Do You Treat Your Customers Like a Lover or a Spouse?

abandoned loveHe stood at the bar, surrounded by people…yet all alone.

Music. Talk. Laughter. A blender. Noise. He was aware of them all but his thoughts were even louder.

Why did she leave me? Why doesn’t she love me anymore?

She used to be his biggest fan. She used to tell him so.

And she never stopped telling others how much she loved him. She said so…on Facebook and Twitter and in real life.

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When they first got together, people said they were a perfect match. He looked out for her needs. He took care of her. His passion was visible to everyone.

But over time, he began to take her for granted. He thought she would always stick with him. She would always be a fan.

She would catch him looking at others. At first it was just a glance. But the glances showed more interest as time went by. He didn’t think she noticed; he was wrong.

She also noticed that he didn’t look out for her like he used to. He just didn’t seem to care as much.

The passion was gone. But she wondered if he still loved her.

He seemed more distant. It seemed like he found others more interesting than her.

It used to be just the opposite. No one was like her. He was devoted to her. But now it had come to this.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She left him.

She started buying from his competitor.

His competitor shows the same kind of passion for her that he used to show. She hopes this relationship lasts.

It’s complicated…but if it works out, she’ll talk about him on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else she can.

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Carol Roth on The Entrepreneur Equation – Part 3

Carol RothOn today’s show, we wrapped up our chat
with Carol Roth. Carol is the author of
The Entrepreneur Equation, a must read for aspiring entrepreneurs. Last time, we discussed why men fare better than women at entrepreneuring as well as why you should put opportunity ahead of passion.

In our final podcast of this three-part series, you’ll hear:

  • how you can give yourself the best shot at being a BIGG success as an entrepreneur
  • how to analyze an opportunity with Carol’s framework
  • what existing business owners can learn from this book
  • why rethinking your business model can help you take a giant leap forward
  • Carol’s unique promotional tool and the 3 reasons behind it

We love Carol because she has a genuine desire to help entrepreneurs. If you think a little help would be good, get this book. You’ll qualify for some amazing special offers by pre-ordering it by February 18, 2011.

To listen to Parts 1 and 2 of our interview with Carol Roth, click here.

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Carol Roth on The Entrepreneur Equation Part 2

Carol RothWe continued our conversation with
Carol Roth, author of the great new book
The Entrepreneur Equation. Last time, among other things, we talked about the key to preparing to launch a business and why timing is so important.

Listen to this second part of our three-part interview (podcast) to hear:

  • why men make better entrepreneurs than women
  • what women can do about it
  • what a jobby is
  • why you should not start with your passion

We love Carol’s book! And if you pre-order Carol’s book by February 18, 2011, you’ll be eligible for some incredible special offers. Check it out today!

To listen to Parts 1 and 3 of our interview with Carol Roth, click here.

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Can You Afford to Follow Your Passion?

unlock your passionYou know what you want to do. But you’re scared to do it.

You think about it a lot. But you don’t take the next step.

You’re tired of going through the motions. But you won’t make a move.

You talk yourself out of it every time. You can come up with all kinds of reasons not to do it.

But your heart isn’t where you’re at now. Your heart is telling you to …

… do something different
… do something more
… realize your full potential
… live your life on your own terms

But you just aren’t sure if you can afford it. Well, here’s the thing:

If you wait until you can afford to get married, you’ll never get married.
If you wait until you can afford to have kids, you’ll never have kids.
If you wait until you can afford to start a business, you’ll never start a business.

If you wait until you can afford to follow your passion, you’ll waste your life away. You’ll feel more stress. You’ll be sick more often. You won’t live while you’re alive. And you’ll die earlier than you should.

You can’t afford to wait. You can’t afford to suppress your passion. You have to go for it. You have to reach for BIGG success!

Want help planning your next steps? E-mail us at or leave a voice message at
888.455.BIGG (2444)

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Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made

baby-and-adult-handsIt’s another age-old nature / nurture question – are entrepreneurs born or are they made? Can the essential skills be taught or do you have to learn from experience?



There’s a great book by Richard Goossen called Entrepreneurial Excellence: Profit From the Best Ideas of the Experts. He’s lined up some of the greatest minds on entrepreneurship. He concludes that you can be taught some things but entrepreneuring is mostly learned by doing.

The science of entrepreneuring

For years now, colleges have been teaching their students the general principles of management. Colleges apply these principles primarily to managing large companies but the same basic tenets are relevant for entrepreneurs.

Lessons can also be taken away from people who have succeeded or failed in an entrepreneurial endeavor. You may not get the specifics, but you can come to understand the general principles that helped them reach bigg success.

Finally, you can learn to differentiate between a good idea and a good opportunity. There are a lot of good ideas; there are relatively few good opportunities. You can be taught how to determine if your idea is not a good opportunity.

The art of entrepreneuring

However, nobody can teach you how to identify specific market niches and determine whether or not you can pursue them successfully. Experience is the only teacher of this valuable entrepreneurial trait.

You also have to learn how to transform your passion into a valuable tool than can be used to woo customers, employees, vendors, strategic partners, and financiers. This passion will also help you persevere when you face the inevitable obstacles along the way.

You also have to develop an innate belief in yourself. Self-confidence grows with education and experience, but you have to be able to draw deep within yourself as well as upon the support of others.

Entrepreneurship is part science and part art. Learn as much as you can about the science of entrepreneuring before you launch your business. The art is something you can only learn by dipping your toes in the water. That’s the start of bigg success!


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Since we’re in the midst of the World Series, next time we’re going to look at some lessons we can learn from baseball about entrepreneuring. Please join us.

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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