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Experience Happiness in the New Year



Experience happiness in the New Year for BIGG Success
Here we sit on the cusp of a New Year. Is it just us, or does time seem to go by faster as we get older?

We heard a theory about this that we want to share with you. We wish we could remember who told us this so we could give proper credit!

But it was some time ago and we’ve forgotten. Maybe we’re too old to remember!

But the answer seems particularly insightful. And helpful in understanding how time works.

Here’s the theory:
One year in the life of a 10-year old represents 10% of his or her life.
But it’s only 4% of a 25-year old’s days.
And once you hit 50, it represents just 2% of all your time on Planet Earth.

Ten percent is a pretty sizeable chunk. But 2% isn’t so large.

Imagine a game

To think about this in more tangible terms, assume you’re playing a game. The goal is to maximize your happiness.

The rules state that you have to work 50 hours a week, no more and no less. The rest of your time is for play, sleep, etc.

You fill the 50 hours with activities. You find equilibrium – just enough of each activity to maximize your overall happiness.

Then opportunity arises.

In the first case, the opportunity will require 10% of your time. So you have to give up 5 hours of your current activities. Otherwise, you won’t be able to capitalize on this opportunity.

That’s a lot. You may find it difficult to find 5 hours.

In the second case, the opportunity only requires 2% of your time. So you only have to give up 1 hour of current activities.

It’s a piece of cake compared to the first case, right?

It’s all downhill from here

BIGG success is life on your own terms. There are five elements of BIGG success – money, time, growth, work, and play.

You’re familiar with the saying, “It’s all downhill from here.” It can be interpreted two ways.

The first way is that things will only get worse. The second is that the worst is over.

The chart above illustrates how the game we just described is exactly how life works. It shows what we’re calling the Experience Factor over time.

The downhill curve is steep for the first decade of life. Then it starts leveling off. By the time you hit 40, there’s barely a noticeable change at all.

The good news is that you have so many experiences on your side. Ultimately, life comes down to relationships and experiences.

You have so much more to remember. So much more to cherish. So much more wisdom. So many more reasons to be happy!

So instead of lamenting another year, instead of bemoaning getting older, celebrate! Experience happiness by celebrating your experiences! Celebrate your life!

Here’s to your BIGG success next year! Happy New Year!

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A Trap with Your Free Time

Make time for yourself for BIGG SuccessBIGG success is life on your own terms. One of the five elements of BIGG success is play.

Leisure. Rest and relaxation. Recreation. Down time.

We often make a mistake when we think of play: When we envision play, we picture others.

Do you do so too?

It’s a trap. You’ll be much happier if you reserve a portion of your play time just for you.

Time to converse

You need some time to yourself. Just like any other relationship, you have to invest in your relationship with yourself.

You need to listen to yourself. You need to learn from yourself. You need to talk to yourself.

Not out loud. Unless you’re alone!

Time to refresh

You need time to refresh. Physically, of course. But you probably do okay with that one.

You need to make time to refresh your spirit. To feed your soul. And one way to do that is to spend some time alone.

Quietly. With just your thoughts.

Time to dream

To refect. And to dream. To envision BIGG success.

To live out in your mind what you will live out in real life. Because every victory is first won in the recesses of your mind.

And so, you need to make time for yourself. So you can tend to yourself. So you can refuel. So you can keep the flame burning.

Now, we know that this is a scary proposition to some people. But give it try.

It may seem strange at first. You may be uncomfortable. But most growth is uncomfortable.

In time, you will grow to appreciate this time. To treasure it, even.

Go someplace that inspires you. Get out in nature, if that’s your thing. We like to be near water.

It’s okay to be around other people. Just try to find a place where they’re not likely to be people you know.

Make time for you. Time to converse, to refresh, to dream. It leads to BIGG success!

Do you make time for yourself?

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The Essence of Personal Finance in Two Sentences

The Essence of Personal Finance for BIGG SuccessMoney is one of the five elements of BIGG success. When you really think about it, there are only two core paradigms when it comes to personal finance:

The more money you have, the more you can do.
The less money you need, the sooner you can do it.

The more money you have, the more you can do.

Money means options, options to do what you want.

To buy what you want. To spend your time how you want.

Time is another one of the five elements of BIGG success. You can exchange money for time.

You can pay people to do chores for you. You can pay people for tasks outside your strength.

Money can buy time. Money can buy things.

Money means freedom, at least to some extent. So focus on accumulating more money.

An attitude of “more” propels you forward. The desire for “more” makes us grow. For us humans, growth is where we find meaning. Be happy, not content.

The less money you need, the sooner you can do it.

But there’s another side to personal money management. It’s the second mindset of personal finance.

This is the one people often don’t think about. Or talk about.

But BIGG success is life on your own terms. If your definition of BIGG success requires less money, you will likely reach your destination sooner than someone who requires more.

In other words – if you can be happy with less, you can enjoy it longer!

An attitude of “less” also has other benefits. “Less” may very well mean less stress. Because you need to protect your nest egg once you accumulate it. So more money often means more worries.

Another benefit of “less” is perhaps the most important one of all. “Less” helps you stay within your boundaries. It stops you from crossing the line. “Less” helps you get to your vision of BIGG success with your values intact.

That’s it. The essence of personal finance in two sentences.

How much is enough for you?

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Just in Time Play Leads to Success

Enjoy just in time play for your BIGG SuccessWe’re testing a concept and thought we’d share it with you. If you’re a regular here, you know we think that work-life balance doesn’t work.

