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Keep Your Career Options Open to Be a Success

keeping your options open | BIGG SuccessBIGG success is life on your own terms. But sometimes life throws you a curve ball.

How can you deal with it?

The best way is to prepare for it in advance.

How can you prepare for the unexpected in advance?

By keeping your options open.

Then, if it occurs, you can face the challenge with confidence. So today, we’ll share four keys to keeping your options open.

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5 Lessons From a Kickoff Return for Your Business or Career

football field | BIGG SuccessOne lonely person stands with his back against his own goal line. The ball is placed in a tee sixty yards or more away.

The opposing team’s kicker and his cohorts stand ten yards or so behind the line of scrimmage. Suddenly they rush toward the line.

The kicker approaches the ball. He swings his leg. The ball flies up in the air, turning end over end.

The receiver on the other team positions himself to catch the ball. Then he looks for openings created by his blockers.

And then it happens…

The runner cuts across the field. He’s running and running and running. But he’s not making any progress.

He’s going against the traffic. The players all try to shift quickly in the other direction.

And all of a sudden, the runner sees an opening.

The crowd rises to their feet in a collective mass. You can feel the excitement as they begin to cheer.

He’s moving away from the crowd. No one can catch him. The only people around him are his own players.


The crowd roars.


BIGG success is life on your own terms. It’s all about entrepreneuring your life – taking control to design and build the life that fits you perfectly.

You may or may not be an entrepreneur in the traditional sense of the word. However, you are the entrepreneur of an incredibly important enterprise – your life.

Will you score a touchdown? You will if you understand five lessons about making the BIGG play:

1) Catch the ball

You can’t score a touchdown if you’re not in the game. And you won’t score a touchdown if you don’t have the ball.

The game is your job or business. The ball is a strategy to make the BIGG play.

But beware: once you’re in the game with the ball, people will be trying to tackle you.

2) Respond to the situation on the ground

Entrepreneurs know they can’t predict the future. So they don’t try.

They formulate a strategy and then start running. And they watch. They analyze.

They shift in this direction or that. They respond to the situation on the ground to make the BIGG play.

3) You may have to go against the traffic

To make a BIGG play, you may need to get away from the crowd.

You may have to go against conventional wisdom. You may have to try things, even though people say they won’t work.

You must be willing to risk getting tripped up or tackled by someone you didn’t even see coming.

It’s okay. There will always be another play. You’ll get your chance again.

4) You may spend some time going nowhere

There will be times when you need to make a lateral move if you want to make the BIGG play.

You will be running hard. But you may feel like you’re going nowhere.

Remind yourself that you’re setting up for a BIGG play. You’re buying time to observe the field of play.

All the time, you’re learning. This knowledge will help you find your BIGG break.

5) You must constantly look for an opening

Finding an opening among the masses is the key to finishing your BIGG play.

You have to find your space – a place where you can leave the crowd behind.

You may take your existing product or services to a new market. Or you may introduce a new product or service to your existing customers.

You may take on a project that no one else will touch. You will differentiate yourself somehow to break through the crowd.

Take these lessons to heart and reach BIGG success!

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Entrepreneurs Must Be Crazy

crazy entrepreneur | BIGG SuccessYou have to be crazy to be an entrepreneur. That’s what a lot of people say.

And many, many more think it; they just don’t say it out loud.

This opinion is expressed in many forms. We’ve grouped them into two ways of thinking: the old school approach and the new edition.

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The old school

The old school said that the only people who become entrepreneurs are people who no one else will hire.

They aren’t smart enough.

They don’t have the skills.

They can’t keep a job.

They don’t have a choice.


The new version

The new version of this thought process is a little more subtle.

It says that if you can get a job instead of starting a business, do it. It’s much easier.

We agree.

But it begs the question: Is easy your goal?

The problem with this way of thinking is that it assumes it is.

What if your goal is personal and professional fulfillment?

What if your goal is to make a difference?

What if your goal is to see how far you can go?

What if your goal is to directly see the results you can create?

If that’s the case, then NOTHING beats entrepreneuring.


But being an entrepreneur is risky. Working for someone else is less risky.

Again, we call BULLoney!

Tell that to all the people who got laid off in the Great Recession who are still looking for work.

Tell that to all the people who have started a part-time business just to feel like they have some control over the lives.

Tough is not crazy

Is it tough? Of course it is.

BIGG success in any endeavor is NOT easy. BIGG goal-getters don’t care.

If you want to do something BIGG with your life, it’s going to be hard. You’re blazing a trail few people dare to go down.

And if you’re a real entrepreneur, you don’t care. It’s just part of the game.

Besides, you’re too busy saving the world – or at least your corner of it!

That’s BIGG success!

Do you have an idea for a full- or part-time business but aren’t sure where to go with it? Maybe we can help.

