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Two Rules for Living This Season Year Round

the most wonderful time of the year | BIGG SuccessOnce upon a time – long, long ago – an alien elder sent her protégé to Planet Earth with her protégé. His mission – to observe the most advanced creatures on this strange planet.

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[haiku url=”″ title=”The BIGG Success Show #841″]
He arrived toward the end of the winter. It was cold. The land seemed barren. And he was struck by this white substance that fell from the sky to create a blanket on the land.

Winter soon gave way to spring and the protégé basked in the warmth of the sun. He was struck by how the ground turned from brown to green. And suddenly, all the plants seemed to be encompassed by this strange green foliage.

As was his mission, he continued watching the humans, as he had come to learn they were called. He dictated detailed notes each day back to his home planet.

Spring gave way to summer and the heat. Oh, he almost couldn’t bare it.

And then fall came. He was awestruck at the changing colors and the leaves falling from the trees.

Then came winter. The white stuff fell. It was cold.

But soon, he felt the warmth of the humans’ hearts. It was the most wonderful time of the year, he heard them say.

And they were right – there was something special about this season.

His stay ended about a month later. He was beamed back to his home planet.

The alien elder asked, “What did you learn, my protégé?”

“I learned that these humans are strange creatures indeed. They really behave differently one time a year. They are friendlier. They are more compassionate. It’s how we always treat each other.”

“Why do you think that we are able to carry this spirit through the whole year and they are not?”

“Are we smarter?” the protégé asked.

“No, they are just as smart as we are.”

“Do we have bigger hearts?”

“No, we both have the same capacity to care.”

“Then I do not know, wise elder.”

“Our planet only has two rules. You know them. What is the first?”

“Love the Supreme Being with all your heart.”

“You are correct, young lad. This is important because it helps us realize there is something or someone greater than ourselves. We are reminded of our place in the universe. And the second rule?”

“Love everyone, including yourself.”

“Right again. Before you can truly love anyone, you must love yourself. The greater your capacity to love yourself, the greater your capacity to love others.

“It seems so simple. Shouldn’t there be more rules?”

“Ah, it is simple but it is not easy. You see, the earthlings are governed by the same two rules. But they like to make it complicated.”

Two rules. That’s all it takes to be a BIGG success!

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3 Simple Tips for Making New Year Resolutions You Can Keep

3 tips for New Year Resolutions | BIGG SuccessAs this year gives way to next, many people are thinking about New Year resolutions.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. And there’s one term to keep in mind as you make your New Year resolutions if you want to keep them.

That word is…too.

Here are three reasons people don’t keep their resolutions, all involving the word “too”. As you’ll see, they all have one underlying theme:

Keeping your New Year resolutions has a lot to do with making them.

Too little motivation

Many people fail to keep the resolutions they make because of a lack of motivation. As you think about a possible New Year resolution, ask yourself a very important question: Why?

Why is it important to achieve this one thing? You need a compelling “why” in order to maintain the motivation to keep your resolution.

Think “must”, not “want”. Know why you must achieve any resolution you make.

Too many resolutions

Another reason that many people fail to keep their resolutions is an easy one to fix. They simply make too many of them.

Don’t plan to go on a diet, start exercising, stop smoking and drinking all in one fell swoop. Limit the number of resolutions you make to one or two – perhaps one personal and one professional or one fitness-related and one financial resolution.

Too much change too quickly

Yet one more reason many people fail to keep their resolutions is they make sweeping changes. BIGG success is the result of sequential small changes.

So if you plan to go on a diet, don’t go from feast to famine. Instead, change one habit at a time.

For example, substitute a piece of fruit for that candy bar in your mid-afternoon snack. Once that becomes a habit – plan on two weeks to a month – make another change.

Little by little, you’ll see the BIGG change you want. Take time to celebrate each victory along the way. It leads to BIGG success!

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What is Your Ideal Day?

Our ideal day balcony view | BIGG Success
Our friend, Jason Womack, has a fantastic new book called Your Best Just Got Better. One of the concepts in his book is the Ideal Day.

He says that “envisioning your Ideal Day can make a major impact on your creativity, productivity and quality of life.” So he’s promoting the Ideal Day Campaign.

And we’re participating! Here are our Ideal Days:

[Mary-Lynn] I open my balcony door to hear the glorious sound of the ocean. The constant motion gives me peace. I enjoy a cup of coffee as I watch the waves in amazement. I begin my day reading some inspiring work from online friends, and share those articles with others on my social media spaces. Then I get to work…forward motion like the waves…creating content and tools to help our clients move forward, to live life on their own terms. I take a break during the day to get in some exercise. I feel so much better mentally and physically when I do this. At the end of the day, I go for a stroll along the ocean with my husband and business partner, holding his hand, feeling the water touch my feet.

[George] I wake up early without an alarm and go to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. I feed our cat Fraidy after giving him some attention. Then I grab that extra strong first cup as the coffee still percolates. I ease into the day by reading the Bible and spending some quiet time in prayer and contemplation. I see a hint of sunshine through the window and look out at the glimmer on the great expanse of water. What a wonderful day this will be! I step out onto the balcony with my computer and check my e-mail. I exchange messages with friends, colleagues and clients. Now it’s time to get to work, so I start doing the work I love. We create a lot of content every week and I’m most creative in the morning. By mid-morning, it’s time for a break. Mary-Lynn and I walk down to the white sandy beach and go for a long, brisk walk. Then it’s back to work. I spend the rest of the work day conversing, researching and planning. Mary-Lynn and I enjoy our dinner on our balcony, overlooking the ocean. I close the day with some light reading as I enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of nature.