Our thinking has evolved over time. We believe life is a system. BIGG success is life on your own terms.

Work and play are two of the five elements of BIGG success. The BIGG idea behind BIGG success is synergy. Synergy begins with syncing work and play.

Just-in-time play

You may be familiar with just-in-time inventory management developed as part of the Toyota Production System.

The goal is to increase the return on investment by bringing inventory into the production process at the precise moment it’s needed.

So we’ve been testing what we call just-in-time (JIT) play. The goal is to increase our sense of fulfillment (i.e. our returns) by making time for play right when we need it.

Avoiding the crash

This is a response to what we’ve typically done. We love our work. But sometimes we push too hard.

We work and work and work. Followed by a crash.

We didn’t choose downtime. It chose us.

And it wasn’t very productive.

Your inventory of time

We all have a fixed amount of time. Unfortunately, we never know when we will be “out of stock.”

In the meantime, we all want to make the most of our time. In order to do that, play is essential.

Play is as much a part of BIGG success as work. The two go hand-in-hand. In fact, play makes you more productive at work.


With JIT inventory management, signals are sent to tell workers when to order parts. With JIT play, we look and listen for signals that it’s time to bring in some units of play.

For example, when we get stuck writing, we’ll take five minutes to rejuvenate. When we start having trouble getting started in the morning, we know a day off is the ticket.

By getting essential play on our schedule when we need it most, JIT play is helping us maximize our productivity and get away more often.

Our business permits a great deal of flexibility on when we work. If your schedule allows you to adapt, give JIT play a try. Now that’s win-win.

And it may be your ticket to BIGG success!

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Are You Tired of Working Hard and Not Making Enough Progress?

working hard but not making enough progress | BIGG SuccessMany people waste time and money trying to find shortcuts for reaching BIGG success.

They buy programs that promise an easy road to riches. Unfortunately, these programs almost never deliver.

Time and money wasted…once again.

We’ve talked before about hard work and BIGG success. In most cases, the first is part of the explanation for the second.

So here’s the dilemma:

What can you do if you’re working as hard as you possibly can but not making satisfactory progress toward your goal?

We relate to this subject all too well. We put in long hours almost every day of the week.

Yet, when we finally shut down for the day, there’s always so much left to do. It can wear on you after awhile.

So today we want to share a few things that have helped us.

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The 5 elements of BIGG success

Let’s do a quick review (or a quick primer for those of you who are new here):

BIGG success is life on your own terms. The 5 elements of BIGG success are money, time, growth, work and play.

Time and money are your two resources.
Time is more precious than money but, at any given moment, you only have so much of either one.
Almost every human (and every organization) faces resource constraints.

Work and play are your opportunities.
Growth bridges the gap between resources and opportunities.
Growth begins as an opportunity but can become your most significant resource.

Expand your capacity

As growth moves from opportunity to resource, your capacity expands.

As you master anything, you’re able to cut through the complexity and see the simplicity again.

This helps you get more done in the same amount of time.

You can also grow your capacity over time. It’s like any other sort of training.

How far could you jog right now?
If you did that every day for a month, do you think you would be able to either run the same distance faster or run further in the same time?
Of course, you could. This works in all areas of your life.

End your energy crisis

The BIGG idea behind BIGG success is synergy. One area to look for synergy is between the five elements.

We both love our work. We found that we often worked so hard for so long that it became counter-productive.

So now we schedule downtime. Here’s the funny thing:
We usually get more down when we work a little less!

Of course, there’s a limit to this. But there’s a reason for the fifth element of BIGG success – play!

Nobel Prize winners know how important it is. Have you ever wondered why kids have so much energy?

Because they play!

So don’t think so much about managing your time. Manage your energy!

Where to start

When you think of your goals, what’s the most important thing you need to do today to reach it?

Start by getting it done.
Then move onto the second most important.
Then the third.

What difference would it make if you got your three most important things done every day? It’s huge, isn’t it?

Focus isn’t fun.
It isn’t easy.
Focus sometimes means forcing yourself to do something you really don’t want to do.

If it’s important, get it done. Then relish in the accomplishment.

Oh…and keep going!

Can you borrow time?

We’re not talking about the traditional definition of “borrowed time”. It has negative connotations.

This is all positive. You know you can borrow money but you can also borrow time.

Money and time are your two primary resources. Your need for them is negatively correlated.

If you have money to spare, you won’t have to invest as much time. If you have time to spare, you don’t need as much money.

Let’s say you buy a house that needs to be painted.

  • If money were no object, you could hire a contractor. If you’ve selected them carefully, you shouldn’t have to lift a finger other than to write a check.


  • If money were a little more constrained, you might hire a freelancer.


  • If you have almost nothing left after buying the house, you’ll have to do it yourself.


  • If you have plenty of money and plenty of time to spare, you can do whatever you want!


So you can borrow time by spending money. However – even if you don’t have money – you may still be able to borrow time by taking on a partner.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you share a vision and you have the same values. Otherwise, your partner will cost you both time and money!


Finally, we come to the last resort. If you continue to feel overwhelmed by how much you have to do, it may pay to punt. By that we mean:

Push back your due date.

We caution you to think long and hard before you do this. However, you may conclude that your goal was too ambitious.

If you’re stressing out so much that it’s starting to affect your health, the best action you can take may be to decide to give yourself more time to reach your goal.

It’s better to reach BIGG success a little later than to not reach it at all!

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