kindness

random acts of kindnessOne of our Facebook friends, Alex Blackwell, is the person behind The Bridgemaker blog. He launched an interesting project today: 31 days of kindness.

It’s a great post. He talks the BIGG difference that kindness has made in his life. So he’s encouraging all of us to make kindness a daily habit.

Listen to this post on The BIGG Success Show podcast:

Since we think we could use a little more kindness in the world, we thought we’d chime in.

Kindness is contagious

Researchers have found that kindness is contagious. It makes us feel good to see someone helping another person. It makes us want to do the same thing.

Kindness accumulates happiness

Another study shows that there is a link between kindness and happiness. Happier people tend to be more kind. Kindness leads to more happiness. So happy people become even happier by being kind. Kindness accumulates happiness!

Successful entrepreneurs win with kindness

Many potential entrepreneurs make a critical mistake: they think about their own gain. It kills the business.

Successful entrepreneurs think about helping a group of people (i.e. their customers) solve a problem. Then they kill them with kindness to keep them coming back again and again. Repeat business leads to BIGG success!

So, at its essence, entrepreneurship is about kindness – creating value for yourself by adding value in the lives of other people. If kindness is contagious, maybe entrepreneurship is as well!

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Why Entrepreneurs Get Ripped Off

ripped offWe got an e-mail recently. It promised us that we could make over $1,000,000 within the next 90 days by blogging.

Well, hey, we blog already … so why not? However, we were skeptical.

A very small amount of due diligence revealed a tremendous number of people unhappy with this service. It’s the wonderful thing about public customer service.

There is one underlying reason so many entrepreneurs-to-be get ripped off:

They are ruled by their emotions.

So they get caught up in the hype. Not because they’re gullible. Not because they’re lazy. Because they want to believe it.

We would all like to believe it. Because we would all like it to be true.

But it almost never is. Almost nobody gets rich quick. Lottery winners are an exception and it usually doesn’t turn out so well, even in that case.

Nobody has a proven way to easy riches. With scams, the only person who usually gets rich is the person running the scam. And they work pretty hard at separating you from your money.

So do the due diligence that’s required. Do a search with the name of the product or company followed by the word “scam” (e.g. get rich quick scam). And check out Ripoff Report.

Emotions are important in business, but logic needs to rule at the moment of decision.

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What Makes a Career Honorable?

career stepsIt was 3 o’clock in the morning. An Assistant Manager at a McDonald’s, a seven-year veteran, was running the shift.

The dining room had closed, but the drive-thru was still open. She noticed a man standing at the drive-thru window. He asked to use the bathroom.

She paused for a second, because company policy states that no customers are allowed in after closing. Then she recognized the man – it was Adrian Peterson, star running back of the Minnesota Vikings.

She let him in. When her boss found out about the incident, she was fired.

She said, “I never thought in a million years that that decision was going to cost me my career.” The good news is that, after a public outcry, she was rehired.  Source of this story: The Consumerist




Who are they to say?
The reason we’re talking about this today is because of some of the comments people made about her quote.

The general theme goes like this:
What career?
Working at McDonald’s (or any other restaurant … or in retail … or any number of other occupations) isn’t a career.

And here’s our response:
Says who?
Who determines which careers are honorable and which aren’t?
What criteria are used to make these judgments?

This woman had worked for the same company for seven years. We don’t know this, but this may have been her first job. She may have performed well and got promoted to management.

As we said, we don’t know … but neither do the people who have made comments denigrating her career.

If it makes her happy, if she feels fulfilled by the work, who are “they” to say it’s not honorable?

BIGG success is life on your own terms. One of the five elements of BIGG success is work.

What makes the work you do honorable?

If you love what you do, give it your all. Even if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing right now, even if your current job is a stepping stone, enjoy it and put everything you have into it while you’re at work.

We’ll close with a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King. A BIGG thanks to our friend, Jim Bouchard, who shared this quote on a recent post on his blog:

“No work is insignificant. If a man is called a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”

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