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3 Brutal Truths About Starting Your Own Business

opening the door to business ownership | BIGG SuccessAre you unhappy with your job?

Do you dream of starting your own business?

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Being your own boss.

Setting your own schedule.

Getting paid what you’re worth.

We tend to romanticize what we don’t have. Looking in from the outside, all we see is the glamour.

Let’s talk about the brutal truth of these three commonly held beliefs about starting a business.

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Be your own boss

No more working for “the man.” No longer having to put up with the bull. Not answering to anybody.

The fact is you will answer to more people than ever:

  • Customers

To start, every single one of your customers is your boss.

Sure, it’s different. Sure, if you have enough customers, you can afford to fire one now and then.

But if you want to be a BIGG success in your small business, you better get really good at serving your customers.

  • Financiers

    Your financiers are your boss. It’s the golden rule: He or she who has the gold makes the rules! They will likely set parameters within which you must operate.

Of course, if you don’t need outside funding, you won’t have to worry about these bosses.

  • Government

    As a small business owner, you will answer to governmental entities at the local, state and federal levels. Once you hire your first employee, the requirements will escalate. Certain businesses are more regulated than others but every small business deals with government.

  • Employees

    Employees as your boss? Are we nuts? Stick with us for just a minute.

    If you believe in servant leadership, you may think of your employees as your boss even though it obviously isn’t the case.

    We believe that it’s the leader’s job to make it as easy as practically and financially possible for each and every employee to do his or her job.

Set your own schedule

Can you picture it? Rolling into work late. Taking a long lunch. Leaving the office early. Afternoons on the golf course. Long vacations. What a life!

What a lie!

The reality is that, when you first start your business, you will probably work more than you ever have in your life.

You’ll have to, unless you have a lot of money to pay for help. But then, you’ll be flowing red and you’ll feel even more stress to reach break-even.

Of course, once your business is a BIGG success, you may be able to back down on the time you spend on it. But that will take years, if not decades.

Get paid what you’re worth

Finally, you will be compensated for your effort. Your true value will be valued. You can set your own pay.

The truth is not quite so pretty. You may not be able to afford to pay yourself as much as you make now.

Of course, in time, you better make more money. But you have to plant in order to harvest.

You will invest both time and money. You deserve to be compensated fairly for both.

But it won’t likely happen right away. Chances are, you will subsidize your business for a period of time. (Unless, of course, you raise more money. In that case, see the discussion above about financiers and the golden rule.)

If you no longer want to be an entrepreneur, great! We’ve accomplished something here today. You’ll be spared the financial and emotional costs of starting your own business.

If after reading all this, you still have that feeling in your gut – you just have to do it; you cannot accept not trying; you have to start your own business.

Great! We’ve accomplished something here today. You’re ready to start your own business with your eyes wide open. It leads to BIGG success!

If you aren’t sure how to get started, shoot us an e-mail at or leave a voice message at 877.988.BIGG(2444). Tell us what you’re thinking about. Maybe we can help.

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The Trap That Catches Most Entrepreneurs

trapMany people start a small business to replace a lost job. Many people already in business say they’re just trying to “make a good living.”

If you adopt the same mindset, you’ll end up in the trap!

BIGG success is life on your own terms. It’s about designing and building the life that fits you perfectly. The focus is on making a life, not just a living.

If you don’t think that BIGG, you fall into the trap: Your days are so full of “busy-ness” that you don’t have time to develop the business.

You can’t get out of the trap. You work for the business but the business doesn’t work for you.

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How do you avoid the trap?

Don’t sell products or services. Promote a brand instead.

However, promoting a brand isn’t enough. Develop your business.

Even developing your business isn’t enough. Focus on building a life.

To make a life, not just a living, from your business:

  • You must have an exit plan.

    Your exit plan is your compass. It sets your direction. It’s the end you must have in mind at the beginning, according to Stephen Covey.

Yet most entrepreneurs we talk with never think about their exit plan. They object – they say they don’t ever plan to exit their business. Fine – but a business is a very illiquid asset. You need a plan for liquidity.

  • Select strategies that move you closer to your exit.

    Strategic planning is mostly about eliminating options. Get everything that doesn’t move you toward your end goal off the table.

Once you do that, you’ll only be looking at strategies that work for you. You want to select the one that you think will get you to your exit in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • Be prepared to adapt or abandon.

    Your strategy may not work. It may need to be tweaked. Or you may find it’s just wrong. You need to abandon it and try another one.

You never know what will happen when your idea hits the market. However, proactively pursuing an exit while reacting to market information quickly and decisively leads to BIGG success!

Do you want to make a life, not just a living? E-mail us at or leave a voice message at 877.988.2444. Maybe we can help you.

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