The first thing you may notice is who makes the coffee in our house!

We wrote these independently but you’ll notice the similarity between them. That’s because we frequently discuss our individual and mutual visions.

Fortunately, we both share similar affinities and dreams. Maybe that’s why we can spend so much time together without fighting (much)!

We vacation in a coastal area every chance we get. In fact, the photo above is the view from our balcony the last time we did.

It’s also true that we live our Ideal Day most days, without the ocean. We love where we live; we have so many wonderful friends here. But down the road, we will spend much more time every year by BIGG water!

What’s your Ideal Day? Share it here or better yet – post it on your blog. Then go over to Jason’s blog and let him know.

While you’re there, you can get a free chapter of Your Best Just Got Better. You can even sign up to have your Ideal Day funded by Jason!

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2 Questions to Live Your Dream Life

2 questions to living your dream life | BIGG SuccessBIGG success is life on your own terms. You are the entrepreneur in charge of this very important enterprise – your life.

What do you want to do with your life?

What should you do with your life?

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[haiku url=”″ title=”The BIGG Success Show #828″]
Two interesting questions to ask yourself. Although – the answers may be at odds with each other, at least at times until…

…you put away small-mindedness and put on your entrepreneurial thinking cap.

Think strategically to live your dream life!

When you do this, you realize that these two seemingly opposing questions actually work hand-in-hand.

Begin with want

You can’t expect to get somewhere that you never plan to go to. Is it possible? Sure. Is it likely? Of course not.

In fact, it’s unlikely. In those few instances where it happens, it’s just sheer dumb luck.

So place “want” first. Define it. What exactly do you want?

Take some time to really think about it. At first, just list your answers. Then get away – for an hour, a day, a week. It’s up to you. But give yourself some space.

When you look at the items on your list:

  • Ask “Why?”

    Don’t ask it just once. Keep asking until you have a real sense of the motivation behind the item. You may ask “Why” (or a question that hints at it) five or more times to get to your true motivation.

    In some instances, you may discover that an item just isn’t that important on further reflection. Don’t be timid. Idea elimination is just as important as idea generation.

  • Look for common themes

    It’s likely you will spot themes in your list. Some of the items may have to do with work. Others will be for home. Some may be both.

    These are just examples of connections. Draw a line between items with a common theme.

This is a process. It doesn’t have to be done all at once. And here’s another secret – it’s never done. You will almost surely redefine some aspects of your dream as you pursue it.

The “want” question clarifies the what. It helps you settle in on your vision. Now you’re ready for the next question.

Then think should

What should you do today to live your dream life someday? This is about the “how” – defining what it will it take to get from where you are to where you want to be?

Map out the steps to BIGG success. This will help you set priorities. You’ll be better able to say “No” to things that don’t move you further ahead. By eliminating those things, you’ll have the time for your most important day-to-day activities.

The “what” question helps you clarify the BIGG picture. The “should” question helps you understand the required day-to-day activities.

Together, they lead to BIGG success!

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The Only Two Traits You Need for Success as an Entrepreneur

2 traits that lead to BIGG Success as an entrepreneurWe’ve been doing some research about the history of the term “entrepreneur.” And we uncovered an interesting fact.

At least we think so; we hope you do too!

Origins of entrepreneur

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, “entrepreneur” originates in the French language. It is the “agent noun” for “entreprendre”, which means undertake.

So entrepreneurs are undertakers? We weren’t sure we liked that.

So we did some more research. Thanks to The Word Detective, we learned that “undertaker” was used more generally until late in the 17th century (e.g. contractors).

At that time, funeral directors began using the term to describe their occupation. It turned out that was the death (we couldn’t resist!) of the word for everyone else.

However, to this day, the primary definition of “undertaker” – according to Merriam-Webster – is “one that undertakes: one that takes the risk and management of business: entrepreneur”.

Kind of interesting, eh? But we didn’t really know what to say about it until we saw this…

The second trait

We recently listened to a conversation between Bob Burg and Josh Hinds two of our favorite people. They chatted about Josh’s fantastic book, It’s Your Life – Live Big. (Yes, we’ve teased Josh about spelling “BIGG” wrong!)

In the title to his post, Bob called Josh an “overcomer.” It’s one great way to describe Josh. He has Tourette’s syndrome. But he didn’t let that slow him down. Not only is he an author, he is an entrepreneur and speaker!

One word – overcomer. Suddenly the scales fell off the eyes. The world was clear again.

BIGG success comes second

You can be an entrepreneur with just the first trait. You can be an undertaker.

But BIGG success as an entrepreneur comes from the second one – you have to be an overcomer.

However, you won’t have anything to overcome if you never undertake!

It’s the two together that pack the punch.

Undertake. Overcome. It’s all you need to do to be a BIGG success!

What have you overcome? How did you do it?

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