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Is Hibernation a Key to Success?

Take time away to hibernate for BIGG SuccessDo you hibernate? Not like bears do. We don’t mean being holed up for the whole winter, sleeping the days away.

We mean occasional time away from the world. It may be an evening, a weekend, or a long weekend.


Hibernate at home

You could go away. Sometimes that’s just the ticket.

But why go to all the hassle? Hibernate at home.

Just get home, change into some comfy clothes, kick your feet up, and relax.


Hibernate with loved ones

Hibernate with your spouse or significant other. Hibernate with your nuclear family, if you have kids. But don’t neglect time with just your lover.

Don’t do a lot. Order delivery. Or get some appetizer-type foods or other finger foods that can be made in a flash with little effort.

Play games. Watch movies. Make some popcorn.

Above all, have fun, even if that means doing nothing. Rest. Relax. Doing nothing is not a waste of time.


Hibernate alone

Don’t make the mistake of not devoting some time to hibernate alone. Make time for yourself.

You need time to decompress. You need time to think. Fantasize a little. Escape. When you come back to reality, you can take these BIGG dreams and create an action plan.

But first, you need to just let your mind wander to destinations you don’t often visit. Because that’s where you will often find your BIGG ideas.


Hibernate in public

There are things you do in private that you can’t do in public. Well, at least not without getting arrested!

But you can hibernate in public without drawing the attention of the police. While hibernating in private is preferable to be sure, you can escape for a short time with other people around.

So when you feel like you need a break, hibernate mentally even if you can’t do it physically. Spend a few minutes in the recesses of your mind.


Don’t hibernate too much

Hibernation is a wonderful thing. However, you can overdo it. That’s why we defined it as “occasional time away.”

There are other relationships which must be maintained. You have to face the real world. You have to find your next dinner.

So you can hibernate again. It’s a key to success. To BIGG success, even!

Do you hibernate?

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4 Keys to the Life of Your Dreams

keys to your dream life | BIGG SuccessWe recently saw the movie, How Do You Know. We give it two BIGG thumbs up.

In case you haven’t seen it, Lisa (played by Reese Witherspoon) is a jock. She’s been a softball star her whole life.

However, now she’s struggling to keep up with the younger players. She doesn’t make the cut for the USA softball team.

In trying to find herself, she decides to see a psychiatrist. After all, she reasons, insurance pays for six sessions.

But she’s not comfortable being there. She leaves within minutes. She comes back.

The first two keys

The psychiatrist (played by Tony Shalhoub, one of our all-time favorites) gives her the two key things to life:

Figure out what you want.
Figure out who to ask for it.

We agree with the first one. But we don’t agree with the second. We think it should be:

Figure out how to get it.

“Who to ask” may be part of it, but it will only be a small part. We suspect this advice comes from the old saying, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.”

But that doesn’t work anymore (if it ever did). It may get you in the door. But it isn’t enough to close the deal.

You have to be good. You have to execute. You have to get results.

The third key

Which brings us to our third key to the life of your dreams:

Get it.

All the “figuring” in the world won’t do you much good if you don’t take action. Planning is an essential activity. It’s one which many people never give much thought.

Let’s say that a little differently: it’s an activity that unsuccessful people rarely undertake.

The first two keys help you identify the “what” (your life plan) and the “how” (your strategic plan). But they aren’t enough.

Contrary to popular advice, the life of your dream won’t suddenly be bestowed upon you just because you’ve figured out what you want.

You have to go. You have to get it yourself.

Or settle. Settle for what you have know. Settle for where you are now.

The choice is yours!

The fourth key

But we’re not through yet. There’s a fourth key if you want to live the life of your dreams.

Keep getting it.

You will face obstacles. This is the final filter on the path to BIGG success.

Losers quit. But you’re a winner.

You will live your dream life. You will reach BIGG success!

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The One Thing You Must Do Today to Be a Success

Like the Great River BIGG success starts smallHave you ever been to the source of a great river, like the mighty Mississippi?

What did you see? Something so tiny and insignificant?

Did you find it hard to believe this was the origin of one of the greatest rivers in the world?

Water runs into ditches.
Ditches dump into creeks.
Creeks combine to form rivers.
These rivers flow into the Great River.

Only then – miles downstream – does its magnitude become apparent.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. Like the Great River, BIGG success starts small too!

A single, seemingly insignificant activity today combined with another one tomorrow and the day after that leads to the life on your dreams.


The “seemingly insignificant” part needs a little further explanation. Let’s start with “insignificant.”

