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Print Your Own Money Legally

money We had never thought about this until we read the story about Crissy Thompson. Printing coupons is like printing money. Only you won’t go to jail!

During tough times, when nearly everyone is looking for ways to save money, clipping coupons can make a bigg difference. But many people don’t use coupons.



Why don’t we use coupons more?

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How Do You Define Professional

By Bigg Success Staff

Wynn Bigg Today


I’ve often thought that the best definition of a professional is a person who makes his or her job look so easy that you think you could do it!

I recently realized that my definition could use a little tweaking.

Windy City blues are not-so-blue
I happened to be in the Windy City last week on business. I unexpectedly had some time to kill, so I decided to surprise one of my friends.

I’ve heard him speak on many occasions to a number of business students. I’ve heard him talk about his business. I know his business. I saw him start it.

As he shares his story, I often think how easy it’s been for him to succeed. He’s become a millionaire many times over with seemingly little effort.

After I got through all of the layers of security necessary (I chided him later that I didn’t realize how important he was), I finally got into his office. I was greeted by his executive assistant.

It turned out he was on the phone. So I had a nice conversation with his assistant while I waited. Although, our conversation was frequently interrupted by a raised voice … coming from my friend’s office. His voice.

One of his advisors had dropped the ball. It cost him a small amount of money and a large amount of aggravation. He wanted to know what happened and his advisor wasn’t forthcoming.

If he didn’t learn what happened, he couldn’t make sure it wouldn’t happen again. The conversation ended without the issue getting resolved.

But what happened next was the biggest surprise – he came out of his office with a bigg smile on his face!

So put on a happy face
I realized that’s why his talks with students always sound so good. In his mind, things ARE good. He has the ability to get off the phone, walk a few steps, and completely forget about what just happened.

We all have bad days. Or at least bad moments. Successful people just seem to get past them easier.

That’s part of what makes them successful!

It made me wonder – who is a great model of this behavior? I picked my favorite.

Donald Trump is the master at this. I’ve heard him questioned about some difficulty he’s experienced. He briefly passed over the subject at hand and then starts plugging how wonderful things are in the Trump empire.

He’s constantly selling – himself, his brand, and his products. And no one buys a bad day. We buy good experiences. Successful people exhibit those good experiences so we purchase from them.

If you want to succeed, you have to be a professional.

So what’s my new definition of a professional?

A professional is a person who makes his or her job look so easy that you think you could do it, even when it isn’t easy for them!

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How To Become A Millionaire

By Bigg Success Staff

Timeless Principles


Do you want to be a millionaire?

Here’s a long-standing success formula that a lot of millionaires have followed:

Borrow a million dollars. Pay it back. You’re a millionaire!

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Well, you’ve probably already figured out that it’s not quite as simple as it may sound. So let’s discuss some details of how to do it.

It’s much easier to borrow money if you have “skin in the game”, as lenders often call your stake in any deal.

How much you’ll need to put in depends on a number of factors – what you plan to invest in, the market conditions at that time, the lending environment, your personal history and resources, and more.

You’ll generally need between $100,000 and $1,000,000.

You ask, “Why would I borrow $1 million if I already have $1 million?
We answer, “So you can have $2 million!”

Now, you object, “But I don’t have any money available.”

We answer, “Find a partner who does.”

Of course, you’ll have to share the proceeds with them. But so what – as long as you’re making progress toward your goal, why do you care?

Track record
You need a good credit rating to borrow money. These days there’s a flight to quality. The higher your credit score, the better. So if you don’t have a good credit rating, work hard to improve it. In the meantime, find a partner with a good one.

It also helps to have of past successes. Start small and begin building your track record. Or team up with someone who has a track record, but needs something you can offer.

You can’t just buy any asset – an asset that goes down in value won’t help you reach your $1 million goal. You want to buy something that will go up in value (or at the very least, hold its value).

How do you do that?

First, calculate your return. Divide the cash flow you will receive before your loan payment by the price you will pay for the asset.

