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Knowledge Does Not Lead to Success

knowledgeKnowledge is power.

Bull! Knowledge is useless in and of itself.

Go to school. Get good grades. And the world will open its door to you.

Wrong again! School is just the starting point of learning.

These myths were debunked years ago by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich. He said that general knowledge is of little importance to BIGG success.

Okay, he didn’t say BIGG success. And he didn’t spell “BIGG” the right way, like we do.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. If getting rich is part of your definition of BIGG success, you have to understand that wealth isn’t created by general knowledge.

Yet most people think it is. It’s what we’re told all our lives.

It doesn’t mean going to school and learning is a waste of time. It’s not.

It creates a foundation. But it’s not enough if you want to be a BIGG success.

To accumulate riches, knowledge must be directed, organized, and applied.

Directed knowledge

You must take what you know and learn and apply it to a destination. Where do you want to end up?

Organized knowledge

Once you have directed your knowledge, you must organize it into specific plans of action. What is your strategy for getting where you want to go?

Applied knowledge

Finally, once you know where you’re going and you know how you plan to get there, it’s time to go.

All the knowledge in the world, all the direction, and all the organization does you no good unless it’s applied. Take action for BIGG success!