The action you take probably is insignificant. Your world isn’t going to change.

You won’t immediately be thinner or better looking.
You won’t suddenly be rich and famous. And that’s good.

In fact, nothing will change. Or so it seems…


That’s where the “seemingly” part comes in. One thing will change instantly – you!

You will have taken action.
You will have done something to enact change.
You will have taken a step toward BIGG success.
So you can instantly feel better about yourself – you’re a winner!

And you will win if…

You follow up with a second action, and a third…

Don’t worry about the results in the early stage. Focus on the activities. That’s what you can control.

You’ll see the results soon enough. You’ll see that these activities aren’t insignificant.

In the meantime, it’s all about desire, devotion, and discipline. They lead to BIGG success!

What seemingly insignificant action will you take today?

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Stick Your Next Out to Be a Success

thinking about four realities for BIGG SuccessBIGG goal-getters know that it’s wise to be happy, but not content. It means thinking about four realities.

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Your past reality

We almost didn’t include this one. The past is the past. Who cares, right?

But it is important to think about your past REALITY.

Our experiences are clouded. They’re clouded by our perceptions. They’re clouded by our emotions at the time. They are clouded by a number of things.

Make sure you’re seeing things as they truly were. Only then will you extract the right lessons.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to move past the past.

In an ideal world, we could talk about the next two simultaneously. Since we can’t, we’ll keep it chronological.

Your current reality

It begins with an honest assessment of where you’re at. Are you happy now?

You can be.

You just have to know where you want to go. Then do all you can do today to move a little bit closer to it.

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? And it is.

But life gets in the way. Obligations. Things-to-do. The unexpected.

Next thing you know, you haven’t taken a single step to the life of your dreams.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Form a realistic opinion of where you’re at right now. What are you happy about? What don’t you like about your current reality?

Your future reality

We didn’t come up with this term. But we sure do like it. We like the certainty of it.

It’s not a wish. It’s not just a hope. It’s more than dream. It is what will be. And you will make it happen.

What does your future look like? Visualize it. Get a clear picture in your mind.

But don’t stop there. Use all your senses to experience it right now. Live it as if it were real.

Because it will be. It’s only a matter of time!

As you think about your future, be careful. You may make one of two mistakes:

  • Projecting the present into the future

This will keep you from reaching your full potential.

  • Escaping into the future

    You may project the unattainable. You have to believe it can be done if you stretch yourself quite a bit. That’s a good vision.

Now we’re ready for the fourth reality – and we may have you stumped. We’ve talked about the past, present, and future. What’s left?

Only the most important reality of all…

Your NEXT reality

What’s the next thing you need to do to move from your current reality to your future reality? That’s your next reality.

You’re a BIGG goal-getter. So you’ll focus all your time, energy, effort, and attention toward achieving your next reality.

Stick your next out! It leads to BIGG success!

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The Swinging Bridge to Success

the swinging bridge to BIGG SuccessBIGG success is life on your own terms. It’s about taking control to build the life of your dreams.

You are where you are. You want to be where you want to be.

That’s the easy part. The hard part is getting there.

Because there’s a BIGG canyon between the two.

Picture it – you’re standing on a cliff.

You want to get to the other side. But how?

You have to build the bridge. No one will build it for you. You have to do it.

Only you don’t have the right materials to build a sturdy bridge. Nope – this bridge from where you are to where you want to be will be a swinging one.

So you go about building the bridge. And then you start to walk across.

Only, even then, even after all the work you did to build the bridge, the journey won’t be easy.


The winds will be strong. Occasionally, they’ll be at your back. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Sometimes, the winds will be in your face. You’ll have to summon even more energy to keep pushing ahead.

Then there are the crosswinds. They make the bridge swing from side to side. You have to hold on tight to keep from falling.


At times, there will be other people on your bridge. As they put one foot in front of the other, the bridge will sway.

They’re making it harder on you to make progress. They don’t mean to; they’re just trying to get across the chasm.

Others, well…they are intentional. They actively make the bridge swing; they want to throw you off.

They don’t want you to succeed. Beware of these people.


You expended a tremendous amount of energy to build your bridge. Now you just have to get across.

But you’re tired. It’s only natural.

You have to make sure you have enough provisions to keep your strength up. And occasionally you just need to stop and rest.

But then you’ll get back to your journey. Because you’re a winner!

You will keep going.
You will make it to the other side.
You will get from where you are to where you want to be.
You will reach BIGG success!

What obstacles have you faced on your swinging bridge to BIGG success?

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