Donald Trump

Donald Trump and the Titanic

Donald Trump & Titanic
Donald Trump and the Titanic: What do they have in common? Click PLAY to hear George & Mary-Lynn share the surprising answer on The BIGG Success Show podcast.

Donald Trump gets our vote for the best personal brander ever. Of course, the Titanic is the most noted shipwreck of all time.

What do they have in common? Our answer may surprise you.

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The negative trait entrepreneurs need

This Negative Trait Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed

The negative trait entrepreneurs need

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*A little note before we start – we did this post as a reminder to ourselves. We’re going through a period where we need it. We hope it helps you too…

What’s the secret to BIGG success as an entrepreneur? The answer may surprise you.

It’s an essential trait that helps entrepreneurs succeed – stubbornness!

As humans, we don’t like stubbornness. It reminds us of a quote by the late great John Wooden:

“Stubbornness we deprecate, firmness we condone.
The former is our neighbor’s trait, the latter is our own”.

The phrase “stubborn as a mule” comes to mind for me. And we all know what another name for a mule is!

Yet stubbornness is one of the key characteristics which helps entrepreneurs succeed. Here are three reasons it’s so important:

Everybody has an opinion
When you start a business, everyone has an opinion about who it should serve and how it should serve them.

Of course, you should listen attentively. You never know – you may get a good idea.

But most of the time, people will suggest a different direction – way away from what you’re thinking about.

Usually what they suggest won’t work:

  • The market may not be right for you
  • There may not be a market at all
  • It may not fit you
  • It may not play to your strengths

They don’t know what you know. So you need to be stubborn about doing what’s right for you.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. You’re in charge. So you make the call!

Fate will conspire against you
We want to be clear here – we believe that there’s no question about it…

You have a destiny to fulfill.

Fate wants you to succeed. But first…
It needs to know if YOU want to succeed!


  • Fate will put obstacles in your way
  • Fate will throw challenges at you
  • Fate will do all kinds of thing to try to get you to quit, to give up

It’s all a test – will you remain stubborn in the pursuit of BIGG success?

If so, Fate will become your partner in BIGG success!

Stubbornness is your only hope
(And we’re speaking from experience here!)

There will be times along the way when you feel like quitting. You’ll be down. You’ll be out. You’ll feel horribly discouraged. You may have a sense of despair.

It’s at those times that you have to reach down and grab hold of the one thing you can count on – your stubbornness.

  • Stubbornness will keep you from giving up
  • Stubbornness will lead you out of the abyss
  • Stubbornness will help you find a way
  • Stubbornness will pull you up so you try one more time
  • Stubbornness is your only hope
  • Stubbornness leads to BIGG success!

Do you think stubbornness is a positive trait of successful entrepreneurs?

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helicopter view

Why the 30,000 Foot View is Worthless

helicopter view

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When it comes to strategic planning, you often hear people talk about the 30,000 foot view. We’ve even talked about it.

The idea, of course, is to get up high enough to see the BIGG picture.

But recently, we’ve really been taking a look at how we plan. We’ve been thinking about the business planning process of the entrepreneurs we coach.

And we’ve reached a conclusion…

The 30,000 foot view is worthless! It’s a bad metaphor.

The 30,000 foot view from ze plane, ze plane
You’re in a plane flying at 30,000 feet. You look down to see the tiny houses and other buildings.

You can see vehicles in motion – there must be a human being inside. But you can’t see them.

You also can’t fully understand the landscape. You can see mountains, but you can’t tell whether they reach a height of a few thousand feet or 10,000 feet plus.

It doesn’t really matter to you – you’re flying over it at 30,000 feet.

But it sure does matter to the people you can’t see – the road over a small mountain is certainly easier to navigate than one over a tall mountain – if there’s a road at all.

At 30,000 feet, you just can’t get the proper perspective.

A better way than the 30,000 foot view from a plane
So we’re convinced we need another metaphor. Let’s descend from 30,000 feet. Let’s land that plane.

What do you say we hop in a helicopter? Let’s look at the view from 3,000 feet?

Of course, the cool thing about a helicopter is we can quickly get even closer to the ground if need be. OR we can quickly rise up if it would be helpful to get a view from a little further from the ground.

OR to get over a really BIGG mountain!

In our helicopter, we’ll really be able to read the terrain. If we see something we want to investigate further, we can hover over it.

We can even land easily just about anywhere if we really want to get the lay of the land. Or talk with the people – the people we want to serve.

We need to put boots on the ground so we can see what they’re experiencing. Then we can jump back into the helicopter to see what lies ahead.

So for planning, we recommend giving up the plane with a 30,000 foot view so you can give a whirlybird a whirl. You’ll gain the perspective you need to reach BIGG success!

What do you think – is entrepreneurial planning best done in a plane at 30,000 feet or a helicopter?

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Your bigg defining moment

Dream Busters Pushed this Entrepreneur to Her BIGG Defining Moment

Your bigg defining moment

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On our journey to BIGG Success, we have to make BIGG decisions. Sometimes an underlying push, or inspirational dissatisfaction, drives us in a particular direction. We call that your BIGG Defining Moment.

