5 Interview Questions for Barack Obama

soft_skillsHere in the United States, it’s convention time with the Democratic National Convention winding down tonight. It’s all about landing the biggest job in the world.

Whenever any of us goes for a job, it pays to think about our strengths. What makes us unique? What sets us apart?

Now when we think of the Democratic Party, we think of donkeys! Note we didn’t say jackasses … we don’t take sides here!



It may seem strange to you, but we started thinking about what a donkey could say in an interview to stand apart. So we put a tie on our fictional donkey and sent him off for an interview. Although, we must admit, he still didn’t smell that good!

Our donkey emphasized that one of his most significant strengths was … his strength. In many parts of the world, a donkey is a person’s most prized possession. That’s because donkeys carry the burden so you don’t have to. Our donkey emphasized that hiring him would make your work easier.

Our donkey also stressed that he is a protector. In fact, donkeys are often used to scare predators away from farm animals. Predators like cougars (and we’re not talking about the Sex and the City kind). So our donkey asserted that if you hired him, he could keep competitors at bay!

Comedian Jake Novak, of Jake’s Comedy Corner, called in for today’s show. He’s thought about some common interview questions that might be good for the Presidential candidates. Today, he had some questions for Barack Obama. Next Thursday, we’ll share questions for John McCain. 

Jake’s Take – 5 Interview Questions for Barack Obama

Question #1: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Because in five years I’ll be living in Guatemala to avoid your tax hikes.

Question #2: Are you willing to travel for this job?
Because with a name like Barack Obama you’re going to get strip searched at the airport every time.

Question #3: Describe your employment history.

I understand you only need fifteen seconds to answer this, Mr. Obama, so try answering slowly.

Question #4: What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?
Besides inspiring us to diet because you’re crazy thin and we all look like blimps next to you, dude.

Question #5: What will you do when you get this position?
Because you’re not going to wake me up with another text message at 3 AM, are you?

Hillary Clinton was going to answer the phone at 3 AM. Barack Obama sends text messages at 3 AM. Guess we prefer a President who texts!

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Next time, we’ll discuss a simple game that helps you improve your strategic decision-making skills. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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Top 10 Ways to De-Motivate Yourself

Nobody else can de-motivate you – you have to do it yourself. Be careful, though, because along the way, you could be inspired by others.

You have to keep focusing on staying de-motivated.  It’s not as easy as you might think!

#10 – Don’t work at something you enjoy. If you love what you do, you just might find yourself motivated to do it. Do something you hate and you’re bound to stay de-motivated.

#9 – Don’t get enough sleep.
When you sleep, your body refreshes. You may risk moments of motivation if this happens. So stay up late watching mindless television, stay out late with your friends, and get hammered. It’s a great way to stay de-motivated.

#8 – Be negative about everything.
Wake up and say things like …
“I hate my job and the people I work with.”
“People suck.”
“Nobody will buy from me today.”
“My boss is a jerk.”

Keep telling yourself how bad everything else is. Oh, and don’t forget to share your misery with as many people as you can. If you do this, you’ll be sure to stay de-motivated.

#7 – Work all the time.
Don’t ever make any time for fun. If all you ever do is work, you’ll soon come to resent your work. Never make time for anything else, especially things that might lift your spirits and give you a needed break. All work and no play is a sure-fire way to stay de-motivated.

#6 – Eat terrible food and avoid exercise so you don’t have much energy.
If you have energy, you might feel like doing something. You can’t have that! A diet full of junk food combined with no exercise is the recipe for staying de-motivated.

#5 – Tell yourself how much of a failure you are.
Use affirmations such as “I’m a loser.” Get out your permanent marker and write a huge “L” on your forehead. Always remind yourself how bad you are, of the goals you haven’t reached, of anything you’re unhappy with about yourself. Fill your mind with negative thoughts about yourself so you can have a positively de-motivating day!

#4 – Hang out with people who complain all the time.
We’ll warn you … positive people can rub off on you. So spend your time with people who aren’t going anywhere and are full of excuses why they’re staying put. They’ll help you stay de-motivated.

#3 – Stay away from success stories.
Reading or hearing these may just make you think you can do it, too. Don’t look to successful people for a model on how to succeed. Just dismiss their success as luck and be jealous. That will keep you de-motivated.

#2 – Don’t ever do anything to change your circumstances.
You don’t have any control over them anyway, so why try? Sure, you could spend your time trying to make a better life for yourself, but you might just succeed at it and then get motivated. You can’t have that – accept that there are no opportunities for you. You’re just living out your fate. That will keep you de-motivated.

#1 – Listen to the news.
It’s sure to keep your spirits low. Bad news is good news when it comes to keeping yourself de-motivated. 

Misery loves company! So share your thoughts on how to stay de-motivated …Click on our Comment link below
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Our bigg quote today comes from the book You are Worthless:

“Tomorrow is going to be even worse than today.”

So begin today de-motivating yourself for tomorrow and you’ll stay permanently de-motivated.

Next time, we’ll discuss the question you must answer to increase your sales. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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Top 5 Signs You’re Managing Your Money Like Wall Street

Some of the smartest people in the world work on Wall Street. Yet the news is ripe with Wall Street’s woes. Today, we’ll discuss some lessons that you can learn from their mistakes.

We talked with Jake Novak on The Bigg Success Show. He shared his five signs that you’re managing your money like Wall Street. You can hear all of the fun if you listen to the show.

