Time flies when reaching for BIGG Success

5 Surprising Steps to Achieve Your Goals Faster

Time flies when reaching for BIGG Success

The week before last was a strange week for us. We’ll tell you about that in just a minute. But first, we want to make sure you’re aware of this…

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The time paradox for BIGG goal-getters

Back to the odd week…maybe you can relate.

Monday seemed like it should have been Sunday if not Saturday.

We had worked both days over the weekend. We’re pushing to get everything ready for the BIGG announcement we mentioned above.

So the start of the week came too soon.

However, by the close of business on Friday, it felt like it should only be Tuesday. The week just flew by for us.

Yet on Friday, Thursday’s events seemed distant – like they happened a week or more before.

Do you ever feel this way?

Such is the paradox of time for BIGG goal-getters like you –

You’re accomplishing a whole lot,

but you rarely feel like you’re achieving enough.

So time flies by. Yet you’re doing so much, it seems like it’s standing still.

What’s the answer?

  • Take a deep breath

Breathe in deeply. And let it out. Feel your chest expand as you breathe life into your lungs.

Close your eyes. Do it again. A few times.

Go ahead – do it right now. We’ll wait. Breathe in…and out. In…and out.

Feel the relief as you exhale, as the stress flows out of your body.

  • Step away

Now step away. You don’t have to do it physically. Step away mentally.

Let go of everything you’re working on. Let go of all your problems.

Stop thinking. Not for long, but for a little bit.

  • Create space

Get outside your world. Create space between your actual self and your mental self. Pretend like you’re a friend looking in on the life of another friend.

Don’t feel guilty. We know it would be creepy if you actually did this with a friend. But we’re just telling you to do it with yourself. It’s perfectly normal.

  • Go back

We’re always told to forget the past. It’s bad advice.

Go back to the beginning of LAST year. What were you working on then? What challenges were you facing? What was your life like?

Now think about how much you’ve accomplished since then. Think about how far you’ve come.

Sure you may not be fully happy with the results. Ignore that for a minute.

  • Get real

If what you just saw was your best friend’s life and, if your best friend was feeling the time paradox, how would you counsel them?

Would you tell them to look at how far they’ve come?

Would you encourage them to kick it up a notch?

You might do both! There may be some areas where you would tell them to push harder and others where you tell them to revel in what they’ve done.

The point is – get REAL with yourself.

As BIGG goal-getters, we have high expectations for ourselves. So we often beat ourselves up when we should be patting ourselves on the back.

Research has shown that self-compassion is just as

important as self-confidence in achieving your BIGG goals.

We see a lack of self-compassion over and over again when we talk with people like you. We fight it ourselves!

It’s often because we compare ourselves to others. We see other people reaching levels of success we’re still dreaming about.

We ask ourselves what they have that we don’t. We feel like we must be missing something. Maybe we’re not smart enough. Maybe we lack some basic skill.

And you know what? That latter one may be true. There may be something you need to learn.

But you know what else? You can learn it. You WILL learn it. You’ll see more about that when we make the upcoming BIGG announcement.

In the meantime, cut yourself some slack! You’ve come a long way, baby! You’re gonna be a BIGG success!

Have you experienced the time paradox?

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Are You Tired of Working Hard and Not Making Enough Progress?

working hard but not making enough progress | BIGG SuccessMany people waste time and money trying to find shortcuts for reaching BIGG success.

They buy programs that promise an easy road to riches. Unfortunately, these programs almost never deliver.

Time and money wasted…once again.

We’ve talked before about hard work and BIGG success. In most cases, the first is part of the explanation for the second.

So here’s the dilemma:

What can you do if you’re working as hard as you possibly can but not making satisfactory progress toward your goal?

We relate to this subject all too well. We put in long hours almost every day of the week.

Yet, when we finally shut down for the day, there’s always so much left to do. It can wear on you after awhile.

So today we want to share a few things that have helped us.

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The 5 elements of BIGG success

Let’s do a quick review (or a quick primer for those of you who are new here):

BIGG success is life on your own terms. The 5 elements of BIGG success are money, time, growth, work and play.