Jana Axline is a speaker, trainer, consultant, radio show host, author & entrepreneur. Jana created her company, Axline Solutions, because of her passion to help individuals reach their full potential.

What pushed her in that direction? Here’s Jana’s BIGG Defining Moment:

“I think it was finally realizing that I was tired of hearing people tell me that I can’t do it and thinking, well why not? I refer to dream killers a lot and I had a lot of those in my life. If I said I wanted to be a writer, someone would tell me my grammar wasn’t good enough. If I said I wanted to be a dancer, someone would say you have no rythmn. I kept hearing this my whole life and I would just accept it and tell myself if they say I’m not good enough, why bother trying.

About a year ago, Cigna Healthcare came out with a slogan: Go You. That resonated with me…be you, be an original, don’t be anybody else, go live your dreams, go do what you’re passionate about. And when I came across that messaging, I thought why not today?

So I started my blog. A couple months later I began writing my book. I started getting interviewed on radio shows, then started my own radio show…so all of these things have been buiding on each other, but it all started with: why not today, go you.”

Wow! We are so impressed with Jana’s ability to free herself from what others thought she could or could not do, so she can live life on her own terms.

From dream busters to uncertainty, what keeps you from going after your dreams? This is why we created our free special report: DECIDE! 5 Keys to Know What to Do Next, to help you maneuver through the clutter in your mind, to help you feel more confident, and to help you move forward with no fear.

Download the report and you’ll also get instant access into our Entrepreneurturing™ Center where you can hear our full interview with Jana. You’ll learn:

  • What motivates her to help people improve their 9-5
  • The common mistakes people make between 9-5
  • What she thinks is the key to success when creating a stragegy for achieving your goals.
  • Her suggested approach for discovering your strengths
  • How to know whether you should change your position, job or career

It’s time to create your BIGG Defining Moment…it leads to BIGG Success.

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why you should not find your passion in business

Does Passion for Your Business Lead to Failure?

why you should not find your passion in business

As always with our podcast and blog, you can listen to the content or read it. But in this case, we think you might get a kick out of hearing the fun story we share instead of just reading it. Just wanted to let you know. (Click PLAY to listen. Duration 5:13) ~ George & Mary-Lynn

This post was inspired by a great post over at Tech Cocktail called
How Passion Blinds Entrepreneurs. It’s part of their interesting series on The Psychological Guide to Starting Up.

They’re talking about the mental and emotional sides of entrepreneurship. We love it – it’s why we started The BIGG Success Entreprenurturing™ Center. Just like our brains, there are two sides to owning a business – the logical and the emotional.

The Tech Cocktail series is also very timely, since we’re celebrating
Small Business Week here in the United States. But we digress – back to passion talk.

If you’re an entrepreneur-in-the-making, you will often be told to “find your passion.” But we got to thinking…

Does passion for your business lead to failure?


Here’s why:

When you start a business – it’s not a fling, it’s a marriage.

Trying to meet an idea

Picture yourself in a crowded bar. There’s you and a bunch of other future entrepreneurs.

You’re all there for the same thing – to pick up an idea.

You look around the room. An idea catches your attention.

You walk over to it and offer to buy it a drink. While you sit there, you get to know this idea a little better.

But there’s no chemistry. So you move on.

You repeat this process again and again. There are a lot of ideas in this bar.

But you’re starting to get frustrated. You’re about to give up. Maybe you’re just not meant for this life. You settle your tab and head toward the door.

Then all of a sudden…

Seeing the hottest idea ever

A new idea just showed up. Your head turns. Wow! You can’t stop looking at this idea.

It’s embarrassing. You hope the idea doesn’t notice. But it does. And smiles back at you.

You stop dead in your tracks. You approach this new idea. You start talking – you can’t believe how much you have in common.

And you just can’t stop staring at it. You can’t help yourself. This idea is hot! By far, it is the most attractive idea you have ever seen. It deserves your full attention.

You and the idea go out on several dates. You’re falling in love. You’ve never met an idea like this one. You just click. Romance blooms.

You commit to this idea. It’s your one and only.

And that’s when the trouble starts…

Falling out of love with an idea

When you were just taking the idea out on dates, you still had your own space. Now you’re sharing space. And this idea has some quirks which just drive you crazy.

The idea doesn’t fit in with the people who you want to help the most. They say they don’t get this idea of yours.

The idea requires more money than you ever imagined. You’re not sure if you can keep it happy. After all, you’re not rich – yet.

The idea also demands more of your time. This idea you’re hitched to is demanding!

The passion you once felt is gone.

You can’t take it anymore. You divorce the idea. Another marriage failed.

But it doesn’t have to go down like this in your business…

As with relationships, passion is the starting point in business. But lasting relationships move from the passion phase – where you don’t see the quirks – to a deeper love – where you clearly see and fully accept the idiosyncrasies.

So take your idea out on some dates. But be sure you’re looking at it without stars in your eyes. When you’re not just in love with your idea, when you truly love it, you’ll know you have the idea you can live with long-term.

And don’t ever forget – love is a verb. So take action. It leads to BIGG success!

Do you think passion for your business leads to failure?

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