Are You Giving Away Your Power? Take Control!

Tutors on TVIt’s time for another installment of Tutors on TV. We caught a rerun of 3rd Rock from the Sun the other night. Dick Solomon (played by John Lithgow) was being bullied by a cashier.

She was charging him for crackers. Just him – no one else had to pay for them. Dick was tormented.

Mary Albright (Jane Curtain), his colleague and girlfriend, told him he needed to take a stand. She said:

“You’re giving her power. You have to take control.”

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How could Dick take control? By not letting the cashier’s actions bother him.

That’s exactly what he did. And it worked!

To whom are you giving power? Take control!

BIGG success is life on your own terms. It’s about entrepreneuring your life – taking control to design and build the life that fits you perfectly.

You own your life! You’re the entrepreneur in charge of this most valuable enterprise – your life. Entrepreneurs focus on what they can control.

Own your response

You can’t control other people. However, you are in full control of your response to them.

Like Dick, you may run into a bully now and then. Notice how Dick took control back – he accepted his lack of control over the cashier and focused on what he could control – his response.

He owned his response! You always own your response. Sometimes we delegate its management to others. You’ll never feel happiness letting others manage your response. Take control back!

Own your emotions

Dick let the cashier rule. He answered to her. She pulled his strings like a puppeteer.

Mary helped him realize he needed to take control of his emotions. He cut the strings so she had no power over him.

Own your decisions

A lot of decisions are never made. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Yet it’s true. Dick didn’t actively decide to give the cashier control over him. But it didn’t just happen; he let it happen.

Own your decisions. Be present in the present moment so you can own your emotions and own your response. It leads to BIGG success!

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Why Your Partner Must be Two Faced

two_facesBigg Success is two years old today! What a two years it has been!

Over the past two years, you’ve given us two thumbs up in so many ways. You’ve made us one of the regularly featured business career podcasts in iTunes. You’ve helped us grow the number of people who visit our site every day.



Bigg Success is not a two-seater. We love to hear from you. We’re so happy that you’ve been here to share your thoughts with us over the past two years.

Because it takes two to tango. We couldn’t do this if it weren’t for you. We thank you so much for all your support.

Bigg success is life on your own terms. It’s two for the price of one here. We feel so fortunate to be able to work together. That’s life on our own terms!

Now on to the topic of today’s post.

There’s a two-step in selecting your partner or partners. We got lucky on this one, even though we had two left feet! It naturally happened for us.

But don’t follow our lead. You probably want to be more intentional. There’s a dichotomy at play – your partnership must be two-faced.

The first face: You and any partner should be like two peas in a pod.
Partners must share the same vision and values or they will constantly be at odds with each other. For example, business partners must agree on whether you’re in business to create current income or to build long-term wealth. Your strategies will be quite different with these two different visions of success.

You also have to share core values. You will face some tough decisions on the path to bigg success. Partners with different core values may respond differently.

The second face: Two heads are better than one.

It’s important to have a shared vision. It’s important to have the same core values. However, if you share too many characteristics, your partnership will likely fail.

You want a partner with complementary skills. If you both have the same talents and strengths, you would probably be better off with a different partner. There won’t be much synergy in your relationship.

You also want a partner with a different point-of-view. You want someone who takes a different approach. Otherwise, neither of you gets a critical review of your ideas. You needlessly waste time and money because your bad ideas don’t get filtered out before you take action on them.

We think these principles apply to any partnership.

You can extend it as far as you want. It may apply to your partner in life, a partner in business, key employees or a joint venture partner on a specific project.
The key to building partnerships that aren’t two-dimensional is to understand this dichotomy when you select a partner. It’s critical for creating synergy which multiplies your results more than two-fold.

Get this right and you’ll get two tickets to paradise … partnership paradise, that is. And that’s bigg success!

Put in your two cents worth anytime. Review our show in iTunes. Leave a comment. E-mail us at Call us at 888.455.BIGG (2444). However, whatever, wherever or whenever … we love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for reading our post today. Please join us next time when we look at a killer combination – that’s two things – that lead to bigg success! Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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Quirks that Cost us Time

time.jpgBigg success is life on your own terms. The five elements of bigg success are money, time, growth, work and play. Today we want to focus on time.

Quirks. Call them peculiarities, idiosyncracies, habits, oddities, eccentricities …

Okay, we’ll end our tour of the Thesaurus!



We all have quirks which, to some extent, make us who we are. But some of them get in the way of our bigg success. There’s way too many to cover in a short post, so we’ll discuss a few quirks that perfectionists sometimes exhibit.


georgeAh … perfectionism. I have to admit to falling into this one, but I get it honestly – my Dad was a perfectionist. To this day, I have to fight the urge to get it perfect. It’s too high of a standard for most of the things we do. We’re only human; we need to accept it.


The Compulsive Cleaning Quirk


marylynnSomething that goes along with perfectionism is being obsessive about something. For example – the Compulsive Cleaning Quirk. No one could accuse me of this. Maybe the Compulsive Picking Up for the Cleaning Person quirk!


We’re told from the time we’re kids that cleanliness is next to godliness. So Compulsive Cleaners clean … and clean … and clean. And they pick up … and pick up … and pick up. Obviously, clean and tidy are good things but there are limits. This quirk sweeps away your valuable time.

The Infomaniac Quirk


georgeThis is a quirk I constantly fight. It’s the need to have all the information before you get started. News flash – it’s impossible! There’s just too much information available. There are too many options these days. This quirk deletes your productive time.


The Minutiae Quirk


marylynnPeople who fall into this trap get caught up in all the little details and lose sight of the bigg picture. It’s important not to get mired down in the bits and pieces and lose track of the cohesive whole. This quirk turns your activities into trivial pursuits.


