Halloween: A Great Time to Tap into Your Creative Side


Halloween is such a great time to tap into your creative side. On BIGG Success, we often spend time looking at our personal lives and ways those activities can benefit us professionally as well. We’ve talked before about why it’s important to tap into your child-like nature and use your imagination.

Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to be a BIGG kid again. When you get invited to a costume party, don’t be a stick-in-the-mud. (Although, come to think of it, that would be a great costume!) Play along. Have some fun.

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networking worlds

Merge Your Networking Worlds

networking worlds

We were recently invited by Jon Gatrell to be guest posters on his Spatially Relevant blog. We wrote about networking – both online and offline.

What sparked our post is a friend of ours who says she thinks social media is a waste of time. We can see her point – she has a stable job in a city she’ll probably never leave. She’s active in her community so she does do plenty of networking. She also cares for a young family at home.

She’s not alone in her opinion. There’s no doubt that online networking benefits some more than others. But we think everybody should at least dip their toes into the water.

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Finding Your Passion One Week at a Time

at_the_topToday, we welcomed Sean Aiken to The Bigg Success Show. Sean graduated from college a little over a year ago but didn’t know what he wanted to do. So he decided to work a different job one week, every week,  for one year. In the process, he raised over $20,000 for charity. His journey has been covered by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp, The New York Times, Good Morning America, Radio France, The Australian Radio Network, and too many more to mention.


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Before Going into Business with Friends, Consider These 8 Scenerios

One thing people often don't think about when going into business with a friend is the relationship itself. You’re going into business as friends. You want to remain friends.

Business is full of surprises. Discuss the possible surprises upfront, before you mix friendship and business, so you can keep your relationship strong while you’re in business.

You may think your friendship is really strong … and you’re probably right. But when you go into business together, your friendship will be tested more than it ever has been before. It’s wise to prepare for it beforehand, so you already have a lot of the answers when you’re in the middle of a tough situation.

Look at it this way – a business partnership is like a marriage. You need a pre-nuptial agreement! So find a good attorney to draw up an agreement for you.

8 “What if …” scenarios to discuss with your attorney

#1 – What if the business fails?
According to statistics, if the business fails, it’s most likely that no one will be owed any money. But what if that’s not the case – what if the business does owe money? How will you resolve that?

#2 – What if it succeeds wildly?
That may not sound like a problem, but you’d be surprised. Sometimes when a business succeeds at this level, greed enters in. Then comes the power struggles. Discuss the dream scenario upfront to avoid a nightmare.

#3 – What if one of you is incapacitated?
What if one partner is no longer able to do his or her part? How will the others handle this? Will this person get bought out? Is there formula for the price? There’s a lot to think about if this unfortunate situation happens.

#4 – What if one of you dies?
Obviously this is even more extreme than the last scenario. There’s the human side – your friend has passed and you’re grieving. But you also have business to attend to; work still needs to get done.

Many of the same questions from Scenario #3 apply here. But there’s more. For example, does the deceased partner’s family now have an ownership stake? Or do you buy them out?

#5 – What happens when one of you gets married?
Or you may already be married. What say does the spouse have in the business? Can the partner’s interest be jointly owned with a spouse or do you want to restrict ownership to your original group?

#6 – What if one of you gets divorced?
The business interest may be a significant asset. You probably don’t want a former spouse having a say in your business – even as a minority stakeholder. It can really muddy the waters, as the saying goes. What restrictions will you place on ownership?

#7 – What if one of you wants out?
How will you determine a price? What kind of notice will you require? What is the process?

#8 – What if one of isn’t pulling his or her weight?
How will you determine that this is case? What can, and will, you do about it?

These aren’t pleasant things to think about, let alone talk about. However, you’re more likely to find good solutions now when you’re thinking logically than to try to work them out in the heat of the moment.

We can’t stress this enough – get a good business attorney.
Then sit down with your partners and your attorney and work through these issues. Your attorney will probably have even more situations to discuss. Work through these issues before you start – for the sake of your friendship … and your business.


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4 Fun Things You Can Do This Weekend for Free (or Nearly Free) without Fueling Up

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance


Backyard picnic

Make it an event! Lay out a blanket. Bring out the picnic basket. Make the food interesting – e.g. all finger foods. You may even have a theme (e.g. red, white & blue if you’re in the U.S.). Dust off the Frisbee, play some ball, or whatever you like to do on a picnic. It’s all in the comfort of your own backyard.

Host a potluck

Invite some friends over for brunch or dinner. Ask everyone to bring one part of the meal, foods they could just buy if they choose. Keep it simple and inexpensive. It’s about spending time with friends, not putting on an elaborate show.

Play some old-fashioned games

Think back to your childhood. What games did you play? Do you remember Hide-and-Seek? How about Red Light – Green Light? Pull one or more of them off-the-shelf and have some good old-fashioned fun!

Water works

On a hot summer’s day, few things feel as good as some cool water. So have some fun with water. Have a balloon toss … or a balloon fight. Or if you want, how about a water water gun fight? These are not your father’s water guns – they’re super-charged these days!

If you want to be productive, wash the family cars. There’s just one rule – no one’s allowed to stay dry!

How do you have fun without fueling up?


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