About Jake Novak
Jake is a comedy writer whose material is used by more than 100 radio stations across the world! His humor is also featured in weekly columns in Newsday and The Jewish Week. When Jake's not making people laugh, he teaches Journalism at New York University. Jake is also with the recently-launched Fox Business Network.

Top 5 Signs You’re Managing Your Money Like Wall Street

#5 – You'd run up huge debts on your credit cards, then demand that the government forgive those debts, cut interest rates, and then send you and everyone else you know checks for $600.

#4 – You'd hire someone to handle your finances, and even after he failed miserably, you would give him a $100 million severance bonus. Then you'd prove you learned from that mistake by hiring a new financial advisor with a guaranteed severance of at least $200 million.
#3 – After losing your shirt in a string of bad investments, you'd immediately go on a crusade to convince all your neighbors that your problems are their problems too. CNBC would give you as much air time as you want to get that message across.
#2 – You'd spend 364 days a year exaggerating how rich you are, then spend all of tax day telling the government you haven't made a dollar all year.

#1 – After going over your finances and finding you're nearly broke, you decide to blow your last dollars getting the local little league baseball field named after you.


  • Beware of following the herd.
  • The herd often gets over-exuberant. Smart investors often do the opposite. We recently wrote an article on how John Paulson made $3 billion last year [article, 169] with his hedge fund doing just this.

  • Don’t pay more taxes than you owe.
  • You must pay taxes, but you don’t have to pay a dollar more than you owe. Studies of Main Street millionaires show that they take tax planning seriously. Take a lesson from Wall Street and Main Street – hire a good tax planner!

  • Watch your debt load.
  • Don’t buy it unless you can pay cash. If you do use a credit card, pay it off in full every month. If you can’t do that, you can’t afford it. After all, YOU can’t count on the government to bail you out!

  • Look out for ego boosters.
  • Forget the little league field. Dump the stock when your company gets their name on a major league stadium. That’s just one of the signs that the CEO is likely building his or her legacy, not your nest egg!

If you’ve laughed with the lessons learned today, share it with a friend!

Our bigg quote today is by the writer Gertrude Stein.

“Money is always there but the pockets change.”  

In every market, there are winners and there are losers. Use these tips so you end up with more than pocket change.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so we’ll discuss the heads-up way to follow your heart.

We give a bigg thanks to Jake Novak for sharing his wit and wisdom with us today!

Until next time, here’s to your bigg success.

What’s Your Pick-Up Line?

We know … we know … pick-up lines are for social settings. However, a great opening line helps you professionally as well.

Listen to the show to hear our opening line. It doesn’t translate well to print. Mary-Lynn also shares the “cheesiest” pick-up line she ever heard.

The paperboy who became a billionaire
W. Clement Stone sold papers as a kid. He became a billionaire by selling insurance door-to-door. He documented what he learned in his great book, The Success System That Never Fails.

Picture this – you respond to a knock at your door. You open it to see a young man pointing to a list of names. You recognize quite a few of them – they’re your friends and neighbors. All this has happened within a split second as he begins to speak:

“I believe this will interest you also.”

He didn’t tell them his name or say, “Hello.” He didn’t ask them how they were doing or talk about the weather. No! He had tested … and tested … and tested.  He knew this was his best opening line. It was part of his success system.

Let’s look at three essential components to a great opening line.

#1 – Take the “you” view.
You have to think from the other person’s point of view if you want their attention. You’re probably familiar with the acronym WIIFM – what’s in it for me? Immediately address it because everybody is so busy.

#2 – Engage them.
W. Clement Stone’s opener is intriguing, isn’t it?

You ask yourself, “Why does he think that I’ll be interested? Why were my friends and neighbors interested?”

It’s a disturbing comment! That’s one way to engage people. You may also ask a disturbing question. “Ever notice” how Andy Rooney, with 60 Minutes, does this? Can you hear his voice?

One example of a disturbing question is to ask something that doesn’t ring true. We recently did a show / blog entitled Does It Pay Be Smart?

You say to yourself, “Well, of course it does! So why are they questioning it? What‘s the rest of the story?” Go ahead … check it out …. you know you want to!

You can also engage people by telling a short story that is humorous, gripping, or inspirational.

#3 – Appeal to their emotions.
Let’s go back to the W. Clement Stone story. Picture him at your door again. He delivers his opening line – “I believe this will interest you also” – as he points to his list of your friends and neighbors.

Do you start to worry that you might be left out? That fear of being excluded gets you into the conversation.

This great opening line worked wonders for retailers
Michael Gerber wrote the phenomenal book, The E-Myth Revisited. The “E” stands for entrepreneur, by the way. He talked about opening lines that sales clerks use.

When you walk into a store, if you’re greeted by a clerk, what do they say?

“May I help you?”

How do you respond? Perhaps something like …

“No, thanks … I’m just looking.”

Gerber advised his retail clients to change the question to:

“Have you visited our store before?”

That’s still a simple “yes” or “no”. However, if the customer said, “Yes”, the sales associate would respond:

“Let me show you our specials for regular customers.”

If the customer said, “No”, the clerk replied:

“Let me show you our specials for first-time customers.”

Doesn’t seem like much of a change, does it? The results were anything but small …

Sales increased 16 percent, on average!

What’s your opening line? What works for you? Leave your suggestions in our comment’s section.

Our Bigg Quote was made over 2,500 years ago by Pythagoras, the mathematician and philosopher.

“Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in a few.”

A great opening line will open doors for you. Next time, we’ll discuss how to tap into your hidden potential. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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