Perfectionism can hurt our productivity. So when you feel your quirkiness coming out, here are some little things that make a bigg difference:

Strive for excellence, not perfection.


marylynnPerfectionists aren’t going to settle for anything less than stellar. You will still put out a high quality product or service, but remind yourself that you don’t have to get it perfect.



georgeEven though my Dad was a perfectionist, he had this saying, “It’s good enough for who it’s for.” Of course, he usually said this when he was working on a project for himself! Remind yourself that sometimes good enough is good enough.


Know when to say “when”

Give yourself a deadline – be it thirty minutes or thirty days – to accomplish something. This will help you focus on moving ahead without getting caught up in trying to make something perfect.

Make a decision

Take comfort in the amount of information you have. Remind yourself that you can adapt as new information hits your radar.

Remind yourself that “the devil is in the details” but the destination is the direction. Don’t just begin with the end in mind as Stephen Covey taught us; keep the end in mind. Everything should move you closer to your destination.

A law and a question

The law of diminishing returns underlies this whole discussion. You reach a point where it’s just not worth your time to do anymore.

So how do you know when you’ve reached that point? Ask yourself about materiality.

If you press on, what material difference will you make to the finished product?

If it’s material, press on. If not, move on. It’s a key to bigg success.

Have you battled perfectionism? What have you done to get past it? Share that with us by leaving a comment below, calling us at 888.455.BIGG (2444) or e-mailing us at

We think it’s just perfect that you read our post today. Thank you so much!


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Frank Sinatra did it “his way.” Please join us next time when we’ll talk about why Frank wouldn’t make it today. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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Opportunity is Like a Flower

flower_tulip.jpgWe’ve all seen it. A prodigy comes along. We’re in awe of his or her talent. It just seems so natural. Yet before long, their flame burns out.

Many reasons have been cited for this. We think that among those reasons, an important principle is highlighted …



Our choices lead to bigg success.

They are way more important than any innate ability we may have. One of the biggest obstacles is not making a choice at all – indecision.

What causes indecision?


Fear of not knowing enough. Fear of failure. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of standing out. Fear of making a mistake.

How do you overcome it?

Make a decision! Any Decision.

Like every other skill, it’s acquired.

Decide what you’re doing for lunch. Decide what you’ll wear. Decide what you’ll do this weekend.

You get the idea. These decisions have little consequence. So why spend too much time fretting over them?

However, some choices can be difficult. For example: choosing to change careers, start a business, get married, or start a family.

If you think about it, not making a decision is a decision in itself!

Is it the choice you really want? Are you willing to bear the consequences?

Putting off a decision may hold you back or even worse. Indecision may lead to the failure that is feared.

Having it all yet having nothing


georgeWe talked with one of my former students recently. He and some friends have a great idea for a business.



marylynnThese guys really impressed me. They had done their research. They asked us a lot of questions. Then they went back and did even more research. They’ve proven out the opportunity. Obviously, there are no guarantees but they seem to have an idea that could make money. They have it all, but yet they have nothing!



georgeAs I talked to my former student, he told me how much they love this idea. But for some reason, they just can’t pull the trigger – they’re just not willing to start.



marylynnI think this happens with a lot of people. You know, George, think about how long it took us to think of our idea for Bigg Success and actually launch it. But we did start – it’s easy to analyze and analyze and analyze and never get to actually launching.


The biggest regret

By postponing indefinitely, you never really know what could have happened. Which reminds me of a quote by John Greenleaf Whittier:

“Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these – it might have been.”

At some point, your fear of not knowing overcomes your fear of failure. It drives you crazy inside. You have to do it because you can’t accept not trying. So you make the decision to go.

Falling in love with an idea

The danger in not launching is that you fall in love with the idea. You build up these romantic visions in your head.

But you never ask it out for a date!

Is that fear of commitment? We say that with our tongues planted firmly in our cheeks!

When you postpone, competition may enter. The market may change. The opportunity may pass.

But you don’t notice it. You’re still in love with the idea of the business.

Opportunity is like a flower that buds and blooms before it wilts. You must be ready to make a decision when your bigg opportunity presents itself.

How do you overcome indecision?

Share that with us by leaving a comment below, calling us at 888.455.BIGG or sending us an e-mail at

Thanks so much for reading our post today.


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Please join us next time when we’ll talk about clowning achievements. That’s not a typo!

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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It’s Your Choice

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What the Car You Drive Says About You

porsche_cake.jpg It’s not what you make that really counts; it’s how much you keep. We base that on studies that show how millionaires became millionaires. Sure, they’re always trying to earn more, but they really watch what they spend. That’s one of their secrets to success in many cases.



Only you know your terms

We were recently at a birthday party for our friend, Tim. His wife had a really cool cake for him. It’s the picture you see with this post.

We were talking with Tim about his Porsche. He’s one of our regulars here at BIGG Success and he commented about how we’re always talking about frugality. A Porsche may not be consistent with that mindset.

But BIGG success is life on your own terms. If your terms include having a Porsche parked in the garage, then more power to you!


georgeThat’s one of the things we love about our definition of bigg success – it’s not judgmental. I can’t tell you what’s best for you. Just like you don’t know what’s right for me. Heck, sometimes I don’t even know what’s right for me!



marylynnThat’s the beauty of life on your own terms. When you’re living it, you don’t judge other people because you think, “Oh, that’s life on their own terms.”


We try to report what works – what research shows helps you get to that next level of success in your life. But we can’t tell anyone what the right choice is for them. You decide because you’re the one who lives with it.

We hope we provide some additional insight to help you with your decisions, but ultimately you’re the entrepreneur of your life. You’re in charge.

Your car is an expression

Read more