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Did Someone Forget to Tell You?

did someone forget to tellAs we begin a New Year, we want to share a thought with you about some people you know (and some you may not). We have a question about all of them:

Did someone forget to tell them?

Did someone forget to tell Jimmy Durante that he couldn’t sing? It didn’t matter to him. He became a star, thanks in part to his gravelly voice which made him noticeable.

Did someone forget to tell Albert Einstein he wasn’t smart enough? After all, he struggled with language his whole life. He didn’t start talking until he was three. And he failed a language exam when he was sixteen. Yet he is one of the people often associated with the term “genius”.

Did someone forget to tell Helen Keller that blind people can’t become authors?

She certainly didn’t let that little challenge stop her.

And lest you think these people are just “one-off” examples, consider John Bramblitt. Did someone forget to tell him that blind people can’t paint? In fact, it was just that – going blind – which lit the path to his passion.

Did someone forget to tell Josh Hinds that a person with a stuttering problem caused by Tourette’s Syndrome couldn’t become a public speaker? It didn’t stop him. He became a pioneer of personal development online.

Did someone forget to tell Bethany Hamilton that surfers need two arms? While surfing at the age of 13, a 14-foot tiger shark bit off her left arm. Yet she still became (and still is) an award-winning professional surfer.

Did someone forget to tell J.K. Rowling that a divorced mother with no money couldn’t become a BIGG success? You know the rest of her story. She’s the first author to become a billionaire.

We’ll bet you that…

  • someone DID tell each and every one of these people not to proceed
  • someone reminded them of the reason why they shouldn’t do it
  • someone told them they would fail if they tried

But they didn’t listen! If they had, we wouldn’t be talking about them.

So don’t let people stop you from pursuing your passion – the passion which will take you to BIGG success.

What do you really want to do?

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Success as an Entrepreneur Stems from 4 P’s

Four Ps for BIGG SuccessHow do you reach BIGG success as an entrepreneur? Remember the 4 P’s:


Put people first. This starts with you. Your business should serve you, not the other way around.

It continues with your employees. You may not have any at first, but as your business grows, the need will likely arise. Don’t neglect these people. Happy employees lead to healthy profits – another one of the p’s as you’ll soon see.

But neither you nor your employees will have any job security if you don’t please your customers. Attracting and, more importantly, retaining customers should be job #1 for everyone in your business.


Your purpose lies where your passions and strengths intersect with a market need. You and your people are able to solve a problem for another group of people.

Your purpose defines your firm’s reason for being – your why. It should be easy to say and even easier to remember.

More importantly, your stated purpose explains the difference you make in the world. It should inspire you and your people to perform at your highest capacity.


Stated simply, a process is a set of procedures. A set of processes forms a system – more specifically, your operating system.

Purpose helps define the what while process describes the how. Purpose helps you determine the right things day to day. Process helps you do them the right way.

Together, purpose and process help you do the right things the right way. You need them both to be a BIGG success.


Finally, we come to the final P – profit. Contrary to many people’s misperceptions, profit is not a dirty word. Without profit:

  • you won’t be able to replace equipment as it wears out
  • you can’t repay your bank debt
  • you won’t have any money to invest in growth
  • you won’t be able to justify pay raises
  • you won’t have the funds to hire more help
  • you would be better off investing your time and money elsewhere

Even non-profit entrepreneurs have to earn a profit if they want to serve more people. It may come in a different form than a for-profit entrepreneur but – make no mistake – it is essential for all enterprises.

There you go – 4 P’s that lead to BIGG success!

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3 Differences Between Passion and Purpose

the BIGG difference between passion and purposeAre purpose and passion the same? Is it just a semantic distinction?

We think not.

Your purpose may flow from your passion or your passion may flow from your purpose. In some cases, the person finds their cause. In other cases, the cause finds the person.

So they are similar, but there are important differences between the two terms.

Passion can be selfish. Purpose can’t.

You can pursue a passion for your own pleasure. It can be purely self indulgent.

[George] I love to sing. But nobody loves to hear it!

Purpose is not selfish. It involves serving others, but it’s not servitude.

It’s feeling joyful about creating joy. It’s about adding value in the lives of others while creating value in your life. It’s win – win.