Time and money are your two resources.
Time is more precious than money but, at any given moment, you only have so much of either one.
Almost every human (and every organization) faces resource constraints.

Work and play are your opportunities.
Growth bridges the gap between resources and opportunities.
Growth begins as an opportunity but can become your most significant resource.

Expand your capacity

As growth moves from opportunity to resource, your capacity expands.

As you master anything, you’re able to cut through the complexity and see the simplicity again.

This helps you get more done in the same amount of time.

You can also grow your capacity over time. It’s like any other sort of training.

How far could you jog right now?
If you did that every day for a month, do you think you would be able to either run the same distance faster or run further in the same time?
Of course, you could. This works in all areas of your life.

End your energy crisis

The BIGG idea behind BIGG success is synergy. One area to look for synergy is between the five elements.

We both love our work. We found that we often worked so hard for so long that it became counter-productive.

So now we schedule downtime. Here’s the funny thing:
We usually get more down when we work a little less!

Of course, there’s a limit to this. But there’s a reason for the fifth element of BIGG success – play!

Nobel Prize winners know how important it is. Have you ever wondered why kids have so much energy?

Because they play!

So don’t think so much about managing your time. Manage your energy!

Where to start

When you think of your goals, what’s the most important thing you need to do today to reach it?

Start by getting it done.
Then move onto the second most important.
Then the third.

What difference would it make if you got your three most important things done every day? It’s huge, isn’t it?

Focus isn’t fun.
It isn’t easy.
Focus sometimes means forcing yourself to do something you really don’t want to do.

If it’s important, get it done. Then relish in the accomplishment.

Oh…and keep going!

Can you borrow time?

We’re not talking about the traditional definition of “borrowed time”. It has negative connotations.

This is all positive. You know you can borrow money but you can also borrow time.

Money and time are your two primary resources. Your need for them is negatively correlated.

If you have money to spare, you won’t have to invest as much time. If you have time to spare, you don’t need as much money.

Let’s say you buy a house that needs to be painted.

  • If money were no object, you could hire a contractor. If you’ve selected them carefully, you shouldn’t have to lift a finger other than to write a check.


  • If money were a little more constrained, you might hire a freelancer.


  • If you have almost nothing left after buying the house, you’ll have to do it yourself.


  • If you have plenty of money and plenty of time to spare, you can do whatever you want!


So you can borrow time by spending money. However – even if you don’t have money – you may still be able to borrow time by taking on a partner.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you share a vision and you have the same values. Otherwise, your partner will cost you both time and money!


Finally, we come to the last resort. If you continue to feel overwhelmed by how much you have to do, it may pay to punt. By that we mean:

Push back your due date.

We caution you to think long and hard before you do this. However, you may conclude that your goal was too ambitious.

If you’re stressing out so much that it’s starting to affect your health, the best action you can take may be to decide to give yourself more time to reach your goal.

It’s better to reach BIGG success a little later than to not reach it at all!

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Why You Should NOT Try, Try Again

ramming your head into a wall does not lead to BIGG SuccessYou know the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

We heard it when we were kids. We said it out loud. Over and over again.

Persevere. Press on. Don’t quit.

The problem with the saying is that it implies more of the same.
More effort.
More willpower.
More everything.
More. More. More.

Then you’ll succeed.
Unless you don’t.
The solution? Try, try again.

We see two additional problems with this simple saying:

It skips a step

If at first you don’t succeed, don’t try again until you understand why. It’s best to learn the inherent lessons of failure before you charge ahead again.

Take time to diagnose before you pile on with more of the same. Because more of the same may just lead to more discouragement, more unsatisfactory results, and more wasted time and/or money.

It misdirects the next step

Once you’ve fully diagnosed the situation, you can move to the prescription.

You may try again. Or you may not.

That’s the important distinction that this saying fails to make:
You may have discovered that you shouldn’t try again.
You may learn that you should stop trying this so you can try something else.

If you’re hitting your head up against a wall over and over again, something needs to change. And it’s pretty obvious the wall isn’t moving.

