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7 Steps to Complain Effectively (and Gain 10 Hours a Month)

7 Steps to Complain Effectively Blog Image

Complain effectively and issues get resolved. Plus, research shows it will free up 10 hours a month of your time.

We discussed complaining on The BIGG Success Show today. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

This show was inspired by an article on Harvard Business Review by Peter Bregman. He does an excellent job showcasing the reasons for and results of complaining.

The two of us fight the same urge to complain as everyone else. So we designed this episode as a reminder to us. We hope it helps you as well.

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How to Be a Success and Feel Empty

Be full not empty for BIGG SuccessIn regards to the economy, while we haven’t faced a full-blown depression, author Umair Haque over at the Harvard Business Review Blog wonders if we’re in psychological recession.

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He cites some statistics from a study about our general state of being, or our level of happiness. Here’s what it shows:

  • 9.8% of adults strongly agree that their life is close to their ideal.
  • 19% of adults strongly agree that they are satisfied with their life.
  • 21% of adults strongly agree that their life has a clear sense of purpose.
  • 30% of adults strongly agree that on most days they feel a sense of accomplishment from what they do.

Turn Emptiness into Success with Life On Your Own Terms

So, how do we live well? How do we feel more of a sense of purpose?

BIGG Success is life on your own terms. It’s about being the entrepreneur of your life.

What causes us to feel empty? What can we do to live with more meaning and purpose? Ask yourself these 4 questions:

Are you defining yourself too narrowly?
Maybe you have a high powered job and that’s how you identify yourself. Maybe you are defining yourself by your salary. That’s fine if it works for you, but what if that goes away?


Mary-Lynn FosterI had an identity through my job of 20 years. I was known by all around me as a radio DJ. While I loved that identity, I had to create my own when I left the industry, which I’ve done with Bigg Success!


Are you placing too much emphasis one particular aspect of your life?

If you aren’t feeling a sense of purpose at work…what are you doing outside of work? What are you doing to improve your situation? By working towards a goal, your job is a means to an end, which alleviates the feeling that you aren’t accomplishing anything.

Are you putting too much stress in your life?

We’ve said this before, your lifestyle affects your work. If you are spending too much, you’ll have to work more to pay it off, which will hold you back from going after the life that you want.

Are you giving away your power?

The easy way out is to blame circumstances. But looking for a scapegoat doesn’t help you improve your situation. Bigg goal-getters don’t let obstacles stop them in their tracks. Be honest with yourself. Think about what you really want, what’s holding your back, and what you can start doing today to work towards that goal.

No, it won’t be easy, and it may take years before your life plan falls into place.

But, working to live life on your own terms, rather than denying yourself the possibility of achieving it, WILL give you peace of mind, a sense of purpose, and satisfaction. That’s BIGG Success

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Dare to Dream – Part 2

Dare Dream Do Book CoverWe continued our conversation with Whitney Johnson on The BIGG Success Show today. Whitney is a popular Harvard Business Review blogger and author of the wonderful book, Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream.

Last time, we talked about why women in particular deny themselves the right to dare to dream.

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Listen to the show to discover:

  • why dreamers often get labeled in a negative way
  • why we tend to let critics rain on our dreams parade
  • Whitney’s three-step model for personal advancement and happiness
  • why we dream
  • how her book helps those willing to dare to dream
  • why you don’t have to “marry” your dream

You can also “like” Whitney on her DareDreamDo Facebook Page.

Please check back in with us next time to discover if men or women are more risk averse.

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Dare to Dream – Part 1

Dare Dream Do Book CoverOn The BIGG Success Show today, we began a 3-part interview with Whitney Johnson. She’s a popular Harvard Business Review blogger with a goal: to help you identify and achieve your dreams.

She believes you can be happier by focusing on both your dreams and the other people in your life. She explains all of this in her fantastic book, Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream.

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In this segment you’ll hear:

  • why she directed her book to women in particular
  • what she discovered about women while working on Wall Street
  • what inspired her to write her book
  • how she found her own dream
  • interesting tidbits from a study about women and ambition
  • why high achievers tend to shy away from their dreams

You can also find Whitney on her Dare Dream Do Facebook Page.

Please join us next time when Whitney shares her three-step model for personal advancement and happiness.

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Why People Get Divorced, Raise Bad Children, and Go to Jail

compartmentalizing your life | BIGG SuccessMany people fail to recognize an important natural law. By failing to see it, their lives are more complicated. They compartmentalize it because they don’t understand:

Your life is a system.

On The BIGG Success Show awhile back, we talked about why the concept of work – life balance misses the mark. Looking at your life holistically – and understanding how the pieces work together – is one of the secrets of BIGG success:

Don’t separate, integrate. It’s the first step. The second is to find ways for your professional life to add value to your personal life and vice versa. That’s systems thinking!

On this subject of thinking of your life as a systems, we found a great post by Clayton Christensen on the Harvard Business Review blog entitled How Will You Measure Your Life? It’s a great piece which we highly recommend to you.

He applies management theories to questions about happiness at work and home. It’s extensive so we’ll hit on a few of the highlights below including an explanation of why people get divorced, raise bad children and go to jail.

Your decisions shape your strategy

Christensen says some of his college classmates come to class reunions “unhappy, divorced, and alienated from their children.” He says:

“I can guarantee you that not a single one of them graduated with the deliberate strategy of getting divorced and raising children who would become estranged from them.”

However, that has been the result for a significant number of his classmates. Why does this happen?

In many cases, it’s because there’s a disconnection between their strategies and their purpose. It stems from a misallocation of resources.

“Your decisions about allocating your personal time, energy, and talent ultimately shape your life’s strategy,” he proffers. If you allocate your resources in line with your purpose, your results will be in line with it.

Your actions are a mirror

As humans, we often seek instant gratification. This means we forsake activities with the greatest long-term payoff in favor of activities that yield immediate results.

For example, you could invest more time today and make more money. The feedback loop is immediate and tangible.

Or you could spend the same time with your family. You may not know for years if your investment had any impact. You may never really know.

The key is to focus on your actions instead of just the results. Your actions are a mirror. They reflect who you are and, more importantly, who you are trying to become. When you think about your actions today, do you like the reflection you see?

Live with purpose, on purpose

Keep your purpose constantly in your mind. BIGG success is life on your own terms. There are five elements of BIGG success – money, time, growth, work and play. Money and time are your two resources. As you consider allocation decisions, ask yourself:

If I choose to invest my precious resources in this thing / activity, will it move me closer to life on my own terms? Why?

Then ask yourself “Why?” again. And again. It may take 5 Why’s to get to the underlying reason for this allocation decision. Once you’ve arrived at this point, ask yourself:

Is there a better option? Brainstorm for possibilities keeping your purpose at the forefront.

This simple process helps you invest your precious resources intentionally, instead of inadvertently. It helps you live with purpose, on purpose. It helps you think about the long-term impact.

Staying out of jail

Two of Christensen’s 32 Rhodes scholar classmates have done prison time (one being Enron’s former CEO, Jeff Skilling). “These were good guys – but something in their lives sent them off in the wrong direction,” says Christensen.

He talks about the theory of marginal cost. The marginal cost of going against your values “just this once” often seems very low. However, crossing the line one time makes it easier to rationalize the next time. The full cost of this course can be devastating.

He concludes, “It’s easier to hold your principles 100% of the time than it is to hold them 98% of the time.” It also keeps you out of jail!

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