Passion can be unbridled. Purpose is focused.

Passion is boundless. You can have many passions. You can spend countless hours on them.

Purpose is singular. To fulfill a purpose requires focus. It requires you to choose. But the decision is an easy one when your purpose is compelling.

Passion is what. Purpose is why.

Passion focuses on nouns. What do you love? It’s about the objects of your desires.

Purpose is your motivation, your why. It brings in action so it focuses on verbs. Purpose completes you.

Together, passion and purpose lead to BIGG success!

Do you see any differences between passion and purpose?

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7 Clues to Find Your Passion

seven clues to finding your passion for BIGG SuccessBIGG success is life on your own terms. So today on The BIGG Success Show, we had another installment of Terms from a Hat. The term we pulled out of the BIGG hat was “inkling”.

We recently talked about why you should pray to get laid off. So many people are so unhappy at their current job. Yet many of them have an inkling of how they would like to spend their days.

Do you? Do you have an inkling?

Maybe this will help – here are seven clues to finding your passion:

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1) What makes you feel alive?

Get in touch with your feelings. When you are most excited, what are you doing? That’s a clue to discover your passion.

2) What gives you energy? We tend to think that work consumes our energy. And a lot of it does.

But your life’s work will generate energy within you. Energy you didn’t know you had.

What does that for you? It’s a hint about the kind of work you should look for.

3) What brings you joy?

There are things you hate to do. C’mon, you can admit it.

There are things you do about which you are somewhat agnostic; you can take them or leave them. (Although you’d probably rather leave them.)

Finally, some things make you happy. What are they? It will give you a notion about your passion.

4) What do you look forward to doing?

Are there certain types of projects or tasks that you eagerly anticipate? Is there an annual event you eagerly anticipate? Is there a time of year you particularly long for? These may be clues to what you should do with your life at work.

5th) What is your default?

When you’re not thinking about what to do next, what do you do next?

You probably naturally gravitate to certain kinds of activities. This may be a hint to how you spend your days.

6) What do others comment on when you do it?

What do you do that sparks a response from other people? They often feel the need to tell you how good you did, or how it helped them. It’s a great clue to find your passion.

7) What did you abandon?

What did you leave behind? Maybe a hobby you used to enjoy.

When you were younger, you had dreams. What were they? What did you never take up, never start? Maybe now’s the time.

But in any case, you may get your BIGG idea from thinking about these things.

Thinking about your inkling leads to BIGG success!

Do you have an inkling but don’t know what to do next?
Maybe we can help

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A Simple Technique to Find Your Business Idea

Find your business idea for BIGG SuccessWhere do great business ideas come from? Yesterday, on The BIGG Success Show, we discussed three places to look for your business idea.

Today, we want to extend that discussion. A lot of people start by looking for the hottest business. It’s the wrong place to start.

Begin with you. BIGG success is life on your own terms.

Once you get in business, you’ll be much happier with one suited for you. Too many people end up stuck in a business they detest.

You think a job is bad?
Try going to work every day in a business you hate, doing a job you abhor, for people you can’t stand.

But wait!
It gets worse.
Because unlike a job, you can’t walk away. You have too much invested.

So begin by exploring your passions, preferences, and proficiencies. Of course, you can’t stop there.

Entrepreneuring is a matching process. You have to match your personality with a market opportunity.

So how do you find a market opportunity?

At first, it will sound so simple. So simple, in fact, that you may write this whole post off.

And you’re right. It is simple. But the execution isn’t easy.

Many people get the first one sometimes. Most people never get to the second part.


You never know when or where it will happen – opportunity presents itself.

So look around. Watch the world in front of you. Observe.

What problem would you like solved?
What would you buy if only it were offered to you?
How could you improve what you already buy?


Don’t limit yourself to just your eyesight. Listen.

What problems do people around you have?
What don’t they have that they would like to have?
What experiences have they been dissatisfied with recently?

The wrong question

Too many people who want to get into business ask the wrong question.

The wrong question is: How can I make money?

Successful entrepreneurs ask: What problem can I solve?

Look and listen for problems that need to be solved. Then find a way to solve them profitably and you’ll have a business idea that leads to BIGG success!

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