The only realistic expectation from ramming your head into the wall again and again is brain damage!

BIGG success is life on your own terms. The most important term in this saying is:


Try and learn. Then try again. Or stop and do something else. Don’t quit. Adapt. It leads to BIGG success!

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Create Your Reality One Simple Step at a Time

one step at a time | BIGG SuccessAre you happy where you’re at? If not, what are you doing about it?

BIGG success is life on your own terms. You are the entrepreneur of your life. It’s up to you to take control of this most important enterprise.

So how do you create your reality one simple step at a time?

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Current reality

Start with an honest assessment of where you’re at. Begin by thinking about the positives.

What do you love about your life now? What are the things you want to keep?

Then move to the negatives. What is it that you don’t like about your present situation?

Are you making the money you deserve?

Do you have too much debt?

Is it the work you do?

Would you prefer to work for someone else? Or maybe for yourself?

Do you need more play time?

Don’t just settle for superficial answers. Let’s say you’re not making enough money. What does that mean?

It may mean you aren’t setting aside as much as you should for your retirement or for your kids’ education.

How much more would you need to save? While you won’t always be able to quantify your situation, you want to try to be as specific as possible.

Future reality

We like the term “future reality.” It has a certain certainty to it, doesn’t it?

It’s a term BIGG goal-getters can understand. It is the future you will create for yourself. It is where you will be someday.

Let’s continue our previous example. Say you currently invest $500 a month toward your retirement.

You determine you need to invest $1,000 a month to build a portfolio of assets that will fully support your dream retirement.

Now you’re making it real. Can you see it? You just need to find an additional $500 a month to invest.

Step into your future

The problem is it’s too much. It’s too hard to double what you’re doing now.

So most people give up. If they try at all.

They think about it but they never do anything about it. But you’re a BIGG goal-getter. So go get that goal!

But not the $500 goal. Break it down. Iterate. Step into your future one simple step at a time.

How can you get an additional $100 a month? How soon could you get it?

That’s your first milestone – to go from setting aside $500 to saving $600 a month.

You may carve it up this way – looking for additional money in increments of $100.

You’ll end up with five milestones: $600, $700, and so on up to the $1,000 you really want.

But you’re not done yet.


Now the focus shifts exclusively to the first milestone. You’re going to find an additional $100 a month.

You already determined how you thought you could get it. But you don’t know what will happen until you act.

Once you act, you gain new information. Adapt. You’re actdapting!

Keep actdapting until you reach the first milestone. Then go for the second. Before you know it, you’ll be a BIGG success!

Need help planning your future? Maybe we can help.

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A Super Bowl Champ Lays it on the Line Part 2

laying-it-on-the-line-bookcoverWe continue our three-part series with Howard Griffith, who is a BIGG Success!

Howard is a two-time Superbowl winner, Studio analyst for Big Ten Network, co-host for ESPN Radio Chicago, entrepreneur, speaker & author of the book Laying it on the Line. Howard is regarded as one of the NFL’s best blocking backs, “The Human Plow.”

His book Laying it on the Line charts his football and life journey from Chicago’s south side to the Super Bowl.

Last time, Howard told us about how he came to be a fullback in the NFL, even though early on in his career, he wanted to be a tailback.

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During our interview in this podcast segment you’ll hear:

  • How hard work and Laying it on the Line kept his NLF career going.
  • How you can apply “The Drill” philosophy in your career and business to ensure you are prepared for the opportunities that come along.
  • Why self-discipline is key to achieving your goals.
  • Since Howard had the thrill of playing in the biggest arena in life (for football) the Super Bowl, twice…we find out how  preparing for that is different from preparing from any other game. Learn what kind of mentality you’ll need to prepare for your bigg game.
  • What Howard means when he says in his book that being part of a team takes a lot of individual work.

Visit to get your copy of the great book,
Laying it on the Line.

Next time, Howard talks about getting past obstacles that get in the way of your bigg goals. He even shares a personal story about when he almost gave up on his NFL dream…and who convinced him to push on. Also, find out why Howard says you can’t share your bigg dreams with everyone.

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