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Little Adults, Bigg Kids: What We're All Missing Out On

playground We recently read a great post by Dr. Robyn Silvermen about treating kids like little adults. She offers a lot of great links to research and other articles about this increasing trend.



The calendars of kids today are as busy as ours. Between school and all their extracurricular activities, they’re too busy to really play.


georgeI saw an interview with a little girl awhile back. She was brilliant, doing well in school and excelling at everything she did. Her one wish was that she could just have some time to play.


Isn’t that sad?

Play pays

Don’t get us wrong – extracurricular activities are great, but it’s good to also have time to engage in activities that don’t have a goal with performance stress attached.

It’s good for kids to just play. It’s good for them physically, socially, and mentally. Play helps them develop their imagination and creativity as well as socially – all important skills in the years ahead.

Turning back the clock

Dr. Robyn cites a growing trend of kids having fitness club memberships. How many of us just love going to the gym? Do you remember playing … just good old fashioned play?  It was fun. Something you couldn’t wait to do. You got some great exercise, but you didn’t watch the clock like you do when you’re working out at the club. 

Speaking of clocks, the sad part is that we seem to be turning back the clock. Dr. Robyn’s article includes a quote that says kids are about two years behind in their development compared to sixty years ago. It seems we’re not evolving; we’re going backwards.

We need to do a 180

So let’s let the kids be kids. In fact, let’s take it a step further. Let’s do a 180 degree turn – instead of trying to turn kids into little adults, let’s become bigg kids.

Not in an immature way … just for fun and all the benefits that come with it.

We need to be more child-like. Do you remember being fascinated by bugs? Of course, we’re not talking about bugs inside the house. But isn’t it fascinating to just watch a praying mantis? How relaxing is it to see butterflies fluttering around?


marylynnThat’s one of the reasons I love going for walks. I just love seeing all the cool plants. There’s a lake close to our house so I can watch the fish. It sure beats going to the fitness center and watching TV!


We get so busy working that we don’t have a second to spare. Sometimes we even block people out so we can get all of our work done. That’s when play time is especially important. Play time is social time. You can relax and talk with people.

And you learn … things that you might not learn any other way. Because other people have different interests. By playing – socializing – you expand our interests. That helps you look at old problems in new ways. You find solutions that you may not find if you don’t get out of your routine.

Play expands our imaginations. Our imagination leads us to be more creative, more innovative. Which is how we find those bigg ideas that lead to bigg success!


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Next time, we’ll take on Washington and Wall Street. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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What’s On Your Plate?

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance

nutritionFor us non-athletes, when we think of conditioning, we often don’t think of physical conditioning. However, just like athletes must also prepare mentally, we must put caring for our bodies on our plate. So today, we’ll share three great articles with a different twist on nourishment, exercise and rest.

The 3 Parts of a Sustainable Diet

Leo Babauta of Zen Habits always puts out great content. Recently, he wrote about the three parts of a good diet – (1) Follow a plan (2) that’s chockfull of super-healthy foods (3) that you love. We loved the third one!

He points out that having a meal plan for which you shop and cook is the beginning. It doesn’t have to be all healthy foods, but they should be the bulk of your diet. If you don’t love the food you’re eating, you’ll never stick with it.

Leo builds upon this simple formula to explain in detail how he follows it. It’s a great post on eating right … today, tomorrow, for life! 

Work Up the Motivation to Work Out

Many of us make resolutions at the beginning of every year to get fit. Why wait? Frederic Premji has a great post over at I Need Motivation on finding the motivation to work out. Here’s our slightly paraphrased version of his six tips:

  • Schedule it as a high priority activity
  • Get a buddy
  • Short-term … think attractive
  • Long-term … think health
  • Have a goal
  • Just get started

Like any other area of our lives, no one can motivate us to do anything. We must do it ourselves. So motivate yourself to check out Frederic’s article so you get motivated to work out!

A Little Shut-Eye Opens Your Mind

Naps have been much maligned as an inhibitor of 531 a good night’s sleep]. However, recent studies have shown that 157 taking a nap in the middle of the day is good for you]. You’ll get more done and be more mentally alert after a nap. 

Now The Boston Globe has published a fantastic resource on napping. Learn the best time to take a nap. Understand how long you should nap. Discover all of the elements that make your naps more productive. 

3 Hear today’s lesson and laugh on The Bigg Success Show. ]