Now compare that to your interest cost.

Is it greater?

If the answer is “yes”, then you may have a good investment. If the answer is “no”, you almost definitely don’t.

You’ll want to weigh in other factors, but that’s beyond the scope of this article.

Want to learn more? E-mail us at!

Just type “I want to be a millionaire” in the Subject line.

Here’s the secret that millionaires have been using for years – they let their customers pay off their debt!

Think about it this way. Let’s say you own a duplex. You have two customers who pay their rent every month. You then pay the mortgage on the property. This continues month after month, year after year.

Before you know it, you own a duplex outright! You haven’t done anything extraordinary. You’ve just let your customers pay off your debt!

It’s not simple, but yet it is. You need some basic business skills before you start.

The reason this works is it’s a forced savings program. Your money just keeps growing year after year.

This is the timeless secret that a lot of millionaires have used to build their nest egg!

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Review: The Richest Man In Babylon

By Bigg Success Staff

Bigg Book Review

If you’re looking for some timeless advice on the pursuit of wealth, and you love a good story, The Richest Man in Babylon is for you. It’s both inexpensive and a very quick read – but the advice is priceless.

This book may have produced more millionaires than any other book in history. It’s a must-have for your library. Read it again and again. Apply its principles and you, too, will become rich.

You can earn a good living and end up with nothing. This book will tell you how to make your money work for you – step by step.

George S. Clason, its author, tells the story of Arkad, who was famous for his wealth and generosity. In fact, Arkad was the richest man in Babylon. He recounts how he learned the secrets of accumulating great wealth.

When the amazing secret to accumulating great wealth was revealed to him, Arkad was working as a scribe in the hall of records. He struck a deal with Algamish, the money lender, who possessed great riches.

One day, Arkad was approached by Algamish, who needed a copy of a certain law carved onto a tablet by the next morning. Arkad agreed to do it, if Algamish would share his secret to accumulating riches.

How to acquire money
Arkad worked all night to finish the task. The next morning, Arkad delivered the stone to Algamish. And Algamish fulfilled his part of the bargain. He told Arkad the first secret to accumulate great wealth …

“A part of all you earn is yours to keep.”

Arkad couldn’t believe he had toiled all night for such simple advice. Surely, there was more to it than that. He questioned Algamish, who demonstrated that Arkad didn’t understand the power of this statement – Algamish’s great fortune started with this basic law.

Arkad decided to try it. Despite temptations, he succeeded in setting aside a part of everything he earned. He was surprised that he didn’t really notice a difference in his spending, because he set the money aside first.

How to keep money
Algamish returned a year later to continue coaching Arkad. Algamish asked Arkad what he had done with his money. Arkad told Algamish that the money was with the bricklayer. He was on a trip to buy jewels. Algamish told Arkad that his money was gone – if he wanted to buy jewels, he should have given his money to the jeweler. That’s how you keep money …

“He who takes advice about his savings from one who is inexperienced in
such matters, shall pay with his savings for proving the falsity of their opinions.”

He encouraged Arkad to try again, only this time to only trust an expert with the savings. With that, Algamish left.

How to use money
Algamish returned a year later and, once again, asked Arkad to report on his progress. Arkad was a good student. He had saved money once again. This time, he turned it over to an expert. He made money on his money. And he celebrated – with a great feast.

Algamish scolded Arkad once again …

“First get thee an army of golden slaves and then
many a rich banquet may you enjoy without regret.”

Arkad took these lessons to heart and became the richest man in Babylon. First you have to save money. Then invest it wisely. Finally, invest the returns from your investments until you have more money than you need. Now you can feast!

All that great advice and we’re only up to Chapter 2! There’s so much more to this book. We’ve only briefly outlined the great advice to this point. It’s full of great stories with timeless lessons.

That’s why we highly recommend that you read this book. If you’ve read it already, we suggest that you read it again. Keep the principles of this book in front of you throughout the coming year and you, too, will enjoy a rich life!